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Ada Talbot
15 | MCPB | Ravenclaw Class of '91 | 5th Year Student | 10
Ada is an awkward turtle who's much more comfortable with books than she is with people. She isn't anti-social as such, just kind of painfully awkward and feels safer behind a book where she can't humiliate herself. She also really wants to be a proper lady to make her family happy and live the Victorian Dream of getting married and having all the babies, but she also really doesn't actually want to do any of that. So. You know. That's fun. SHE NEEDS. ...All of the things. But it would be good for her to have friends! Maybe people who can get her to be less of a nerdy shut-in. Or people who share her interest.

Henry Berkwood
20 | UCMB | Ravenclaw Class of '86 | Apprentice Potioneer | 7
Harry is a nutter. But a harmless nutter? He loves Potions more than people, and he really, really likes people. He's fairly easy-going, 99% of the time, and High Energy. He's a little weird, only a couple loose screws away from being a proper Mad Scientist, but also, like. The friend you'd call at 2am after your car broke down. I don't know what the Victorian version of that is, but you get it. [b]HE NEEDS. Friends! People who don't mind his absent-minded professor brain. People who share his interest(s). People who are easily badgered into submission, probably. Most of his friends would probably UC- or MCAB peeps. Probably not LC unless you went to school with him or are connected to Potioneering somehow.
Hello and welcome back, I have 12 students in total but will just toss the ones in her year at you xD;
@Darling Whitledge - a Hufflepuff that is Ideal Victorian Girl when it comes to her etiquette and future wants.
@Citrine Weasley - her dormmate that is a bit rambunctious and plays Quidditch.

I also have two fifth year boys but they would have little cause to interact with her beyond classes but they are @Archelaus Abney and @Sage Macnair .

Steph! Hello! <3

I have a number of characters who she might know, but some who are definitely more useful than others :P

@Justice Rookwood is my fifth year Ravenclaw. MCPB. He comes off as an arrogant jock, but is truly In His Zone while curled up in an awkward position with his nose in a book. He's a beater for the quidditch team, a true history nerd, and wants to go into academia when he's older. He also has two sisters that are played at the moment!

@Frida Lestrange is my fifth year Hufflepuff prefect. UCPB. She's super nice and the least intimidating, sort of a disappointment for a Lestrange. She could definitely use some friends! While she's not really the bookish sort, she appreciates people who aren't... mean and unfriendly. So.

@Eldin Bones is my sixth year Slytherin prefect. UCPB. He's into quidditch (he's a beater on the house team!) and academics, but mostly wants to make his family proud. Huge supporter of the Wimbourne Wasps, as his uncle is the team's sponsor. He can make assumptions about people who are considered social "lessers", but is otherwise friendly.

I have a bunch of other students, but I've now lost the energy to write blurbs about them. I'll list them in order from youngest to oldest: @Carius Bulstrode, @Flora Mulciber, @Holly Scrimgeour, @Cameron Gillenwater, @Aria Belby, @Leah Beauregard (... Wow that's just a giant list of Slytherins and Gryffindors.)

I also play @Hudson Podmore, Gryffindor HoH and the Care of Magical Creatures professor. :P

set by MJ!
Hey there, Steph!

I have 3 Hogwarts characters.
Unfortunately, none are in her year, but I have two in her house that she might either know or meet eventually. I'll list them in order of usefulness.

@Thomas Montgomery is a Ravenclaw Fifth Year who is obsessed and very talented at Transfiguration. He also plays as keeper on the house quidditch team. He can be fairly reserved, except among friends. In his first year, it came out that his mother ran off with a pornographer, so Ada likely heard of that scandal. He's a very nice boy despite being touchy and prudish about the subject. He's a loyal friend and would at least make a good study partner.

@Archer Belby is a Ravenclaw First Year. He is also painfully shy and awkward. He is very interest in magical beings (ie. Werewolves, ghosts, vampires, etc.), but he loves to read about anything really. He is especially antisocial because his mother works at Hogwarts as the astronomy professor.

@Fleur Rey also exists. She is a Hufflepuff First Year, but, likely, she would just try to feed Ada random baked goods.

[Image: gSiiwYS.png]
Awesome signature by MJ!  Thank yoooou!
I have her dormmate, @Holliday Fudge! Two caveats: Holliday is openly friends with a werewolf, and you cannot be friends with Holliday and @"Beatrix Borgin". Friendship with her does, however, come with beach excursions xD

— Aldous walks with a cane and pronounced limp as the result of a splinching accident. —

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Pru here is a 6th year and all about the quidditch and none of the husband+baby stuff. She's super friendly and would happily push Ada outside of her comfort zone.

