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Siblings Will Be Siblings
September 14th, 1888 - Lukeson Home, London
It had been well over a month since Avril's return. School season was underway, Sybille had gone off to her first year of school, as had King and Jolie, and work was far more active than it had been over summer. Concern parents had been sending in owls over worries of lasting effects from the magic stealing fog. Not that these concerns were looked into too much. Especially when these worries were brought on by the silly columns of Witch Weekly. Ace could hardly understand as to why people obsessed over such rumor based reading material.

Having barely spoken to his sister since her return, he blamed her lack of leaving the house on recovery. While that was a bit true, at this point it was mainly to make a point. They had just lost so much in their lives, and she had risked her own loss of life. How was that fair to him, or their siblings? Both parents were gone, Avril was his responsibility. What on earth had she been thinking? She almost died, and he didn't really have it in his heart to forgive so easily. The thought of their siblings in mourning for even longer was simply too much for him to handle. Loosing another sibling was just too much to handle.

Hearing a knock at the office door, he looked up. "Come in" He stated, looking back to his paperwork for a moment before looking up once more to address who was entering.

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There were few things Avril regretted. One of them being the worry and stress that she'd put her older brother under when she'd gone off on some half thought through adventure this past summer. The announcement had come sometime prior to her birthday, but the trip didn't actually happen until a few days after her seventeenth birthday. It probably hadn't been her best idea. She hadn't known what to say to Ace after he'd yelled at her for being reckless, how she could've gotten herself killed, etc.

The Seer had essentially been under 'house arrest' after she'd returned home with a broken wand and to many bites for her to count. She had decided to avoid her family for as long as she could. That was probably something she regretted too -- not spending time with her younger sister before her first year at Hogwarts.

Avril still didn't know what she was going to say to Ace, but she should probably start with something like 'sorry' since she hadn't actually said the word. But 'sorry' didn't cover half of what she felt.

'I'm sorry for putting myself in danger.' she decided on the words as they came out. It was no use just staring at her brother and trying to figure out what to say. 'And that I know I could have died, but I didn't.' She probably shouldn't have added that, but she couldn't help herself. It wasn't that she planned on throwing herself into danger again... at least not anytime soon.

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Aunt Jade had been whispering in his ear to disown her. That had crossed his mind, but what would mother say? In all honesty, their mother might have had several panic attacks. Was this seriously what Avril had wanted for her family? It hurt him to even consider the possibility that she would wish to hurt them like this. Half of him just wanted to send her away. Wanted to avoid her until he could bring himself to even glance her way again.

Focusing on his work and his responsibility with Rosie, he had tried to put Avril to his furthest thoughts. It seemed that she wanted her own space. Not that such an idea had really bothered him at the time. The only times he checked in with how she was doing had been through the household staff. It was easier for him that way.

Watching her as she stood there for a few moments, he raised an eyebrow slightly before she spoke. "Do you even realize how worried we all were? What you put our siblings through? Our whole family through?" He stated bluntly. The sorry had been welcome, but her defensive statement at the end was not.

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Avril let out a long sign. 'I didn't think about anyone when I signed up. And when you yelled at me to not get on the train, my mind had already been made.' she replied quietly.

'I'll probably never understand the amount of worry my behavior caused everyone." she paused for a second.

"But what I do know is that I refuse to put anymore stress on our family than I already have. I held a grudge against Mom and -" she abruptly shut her lips, cutting off whatever she'd been about to say.

She'd held a grudge against their mother for wanting to keep her kids safe and they hadn't talked without Avril ending the conversation with something spiteful. The redhead would never get to remedy their relationship.

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With a scoff, he couldn't believe how one sided her thought process seemed to be. All Ace had been thinking had been Sybille and Jolie's innocent and heartbroken faces at another loss, and imagining King's quiet cries from his room. It had haunted him from the moment Avril mentioned the stupid expedition.

The mention of their mother caused him to flinch slightly. Even that situation seemed to be hard to forgive. Avril had broken mother's heart, he could see that whenever he had seen his mother. "You need to learn how your actions effect others. Almost dying isn't the answer." He responded after a minute of thought. He couldn't keep shouting at her, he had to at least try reasoning. Even if it hadn't worked the first time.

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Avril didn't respond to his words for moment. It wasn't that she was trying to find something clever to say, it was that she couldn't help but imagine what would have happened if she had died instead of coming home.

'I know my actions have repercussions.' she finally forced out, a slight bitter tone to her words.

'Some part of me just didn't care, and for whatever reason I decided to listen to that part. I do care, and I do want to not have anymore strained relations between any of us.'

She really sucked at talking. She should stop before she said something stupider than what she'd already said.

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At least he had gotten her to think. It was far better than being shrugged off. Perhaps he was finally getting through to her. Listening as she spoke, he took in her words. The bitter tone gave him an urge to sigh. Even if the words had given him some hope for her, it shrank with the tone that paired with the words.

What should he do? If he made the wrong move, she might continue to think that this was OK. "Since I can't send you to the Roses apparently, I shall be hiring a private etiquette tutor. Perhaps it will help to freshen up on a few of such lessons. Any more of this nonsense and you will get to spend some time with Aunt Jade, or Grandfather." He stated. It seemed that this was his only option, for now.

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Avril fought the urge to sign at her brother's words. She didn't need to 'freshen up on etiquette', but she supposed that was significantly better than having the live with Aunt Jade or Grandfather for an undisclosed amount of time.

She still didn't know how to bring up the fact that she wanted another wand. Needed, more than wanted, but she could survive without one for a little while longer. She'd already gone over a month without one.

Avril didn't want to say anything more - it felt like everytime she said something her actions or tone would contradict what she was trying to say - so she settled on just giving her brother a short nod of agreement.

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No argument, well that was a good sign. With a few lessons, perhaps his sister may fully see the error of her ways. Avril needed to remember others before acting, and he did hope that she really did realize that. "Is there anything else that you need to speak to me about?" He asked calmly. Might as well get everything out of the way now.

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'Could we possibly head to Diagon Ally to get a new wand?' she asked hopefully. She hadn't planned on asking, but since he'd asked if there was anything else, she didn't think it would be much of an issue. It was either 'yes' or 'no'. She hoped it was yes, but she could probably live with no.

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Yes, the issue with her wand. Though it was simple to just get her a new one, it certainly didn’t seem right to reward her just after receiving a punishment. "Your etiquette instructor and I shall consider this, after a few lessons." He responded. Perhaps that would motivate her to be on her best behavior.

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If Avril thought she'd be fine with whichever answer. She was wrong. She hadn't asked before because she figured the answer would be no, but since she'd waited so long, she'd hoped her brother would have taken pity on her and see that she actually did care about what her family thought. But he was being just as stubborn as she was. She gave a mental sigh and gave another short nod at Ace's words. Hopefully the torture would only last a few lessons and not the rest of the year.

With that, she assumed the conversation was over. Or, at least, she wanted it to end there. She turned and left the room.

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