Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Miri's Magical Menagerie 2.0


    i guys, my name is Miri, and welcome to the madness that I call my postlog! There's really not much to know about me beyond that I am 19, still in school (graduating in May of next year, eep!), have a younger sister and two dogs that I will frequently talk about, and love all things literature (the classics are my faves <3) and historical!


    Considering that I am very rarely in cbox, there a few other ways to contact me should I be needed, and they are as followed:

    PM: I would prefer if all messages are directed to @Imogen MacFusty
    Alert: @Imogen MacFusty
    Skype: miribear2016
    AIM: isabellas52 -- though I don't usually get on this one much anymore.


    This is where all of my role-playing goals will go.


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    Born in 1860 as the product of her mother's affair with a married man she had met in London, Immie's childhood was hardly what you would call "normal". Her mother constantly flitted about from continent to continent, leaving the eldest of her ten children with her parents in Amsterdam. As such, Immie often feels a sense of duty to her family, especially to her siblings (who she is loathed to be away from) and her husband. In addition to being family-oriented, Immie is also extremely loyal and protective. Many who were acquainted with her during her school years probably remember her as being rather reckless and hyperactive, but time and certain life-changing events have cured her of these faults, though she is just as playful and excitable and sociable as she was back then. I imagine that she has a wide range of friends (she is very friendly and personable), but due to the Van Helsings' iffy reputation (her branch, in particular), I also wouldn't be surprised if she only has a few close friends. She attended school from years 1871-1878 and was second-string Seeker for the Holyhead Harpies for about 6-8 months before she got pregnant with her first set of twins.


    Special thanks to Jenny for the coding. <3
    Name: Imogen Roslyn MacFusty (née Van Helsing)
    Etymology/Reason: Shakespearean name; Celtic; means "maiden"
    Title: Miss Van Helsing (1860-1884), Mrs. MacFusty (1884-Present)
    Played Family: Malcolm MacFusty (Husband), Sophronia Van Helsing (1st Cousin), Persephone Van Helsing (1st Cousin), and a bunch of played family members by marriage.
    Birthplace: Amsterdam
    Current Residence: The Hebrides
    Birthmarks/scars: Light smattering of freckles across her nose/cheeks; pregnancy stretchmarks
    Scent: A mixture of sandalwood and warm spices
    Health: Good immune system; rarely gets sick except for the occasional cold
    Energy: High
    Languages: Dutch (her first language), English (her second), and French (not fluent, however)
    Accent: dude idek beyond light Dutch accent
    Phobias: Being abandoned, Mac being mauled to death by a dragon, losing any of her children
    Religion: Immie herself is not very religious, though she has been raised to follow Roman Catholic beliefs.
    Political Leaning: Progressive
    Traditions/Superstitions: Holds birthday parties every year for her children
    Hobbies: Horseback riding, photography, Herbology/gardening, flying
    Instruments: Piano
    Pets: 3 cats (1871-1884), Puck (Little Owl), Galahad (German Shepherd) Garreth & Gryfflet (Dutch Shepherds)
    Guilty Pleasure: Hot chocolate for breakfast, flying at night
    Amortentia: Rain, grass, baby powder, peppermint, sage, gingerbread, earth, fire smoke
    Patronus/Animagus: Dolphin (Patronus), Chestnut Horse (Animagus)
    Archetypes: Caregiver, Creative, Athlete

    Astronomy - P
    Charms - E
    DADA - E
    Herbology - E
    History of Magic - T
    Potions - D
    Transfiguration - A
    Ghoul Studies - A
    CoMC - O

    Charms - E
    DADA - E
    Herbology - E
    Ghoul Studies - A
    CoMC - O

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    [Image: gfJgm5.png]


