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January 13th, 1889 - Potter Home, North Bartonburg
@Odira Potter

Baxter was not going to let Cassandra Trelawney put him off indefinitely.

If he were being honest, his run-in with the Trelawney sisters on High Street had been a little ominous, and had certainly given him pause. Baxter was cautious with his personal life by nature, clearly it had caused issues in the past, but unlike last time, he felt more confident in this and he was not going to let a jilted seer ruin his shot this time. The decision had taken him a long time to come to, but Bax had also become increasingly aware that he was not getting any younger, nor were things as likely to go awry this time around; he was still a nervous wreck.

Having arranged to call on Odira at her Bartonburg home had put things in motion however, and now he was determined to follow through. Still, he felt like a man many years younger than he actually was, especially considering how long ago he probably should have done this. Still, he had a ring burning a hole in his pocket, though he wasn't even sure he was prepared to ask today- or how amenable Odira was to the idea itself, which was really his mission today, first and foremost. Perhaps he'd gotten ahead of himself, but frankly he was past caring. He enjoyed spending time with Odira, she'd said the same of him in the past, there was certainly a history between the two and Bax rather thought that it was time to do something and stop thinking about it.

Steeling himself as he knocked on the door, Bax, waited to be let in and held his breath.

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   Odira Potter

“Maybe we found love right where we are”

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Patience was a virtue, one Odira Potter did her best to employ. She tried to be patient with the children when they were being particularly obstinate, tried to be patient with herself and the little mistakes she made still about people—or the magical world—years after her return. Patience, the young widow thought, was a skill, one that she had finely honed a courtesy she extended indefinitely to those around her.

Baxter Keene was included in that number.

An avid reader, she had experienced enough Austen to recognize her feelings towards the healer as distinctly more than friendly, and more than suspect that the affection was mutual. He was, however, a decidedly busy man, and she, with plenty already to keep her occupied, was hardly about to push the matter and add stress to the hospital director’s shoulders.

It was, then, a surprise—wholly pleasant—to find Mr. Keene on the other side of the door, Odira having shouted to the cook-maid-housekeeper-sometimes feminine butler not to worry about fetching it. A broad smile tugged at the corner of her lips as she stepped aside to allow Mr. Keene entry into the house.

“Even on a Sunday, I confess it’s a shock to see you out of the hospital!” she teased. “To what do I owe the pleasure, Mr. Keene?”

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Well, he certainly hadn't expected Odira to be the one to open the door and Baxter, a man late in his thirties, a man who ran an entire hospital with multiple wards and hundreds of employees, was flustered to say the least. What in the name of Merlin's beard was wrong with him. "Pardon the interruption," He made to excuse himself, to let her get on with her day without his interruption, but that would be an utter defeat of his entire purpose. Plus she'd opened to door wider for him to come in, so that surely meant she didn't mind?

"I apologize for not arranging ahead of time, but I rather thought I would wind up backing out somehow." Frankly it was still a possibility, but now he'd just started down the trail and had to keep plugging along. "Do you have a few moments?" He certainly couldn't run away now!

“Maybe we found love right where we are”

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If Baxter Keene still thought she’d mind his interrupting after all this time, Odira doubted there was anything she could say to convince him otherwise! She let out a soft laugh before replying, “The girls are in the nursery and Jameson is with his new governess; I am very much at loose ends, and so would welcome the distraction!”

Why he should ever back out of coming to see her was, though, an entirely different matter, and Odira tried not to let her puzzlement show in her features.

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Some day, in the near future he hoped, he'd look back on his day and laugh at himself, but now, standing in the entryway of the Potter home, unannounced and awkward, Bax rather felt anything but amused. Nervous, fidgety, and unsure, was more like it.

Fortunately, Odira seemed willing to accept his intrusion, which helped him to relax, a little. Just a little. "I was hoping to discuss something important with you," This was going to seem entirely out of the blue, he knew it, but in reality it was a long time coming. For a man who could read a medical situation in an instant, social situations were not his forte, though he hoped he'd read the signs correctly here. The road to right now was twisted and bumpy, he'd unintentionally ruined something with potential on the hope that this was something more and now he was here to actually find out.

What he needed to do was sit down and stop fidgeting. Or maybe stop beating around the bush, but somehow he thought that this particular spot in her home was not the best for this discussion.

“Maybe we found love right where we are”

deep quote code by Soph ♥
Something important.

It was the first hint that—in spite of how peculiar he seemed—of what he might truly be there to discuss. No, Odira thought, especially because of how peculiar he seems!

Her heart leapt at the prospect, and she found herself struggling to maintain her composure and ensure her hopes did not raise too high.

“Of course, Mr. Keene,” she reassured him gently. “Why don’t we go take a seat in the parlour?”

If I could marry Bee I would but I can't so I ship our characters instead.

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