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Madeline Bell vs. Camille Scrimgeour
February 9th, 1889 - Great Hall

Two young Gryffindors. Great. Something was going to explode.

Phineas read the rules, though wasn't sure why, Gryffindors always broke them anyway, and said, "Miss Bell to begin," Without any further fanfare.

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@Madeline Bell | @Camille Scrimgeour

“Toujours Pur.”

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Maddy smiled brightly at Camille before casting a disarming spell.

@Camille Scrimgeour

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Camille remembered Miss Bell from the time that she found out that the so called 'cat' of hers was actually a rabbit! The blonde could not help but be nervous at being paired with an opponent of such strong magic at their age. Still, she hid this and smiled kindly. Hopefully a friendship would spark from their encounters. This duel was all in good sport anyway. And Camille had not said a word about the true nature of Miss Bell's cat, so that might put some points of friendship her way. She tried to dodge the spell coming at her while casting the Avifors charm at Miss Bell. What would it be like to be turned into a bird?

Magic by MJ
Nothing exploded. Color him shocked. Phineas' only acknowledgment was a little quirk of one eyebrow.

While Miss Bell was quick, Miss Scrimgeour was quicker. "The round to Miss Scrimgeour, please begin the next."

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@Madeline Bell - 6 | @Camille Scrimgeour - 8

“Toujours Pur.”

deep quote code by Soph ♥ av by MJ
Was Headmaster Black always this judgy? She had heard that he was. Oh, why couldn't she have gotten one of the nice teachers? Her thoughts ran a mile a minute, and she refused to let them show on her face. At that, she tried to channel what she liked to call her 'inner Holly'. A focused look in her eyes to which lacked emotion. To be honest, it was a bit unsettling when she saw Holly make such a face. Perhaps it would throw her opponent off. Hopefully this spell would be even quicker. "Tarantallegra!" It might be funny to watch Miss Bell dance uncontrollably.

Magic by MJ
Though the Gryffindor tried not to be too disheartened, her competitive side was beginning to awaken.

"Flippendo!" the young witch cast, hopping to be quicker than her dormmate.

@Elsie Beauregard

MJ is a graphics genius ♡
Still mildly impressed that nothing had gone terribly awry, Phineas watched the young Scrimgeour bested her opponent again.

"And the duel goes to Miss Scrimgeour." He concluded without any real fanfare.

“Toujours Pur.”

deep quote code by Soph ♥ av by MJ

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