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That Cousin You Barely Speak To
June 13, 1889
Dear Cousin Araminta,
It has been so long since we've spoken, though the age difference is surely the main reason. Oh Minty, Holly has been so stubborn lately! She insists on being tutored in advanced magic, even though someone in our school died from such a thing. What shall I do?

I noticed that Witch Weekly is at it again. How are you? I know everything has been... tense since everything happened. How is auntie? Will you move back to Hogsmeade any time soon? Or London? I wouldn't blame you if you didn't. Rumors can be nasty things.
Your Cousin,
Miss Camille Scrimgeour

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14 June, 1889
— Dear Camille,—

I was certainly surprised at the arrival of your letter. I admire your concern for your dear sister but take it from me, sisters do not listen to their sister. Have you spoken about the matter with your father and step – mother? I highly doubt that Holly would listen to any one else other than them. Do you know any of her friends? You could ask them to keep an eye on her if she is really that stubborn.

I am fine. Our family has no need to bother with the publication. They will continue to write lies about us until we are completely ruined. I advise you and your sister to not subscribe to their slanderous writings. Reading gossip is unbecoming of a young lady.

Your Aunt Media is feeling a lot better recently. It was just the common cold according to the healer.It might take longer for us to relocate back to Hogsmeade. It is better for all of us that way. I do hope your family would visit us if time allows it.

Your Cousin,
— Araminta Scrimgeour—

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June 15, 1889
Dear Cousin Araminta,
It brings me great sadness to say that father remains distant. Ever since Never mind why.

I spoke to my step-mother, though I don't know how well Holly will listen to her. Holly has always been stubborn. The only one she seems to listen to is the Slytherin Matron. Perhaps I'll speak to her in September.

Your advice is noted and appreciated. Perhaps father will allow a visit. I will ask when I can find when he is available to discuss the matter. Give my love to auntie and your brother.
Your Cousin,
Miss Camille Scrimgeour

Magic by MJ

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