    6/1879 | Lying On The Floor with Mr. Shawn MacArthur
    12/1882 | Holly Jolly Christmas with Mr. Shawn MacArthur
    1/1883 | Just Breathe with Miss Sophronia Van Helsing
    3/1883 | I Dreamed That Love Would Never Die with Mr. Malcolm MacFusty
    3/1883 | Once Upon Another Time with Miss Ruth Grimstone
    4/1883 | Realizations with Miss Sophronia Van Helsing
    4/1883 | Things Were Good When We Were Young with Mr. Malcolm MacFusty
    5/1883 | A Strange Inquiry with Mr. Malcolm MacFusty
    5/1883 | Clarity with Miss Grace Gallagher
    6/1884 | A Notification with Miss Sophronia Van Helsing
    7/1883 | Dirty Little Secret with Miss Grace Gallagher
    7/1883 | Here’s To Never Growing Up with Mr. Malcolm MacFusty
    8/1883 | For the First Timewith Mr. Malcolm MacFusty
    8/1883 | I Find Shelter In This Way with Miss Sophronia Van Helsing
    10/1883 | Dancing Shoes with Mr. Malcolm MacFusty
    10/1883 | Stop And Stare with Mrs. Ruth Lockhart
    11/1883 | You’re My Best Friend with Miss Grace Gallagher
    12/1883 | Christmas Eve with Mr. Malcolm MacFusty
    1/1884 | Awkward Correspondence” with Mr. Malcolm MacFusty
    5/1884 | Do You Remember with Mrs. Cecily MacFusty
    5/1884 | Pouring Rain with Miss Amelia Evans
    7/1884 | Heartbeats with Mr. Malcolm MacFusty
    7/1884 | *Internally Squealing* with Mrs. Ruth Lockhart
    7/1884 | A Mother's Love - Read-Only
    8/1884 | EEEEEE with Miss Amelia Evans
    10/1884 | All of Me with Mr. Malcolm MacFusty
    12/1884 | Lover of the Light with Mr. Malcolm MacFusty
    2/1885 | Mommy Time with Mrs. Ruth Lockhart
    3/1885 | Rain, Rain Go Away with Mrs. Cecily MacFusty


    6/1885 | In The Sky Stars Are Bright with Mr. Malcolm MacFusty
    6/1885 | Contingencies with Mr. Malcolm MacFusty & Mrs. Cecily MacFusty
    6/1885 | May These Hours Be Blessed with Miss Amelia Evans
    7/1885 | We Survived // Happy Birthday! with Mrs. Ruth Lockhart ft. Party Guests

    Scarce, but still around! <3
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    Born in 1863 as the eldest child of Icarus and Adelaide Prince, Viola is a pleasant and humble young woman who harbors a fondness for all things literature and mythical. In the wake of her mother's death -- in which their father's grieving made him mostly absent from their lives -- Viola felt that it was her duty to ensure that her siblings were being properly cared for, and as such, has developed a sort of maternal instinct. By nature, she is very gentle and soft-spoken, and those who knew her during her school years would remember her as being rather shy and quiet, preferring solitude to being in a large group and often finding her in the back of the library with books stacked high on a table. Though after she graduated from Hogwarts and began working at Whizzhards, her anti-social ways decreased and she began to socialize more. She attended school from 1874-1881.


    Full Name: Viola Teodosia Prince
    Etymology/Reason: Shakespearean name; means "violet" in Latin
    Title: Miss Prince (1863-Present)
    Played Family: Icarus Prince (Father), Hector Prince (Brother)
    Birthplace: England
    Current Residence: North Bartonburg, Hogsmeade
    Birthmarks/scars: N/A
    Scent: Mixture of vanilla, honey, and cinnamon
    Health: Prone to allergies in the Fall
    Energy: Average
    Languages: English, French, (some) Italian, (can read) Latin
    Accent: Undetermined
    Phobias: Drowning (because she can't swim), breaking a bone, spiders, losing her father and siblings
    Religion: Undetermined
    Political leaning: Undetermined
    Traditions/superstitions: Believes that black cats bring bad luck, annually reads her mother's favorite book
    Hobbies: Collects old/valuable literature, poetry, writing
    Instruments: Piano
    Pets: Titus (Yorkshire Terrier), Aliena (Barn Owl)
    Guilty Pleasure: Sleeping in late
    Amortentia: Chamomile tea, old books, candle wax, fresh ink
    Patronus/Animagus: New Zealand Rabbit
    Archetypes: Caregiver, Intellectual, Creative

