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Fern-hunting parties became popular, allowing young women to get outside in a seemingly innocuous pursuit with less rigid oversight and chaperoning than they saw in parlors and drawing rooms. They may have even had the occasional romantic meetup with a similarly fern-impassioned beau. — Bree

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Separating was also not a great idea, though they weren't doing great at staying together anyway. If she were to volunteer to be the human sacrifice.. well... Hogsmeade had plenty of debutantes anyway...

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The Gills of Summer
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25th June, 1888 — High Street
The High Street is lit up. The shops are decked out with a multitude of lanterns, the Ministry has set up street lamps to line the streets of commercial and residential areas alike, and though people are walking a little more carefully it is business as usual. Nothing stops shoppers hunting a bargain!

Indeed, so distracted were they by the unusually lit shop windows they barely noticed the toads hopping into the empty, shadowy spaces along the High Street and when, quite suddenly, the light began to poke through the fog once more, they might have been distracted enough by the upturn of fortune not to notice average sized toads.

They are not average sized toads. Instead each creature was easily the size of a bulldog and within moments they have filled the street, blocking every inch of path for as far as the eye can see.

Toad-al chaos.
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Even though there was little Gideon could actually do inside of his shop, he could at the very least add to the brightness outside. Or at least, as much as one could with muggle lanterns and such. In an uncharacteristic since the fog had started, he had been outside of his shop and stringing up some little lanterns around the shop's front window to add to the light outside. At least no one could say he wasn't a good sport about it all.

Then Adonis yowled and Gideon looked down just in time to see a flurry of white fur disappear back inside of the shop. A loud croak was soon heard behind him and the man turned abruptly around to see a ridiculously large toad there. "What the f-" his likely curse was cut off by a large toad landing on his head. The sudden weight enough to startle the man to fall on his rear end.
Two things Helga did not like were (1) toads, and (2) chaos; unfortunately, neither were things Helga had expected to run into while enjoying the brand new lighting on High Street, and she wasn't prepared for them.

She'd just left one of the shops when she saw what she thought was a dog leaping onto a gentleman, but she quickly realized that dogs were incapable of jumping so high! A closer look revealed that they were amphibians—gross!—and an attempt step back was met with something slimy against her ankle. She let out a high-pitched shriek and moved out onto the street, her instincts telling her to go towards the gentleman.

"Sir!" she breathed, leaning down next to him (partially in hope that his larger frame might protect her much-smaller one from the rogue toads). "Let me help you up! Are you uninjured?"

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Anne squealed as the light came through, and squealed again as a frog stepped on her dress. If she had thought there was no chance of any more frogs coming near her, she would have fainted. It would have been the ladylike thing to do. But she didn't want to take chances.

"Oh no, oh no, oh no!" Anne ran from the frog, hoping she wouldn't run into any more. She ran to the nearest store, praying that there would be no frogs inside. She approached it from the left. It turned out that it was Ollivander's, that quirky little wand shop. Surely Mr. Ollivander would be inside. That was the man who ran the store, right? She looked in the windows. Maybe a man would have less trouble with the frogs.

"Mr. Ollivander?" she said, just now realizing she'd accidentally lost her chaperone for the fifth time that week. She spotted him on the ground (with a toad on his head!) near another young woman. She was filled with glee. Maybe there would be more safety with a larger group. Plus, with another young woman around, there couldn't be any scandals, right?
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Today was his chance to finally get his life back together. After spending some time scoping out the fog, Benedict had come to realise that it was not going to go away anytime soon and based on that, the low visibility within the fog, and the fact that from what he could ascertain magic seemed to have vanished (much to his chagrin), Benedict knew now was the time to make a move.

He needed a wand. Without one, he felt naked. He felt like a turtle without a shell and the thought of it reminded him vaguely of that man he’d met in Padmore Park a month or so ago.

Pulling on the best clothes he could find, Benedict began his slow and careful approach to Ollivander’s. He knew what to do and he was not going to leave the shop without a wand. Nothing would stop him.

Except, it seemed, some frogs in the fog. Rather – more specifically – some toads in the fog. As he began his approach, his foot came into contact with what felt like a boulder covered in slime and as it turned out, slime wasn’t the most stable of surfaces to stand on. In fact, it was quite slippery and it caused Benedict to fall onto the concrete just outside the door to the shop.

With an almighty crash, Benedict let out a loud umpf. He sat up shortly after, aided by his cane, and looked around and let out a mental scream.

Why were there people inside a wand shop during a time where there was literally no magic.

And more to the point, Benedict cursed to himself, why were there toads meandering around the place.

He stood up and straightened his raggedy clothes, “Sorry about that.” Benedict shrugged and moved toward the three people as he watched the man on the floor surrounded by two laides, “I don’t mean to intrude. But, erm, there are a lot of animals bouncing around.”

The disgraced auror turned convict was so focused on why there were three people hunched over a man and why there were toads jumping around that he barely noticed the blood beginning to drip from his forehead.


Thaddeus had been ducking out of Whizzhard's Books when the appearance of light made him look up. He was so used to the strange darkness that his eyes ached--temporarily stunned, he wobbled as he tried to walk on, then tripped outright on a large... frog? Was that a frog, or was he dreaming?

He blinked hard -- no, that was a toad, and there was more of them. Panicking slightly, he spotted a gaggle of people and gingerly bobbed and weaved toward them (which perhaps looked a sight, as he did his best to avoid stepping on anything).

"Some awful luck," he grumbled to no one in particular as he came up beside a bedraggled looking man. "The first bit of light in who knows how long and--are you bleeding, sir?" He broke off suddenly and frowned at Benedict, producing a handkerchief from his pocket. "Perhaps this would help. Are you quite well?"

Well shit. A pretty lady saw him fall to the ground thanks to a damned toad landing on his head. Gideon frowned at the thought and was just about to tell him he was quite fine when another feminine voice met his ear. Double shit. Or maybe not. If falling toads were going to bring ladies flocking to him, he could hardly be too upset. Luckily, the bastard that had been on his head hopped off with a loud croak.

"Quite alright," he finally managed to answer, brushing his hair that had been knocked into disarray with his hands. He moved to stand up then, glancing to the ladies as a homeless looking man approached. Instinctively, he moved just enough to where he would be in between the ladies and the man, eyeing him cautiously. "Yes," he started, his tone a bit wary, "They've seem to show up out of nowhere."
Helga scrunched her nose in displeasure as she was joined by the icky-smelling bum and the other girl who flocked to she and the man's (Mr. Ollivander?) side. She'd only meant to use the larger gentleman as a potential shield, not cause a pack to form in the middle of the street! She instinctively stood once more and took a few steps out, but soon found herself shrieking as a sea of toads bounced across her newly-polished shoes.

"We're going to die!" she cried, whipping around to face the little group. "If I'm going to be buried, I don't want to be covered in warts! I don't want to be covered in warts if I'm alive, either!"

Post Log
Anne found herself agreeing with the other young woman. Nodding her head, she attempted to grasp the other woman's hand. "My mother has a potion for warts. We just have to avoid as many as possible!" Anne nearly shrieked as a frog jumped near her face. Why was all this happening? At least she hadn't been hit over the head like Mr. Ollivander, who now seemed to be approaching a different man, one she didn't know.

Anne looked around for something to hop on top of so that any disgusting toads swarming around the ground wouldn't touch her feet, and found a small rock that she balanced on top of. "Oh, how embarrassing!" she said, quietly. Anne wanted everyone to know she felt embarrassed, but didn't want to draw attention to herself.

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