[Image: xU9tKc.png]
set by Bee
Hello and welcome back! I have just a few students but they could all use things!

@Harrison Vance is a 5th year Ravenclaw with her. Quidditch player. Could fit the epitome of more brawn than brain thanks to his ego but he's far from actually being dumb. He does, however, think rather highly of himself and can be quick to temper. He hates being wrong in anything. So.. that could easily rub her the wrong way. HOWEVER, I feel like he could view her as an easy target for his "get the first kiss scheme" and could pursue her as such. He'd like abandon ship the moment he got that kiss unless true feelings started forming so that could be an up in the air thing if you have any interest!

@Emmeline Woodcroft is a 7th year Gryffindor and prefect. She's sweet as can be and tries to befriend all the people and all the things! She's not the greatest at being overly ladylike anymore simply cause she's finally been coming into her own but she's not one to really get in trouble if it can be avoided.

@Monet Brown is a 4th year Slytherin who is just finding herself and has begun experiencing all the school girl type crush things. She's generally sweet and kind but can be a bit pompous at times. She loves art and often draws jewelry designs and the like.

And then there's wee little @Tansy Tatting who is a 1st year Hufflepuff. She's sweet as pie and would love to be a fashion designer some day but she's absolutely terrified of showing any of her fashion sketches to anyone. Dunno how they'd meet and whatnot since different house and far off in year but she's always in need of friends!

Another Glorious MJ Set!
[Image: xy6Q4W.png]
(October 9, 2018 – 11:30 AM)Aldous Crouch Wrote: I have her dormmate, @Holliday Fudge! Two caveats: Holliday is openly friends with a werewolf, and you cannot be friends with Holliday and @"Beatrix Borgin". Friendship with her does, however, come with beach excursions xD

Rude. Trix is poor so can only offer shady storerooms as summer getaways.
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[Image: bYThY1.png]
Incredible set by MJ <3
My attempts to quote posts for alert purposes just made a huge mess, so have non-working tags instead at least it marks who I'm addressing?

@Archelaus Abney
Ada would probably like both your girls--probably for different reasons XD--buuut my first thought was that it would be most fun to thread Ada/Citrine to start!

@Edric Umbridge
Ada and Justice could bond over history. It's not her favorite, but she's into the more reading-based subjects so close enough. XD Also I think she and Frida could be friends! I'm down for that if you are.

@Billie Farrow
I like the idea of Ada and Thomas being study buddies! On the bright side, Ada wouldn't say anything about the scandal. XD Probably she'd think "well, he seems all right" and then try not to think about it too much.

@Aldous Crouch
Ada's kind of leery about the werewolf and probably has Opinions about it. She wouldn't say anything to Holliday, but it'd probably put a damper on them being friends, unfortunately.

@'Prudence Brown'
Eyyy like-minded friends, I can totally dig it. Ada kind of lowkey wants to do something non-ladylike after Hogwarts--though I don't think she's decided what. Assuming she can--so yes. Their interests are different but they're in similar boats. XD

@'Fortuna Lockhart'
I don't think Harrison trying to kiss Ada would go well, which makes me want to do it. what's life without awkwardness But yeees I'd totally be into this.
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I mean I have Mason and @Sloane Bixby and Phineas, but idk how any of those would go.

I just missed you ♥
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[Image: bk9GUs.png]
There would likely need to be some build up for it, tbh. He wouldn't just swoop in and kiss her, that's for sure. But he'd start turning the charm on tenfold with her and likely show off to try and win her over or something!

Another Glorious MJ Set!
[Image: xy6Q4W.png]
I have an amusing to Kit thread start idea so I'll start something for Citrine/Ada xD
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[Image: FmGK0j.png]
graphics by mj!
(October 11, 2018 – 2:15 AM)Fortuna Lockhart Wrote: There would likely need to be some build up for it, tbh. He wouldn't just swoop in and kiss her, that's for sure. But he'd start turning the charm on tenfold with her and likely show off to try and win her over or something!

Baha, that's kind of what I figured, my brain just got ahead of itself. XD That works for me! Do you want to start a thread for them?
I'll throw it on my list to start!

Another Glorious MJ Set!
[Image: xy6Q4W.png]
He's here, he's queer, he's a Potioneer--@Henry Berkwood has been added for all your networking needs. XD
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