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Pumpkin Whitledge vs. Emmeline Woodcroft
Neither young lady was likely to need the rules again, both of them having seen their fair share of tournaments, but Connie recapped them all the same and then bid Miss Whitledge to begin.

@Pumpkin Whitledge @Chrysanta Ruskin
@Emmeline Woodcroft @Fortuna Bixby
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[Image: jGi0wPk.png]
MJ made me beautiful
Pumpkin used Confundo as her first spell of the round.

@Emmeline Woodcroft @Fortuna Bixby

Lady made Pumpkin's set
Emmeline was feeling rather good about herself though facing a Ravenclaw could be a bit daunting. With a smile, she nodded to her opponent before raising her wand and casting "expulso" at the ground in front of the Ravenclaw. Hopefully it would cause enough of an explosion to throw her opponent off guard.
@Elladora Black

[Image: bd4FVx.md.jpg]
The Gryffindor took the round quite decisively when, displaying no signs of confusion whatsoever, her spell threw Miss Whitledge off her feet.

"First points to Miss Woodcroft, who may begin the second round."

@Emmeline Woodcroft @Fortuna Bixby
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Pumpkin: 11
Emmeline: 13

[Image: jGi0wPk.png]
MJ made me beautiful
Emmeline cast the langlock spell hoping to securely glue her opponent's tongue to the roof of her mouth so that she couldn't speak to cast her owl spell.
@Chrysanta Ruskin / @Pumpkin Whitledge

[Image: bd4FVx.md.jpg]
Frowning at losing the first round of the second battle, Pumpkin decided to use Finite to try and stop Miss Woodcroft's spell.

@Elladora Black

Lady made Pumpkin's set
It wasn't an especially showy spell but it was a canny one and Miss Woodcroft smoothly took the second round and the duel.

"Five points to Gryffindor. Well done ladies."

Pumpkin: 13
Emmeline: 18

[Image: jGi0wPk.png]
MJ made me beautiful

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