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Claire Benet vs. Sisse Thompsett
9th February, 1889 — The Great Hall, Hogwarts
If she had racked up too much doubt to try her hand against her colleagues tomorrow for her lack of practice at, well, the practical, Carmelina was not too worried about supervising the students' - particularly not these youngsters, who could not have taken her class yet and been disillusioned about any skills she possessed. She was eager, however, to see what they were made of... as such, when she had gently explained the rules, she waved an encouraging hand at the redhead. "Miss Benet, if you will begin!"
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@Claire Bénet @Sisse Thompsett

This was quite exciting. Sort of like practice for her adventures when she gets older. Giving a bright smile to opponent, her bow was quick in her excitement. "Flipendo!" It felt strange and exciting to be placed against an older student. What a thrilling challenge.

Magic by MJ

French is mixed into her accent due to French parents and household staff
Sisse loved dueling. Unfortunately her parents were much less fond of the idea than she was. Or rather her mother was. But her rather had approved of the idea again this year and she wasnt about to question it.

Standing in front of Miss Benet she smiled as she curtsied. Taking a risk she cast, "Accio wand!" Hoping the first year's wand would fly out of her hands and misdirect her spell.

[Image: x5VH1p.png]
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Miss Thompsett had aimed high with a Summoning charm, but did not pull the spell off before being thrown off by the strong Knockback jinx at the first year's hand. "Miss Bénet takes the point!" Carmelina ruled kindly. "Miss Thompsett, if you would cast next."

@Acacia Ruskin @Sisse Thompsett

The first round hadn’t gone as Sisse had planned, but she wasn’t about to give up now. There was still time, she just had to be more on the offensive. Hoping to freeze the first year she cast, “Immobulus!

[Image: x5VH1p.png]
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If only Claire had more spells that would be good for a duel. As a first year, her skills were limited. She was certainly going to have to pay more attention in class for the sake of her adventures. She tried to dodge the spell as she casted her own. "Incendio!" Claire hoped that it would land at the girls feet or on her robes.

Magic by MJ

French is mixed into her accent due to French parents and household staff
This time Miss Thompsett accomplished her attack and spared herself any fire spreading. Carmelina unfroze Miss Bénet before she announced, "Miss Thompsett evens the score, so Miss Bénet, you may begin our tie-breaking round -"

@Sisse Thompsett @Acacia Ruskin

Claire was slightly disappointed in the lack of victory. But she did not let that mess with her thoughts. Remembering a very pretty spell that she had learned recently, she decided to try and use it. Using the bluebell flames, she tried to aim so that the flames would be right in front of her opponent and not touching Miss Thompsett. Hopefully it would hinder Miss Thompsett's aim when firing a counter spell.

Magic by MJ

French is mixed into her accent due to French parents and household staff
Hoping to throw off Miss Benet’s aim Sisse cast, “Rictusempra.” It was a risk as they had just learned it in class not too long ago, but it would be hard to aim if you were being tickled she reasoned.

[Image: x5VH1p.png]
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The bluebell flames that sprang up in front of her had indeed disrupted Miss Thompsett's aim, her Tickling Charm tearing off into nowhere.

"And that makes Miss Bénet the winner!" Carmelina announced.

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