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    12/1881 | Can You Mean What You Say? Or Am I Hallucinating? with Mr. Icarus Prince
    5/1882 | Group #9 with Mr. Eric Dudley, Miss Olive Lovegood, Mr. Archie Fraser, Miss Odira Browne, & Mr. Alexander Grayson
    6/1882 | What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger with Mr. Icarus Prince
    7/1882 | Little Sister with Miss Mathilda Prince
    10/1883 | Under the Stars with Mr. Barnabas Skeeter
    12/1883 | Hey Sister with Miss Mathilda Prince
    1/1884 | Oh, What A Beautiful Day Mr. Jasper Smethwyck
    3/1884 | Awkwardness Squared with Mr. Remington Lynch
    5/1884 | Sweet Disposition with Mr. Jasper Kernaghan
    5/1884 | Riptide with Mr. Benedict Sterling
    5/1884 | Chicken Nuggets with Mr. Casper Darrow



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    Born in 1865 as the youngest child to Nicolas and Perenelle Flamel, Ada was born into prestige and wealth, and she is very aware of it. Friendly and enthusiastic by nature, Ada is considered to be the "Social Butterfly" of my characters, and she attempts to reach out to people of all classes rather than just sticking to her own. Very proper and very girly, Ada adores fashion and enjoys a good Ball or tea party. She is also hardworking and charitable, and once she has her sights set on something, she sets out to achieve it, though she does ensure that she won't find herself in any kind of trouble doing so. Despite being French, Ada has never lived in France, though she and her parents have taken numerous vacations to Paris and Nice throughout her life. Lastly, Ada attended school (where she was named Prefect in her fifth year!) from 1876-1883.


    Full Name: Adamina Marie Flamel
    Etymology/Reason: Feminine version of Adam
    Title: Miss Flamel (1865-Present)
    Birthplace: Athens, Greece
    Current Residence: Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade
    Birthmarks/scars: Small birthmark on her back
    Scent: A mixture of rosewater and freesia
    Health: Average
    Energy: High
    Languages: French, English, Greek, Latin, German, and Italian
    Accent: RP, lightly French
    Phobias: rats, unkempt appearance/surroundings, her parents dying
    Religion: Undetermined
    Political leaning: Undetermined
    Traditions/superstitions: Believes that if your ears start ringing, someone is talking about you; writes letters to her school friends every September 1st and May 31st
    Hobbies: Painting, learning new cultures/languages, fashion
    Instruments: Piano, harp, and violin
    Pets: Yves (Chartreux Cat), Fleur (Snowy Owl)
    Guilty Pleasure: Cake for breakfast, long scented bubble baths
    Amortentia: Roses, face powder, cake frosting, silk, rose petal tea, champagne, her mother's perfume
    Patronus/Animagus: Swan
    Archetypes: Tastemaker, Caregiver, Intellectual

    Astronomy - A
    Charms - O
    DADA - E
    Herbology - A
    History of Magic - O
    Potions - P
    Transfiguration - O
    Arithmancy - E
    Ancient Runes - O
    Ancient Studies - O

    Charms - O
    History of Magic - O
    Transfiguration - E
    Arithmancy - E
    Ancient Runes - O
    Ancient Studies - O

    [Image: 619em5.png][Image: 1LC9m5.png]


    12/1881 | Deep in the Desert with Miss Ellory Pendergast
    3/1882 | Just Close Your Eyes with Mr. Frederick Prewett
    6/1883 | Touch The Sky with Miss Charlotte Everhart
    7/1883 | Awkward with Miss November Crouch and Mr. August Echelon-Arnost
    11/1883 | Let It Snow with Mr. Dick Reid
    4/1884 | All The Nice Girls Love A Sailor with Mr. James Ellesborough
    5/1884 | Sad Occurrences, New Acquaintances with Mr. Remington Lynch
    6/1884 | Tranquil Delights with Mrs. Perenelle Flamel
    11/1884 | Comical Deaths Are Comical with Miss Eva Sleptova


    6/1885 | Take My Gaze Away with Mr. Marcus Lytton

    Ada speaks with a light French accent
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    Born in 1864 as the fourth child and second son of Philip and Olivia Pendergast, Will was raised (like many other children of his social status) by mostly nannies and governesses, only seeing his parents at least once a week. Having been raised in a household that valued its blood purity, it is surprising that Will does not uphold the same beliefs as his family does about Halfbloods and Muggleborns, though after nearly eloping with a MB in October of 1883, he is a bit more wary of them than usual. A loyal and faithful young man, Will is quite protective of his family (his sisters and his wife, in particular), and would see no harm come to them -- and after nearly causing a scandal that would have most likely made society question the values of the Pendergast family (especially after Linaeve's public humiliation in 1882), Will is now ensuring that he does not step a toe out of line, which includes listening to whatever his father-in-law tells him to do without complaint. I've also discovered that he has a thing for women with blonde hair, which is ironic because his wife is a brunette. xD Lastly, Will attended school from 1876-1883, and was appointed Hufflepuff Prefect in 1880.


