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Conall MacKay vs. Enoch Rosier
February 2nd, 1889 — Howler Stadium

As much as Charles appreciated MacKay's delightful thwarting of the former Minister, this time he had to back his former classmate. Really he ought to be completely neutral and uninvested but it wasn't as though he was actively interfering to get the result he wanted.

He didn't think it was really necessary to recap the rules but he kinda had to so he reluctantly did. "Mr. MacKay, when you're ready."

@Elias Grimstone @Conall MacKay / @Elladora Black @Enoch Rosier

Whilst he knew, logically, that this whole duelling tournament was only a way to save people from the humdrum of their lives - give them an easy way to pat themselves on the back for something - Conall couldn't deny that he had enjoyed his first duel of the day. So, to another: he started off by aiming to cast an explosion beneath the young man's feet.
@Elladora Black

Who in Merlin's name was this ragged wildman?! He looked as though he had come here by way of the docks and Enoch almost broke his concentration to share a disdainful look with Macmillan but instead he moved his wand in a sharp arc and attempted to conjure a small brick wall to take the impact of the other man's spell.

@Ursula Black
The brick wall easily took the full hit from MacKay's spell. "Mr. Rosier takes the first round and will start the second!" He'd very nearly let slip the word 'final' instead of second.

[Scores: Conall 7, Enoch 11]
@Elladora Black @Enoch Rosier

He may have won the round but Enoch had heard the force of the spell as it hit his wall and he guessed this man was not to be trifled with - the sooner he could end this the better. With that in mind he sent a petrificus totalus hoping to get the whole thing over with.

@Elias Grimstone
Although this opponent seemed possibly more formidable than the last, the whole staging of these duels was so rigidly gentlemanly, so tidy, that it was difficult to be worried by any measure. There was another spell coming at him now, so Conall stood his ground and attempted to rebound the body-bind upon his opponent.
@Ursula Black

Ultimately it was MacKay who found himself in a bind. Hehe.

"Mr. Rosier wins the duel!" Once again the result he had hoped for, the dueling dogs were apparently smiling on him today. Perhaps he should have taken part himself.

[Scores: Conall 5, Enoch 9]
@Elias Grimstone @Conall MacKay @Elladora Black @Enoch Rosier

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