    Full Name: William Fernand Pendergast
    Etymology/Reason: Means "will, desire"
    Title: Mr. Pendergast
    Birthplace: England
    Current Residence: Lestrange Ln, Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade
    Birthmarks/scars: Has a very small birthmark on his lower back
    Scent: Musk and white spice
    Health: Prone to colds in winter
    Energy: Mid-high to average
    Languages: English, French, Italian, and German
    Accent: RP
    Phobias: Tullia dying in childbirth, continuing to be the Family Disappointment
    Religion: Undetermined
    Political Leaning: Center
    Traditions/superstitions: Believes that if you break a mirror, you'll get seven years of bad luck (headcanon: he broke a mirror prior to going to the Fall Festival, and it brought seven years of bad luck on him. >.>); saves the best part of his dinner for last
    Hobbies: Music, poetry, flying, tennis, football, (occasional game of) Quidditch
    Instruments: Piano, violin, cello, guitar
    Pets: Louis (Beagle), Urien (Eagle Owl)
    Guilty Pleasure: Eating dessert before dinner
    Amortentia: fresh air, grass, pine trees, firewood, rain, broom polish, freshly laundered clothes
    Patronus/Animagus: Golden Retriever
    Archetypes: Caregiver, Advocate, Spiritual

    Astronomy - A
    Charms - O
    DADA - A
    Herbology - E
    History of Magic - E
    Potions - P
    Transfiguration - O
    Ancient Runes - E
    Earth Magic - O

    Charms - O
    Herbology - E
    History of Magic - E
    Transfiguration - O
    Earth Magic - O

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    [Image: TsDYm5.png][Image: sRAFm5.png]
    [Image: VHhbm5.png]


    5/1880 | Yesterday with Miss Emmaline Vance
    3/1882 | Ordinary Day with Mr. Harvey Beauregard & Mr. Andren Lovegood
    4/1882 | There Comes A Time When You May Need Me Most with Mrs. Linaeve Dawson
    4/1882 | Cut from the Team with Mrs. Oliva Pendergast
    5/1882 | Group #6 with Mr. Rupert Hamilton, Mr. Marcus Carter, & Mr. Bentley Beauregard
    6/1882 | The Missing Groom with Mr. Cassius Lestrange
    9/1882 | You Frighten Me with Miss Emmaline Vance
    2/1883 | Sleeping Beauty with Miss Emmaline Vance
    3/1883 | Gotta Get Up & Try with Miss Cornelia Lestrange
    4/1883 | Brothers in Arms with Mr. Cassius Lestrange
    5/1883 | Determining the Future with Mr. Wesley Cavanaugh
    8/1883 | Good To You with Miss Cornelia Lestrange
    10/1883 | Til Death Do Us Part with Miss Juliet ------
    11/1883 | To: Miss Tullia Lestrange with Miss Cornelia Lestrange
    12/1883 | Fair Questions with Mr. Cassius Lestrange
    12/1883 | Futile Attempts with Miss Cornelia Lestrange
    12/1883 | As Threats Were Uttered with Mr. Lucius Lestrange
    1/1884 | Pumping Blood with Mrs. Cornelia Pendergast
    5/1884 | She Looks So Perfect with Mrs. Cornelia Pendergast
    6/1884 | Silly Willy Walnut Head with Mrs. Aoife Pendergast
    7/1884 | The Badger Cousins Pendergast with Miss Minnie Pendergast
    8/1884 | Not the Faintest Silver Lining with Mrs. Oliva Pendergast
    6/1884 | Ew, Gross with Mrs. Cornelia Pendergast
    8/1884 | The Death of a King with Miss Ellory Pendergast


    2/1885 | Will Sucks At Life, Pass It On with Mrs. Cornelia Pendergast

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    [Image: Wrjmxzj.gif]


    Born in 1865 to the late Mr. and Mrs. Erasmus Burdon, a Muggle couple who had spent years trying for a child prior to their daughter's birth, Marianne is a modest young woman with a kind heart and a very sweet temper. She is a hardworking individual with the goal of becoming a full-fledged Healer for the Potion & Plant Poisoning Department -- which she is very proud to say she has accomplished as of June of 1885! -- and while she is a thorough romantic at heart and an avid dreamer, her sense of realism and practicality keeps her grounded, and she's able to focus on what is important in life. Marianne is also a very organized person, paying attention to the littlest of details and ensuring that nothing goes remiss, two of the things that has taught her how to be disciplined in her work habits. Lastly, Marianne loves what she does and feels confident that Healing was the right path for her, and it is because of this mindset that she often comes across as a fairly happy and chipper person.


    Full Name: Marianne Milene Burdon
    Etymology/Reason: Means "bitter grace" in Latin; admittedly, I had been reading Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility at the time of her creation. xD
    Title: Miss Burdon (1865-Present)
    Birthplace: Ipswich, England
    Current Residence: Willow St., North Bartonburg, Hogsmeade
    Birthmarks/scars: Has a small beauty mark on the right side of her face under her lower lip
    Scent: Mixture of plain soap and lavender
    Health: Robust
    Energy: Average
    Languages: English, French
    Accent: Suffolk
    Phobias: Either of her grandparents dying, Jesse falling off of his broom, childbirth/pregnancy
    Religion: Christian
    Political Leaning: Undetermined
    Traditions/superstitions: Goes to church every year on her parents' deaths/during visits with her grandparents; bakes on special occasions such as birthdays or major holidays
    Hobbies: Reading, embroidery, cooking/baking, gardening, Healing
    Instruments: Piano
    Pets: N/A
    Guilty Pleasure: Romantic literature/poetry
    Amortentia: lavender, wildflowers, herbal tea, strawberries, her grandmother's baking, Jesse's scent
    Patronus/Animagus: Otter

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    XX.XXXX | Thread Title with Participant
    XX.XXXX | Thread Title with Participant
    XX.XXXX | Thread Title with Participant


    5.1885 | Park Picnicking with Mr. Jesse Hatchitt

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    BBorn in 1868 as the second daughter and final child to Charles and Edna Beauregard, Phoebe -- affectionately called "Phee" by her friends and family and called "Pheebaby" by me personally (and she resents me for it, but oh well) -- grew up in a relatively normal environment with two loving parents and two older siblings who frequently bicker and are constantly at odds. Phee is a very sweet young woman, and with her blonde hair, blue eyes, and delicate features, seems to radiate a aura of unmistakable innocence. She is also fairly domestic and maternal, enjoying puttering about in the kitchen and cleaning the house and generally making herself somehow useful. She is also soft-spoken and polite, treating everyone equally and avoiding those who she believes would be bad influences. She is in Charms and Music Clubs. Lastly, she is compassionate and a good listener. She started Hogwarts in September of 1879, and should complete her schooling in 1886.


    Full Name: Phoebe Sophia Beauregard
    Etymology/Reason: Latinized form of the name Phoibe, meaning "bright, pure"
    Title: Miss Phoebe Beauregard (1868-1884), Miss Beauregard (1884-Present)
    Birthplace: England
    Current Residence: Rowan, North Bartonburg, Hogsmeade
    Birthmarks/scars: N/A
    Scent: Plain soap and sweet pea
    Health: Average
    Energy: Average
    Languages: English, French
    Accent: RP
    Phobias: Death, nightmares, roaches, mice/rats, drowning
    Religion: N/A
    Political Leaning: N/A
    Traditions/superstitions: Bakes and sews Christmas/birthday presents every year
    Hobbies: Sewing, knitting, embroidery, baking/cooking, music/singing
    Instruments: Piano
    Guilty Pleasure: Curled up in a chair next to the fire with some embroidery and a cup of tea
    Amortentia: wildflowers, soap, freshly baked bread/sweets, freshly laundered clothing/linen
    Patronus/Animagus: Fawn Somali Cat

    Astronomy - A
    Charms - O
    DADA - A
    Herbology - E
    History of Magic - E
    Potions - A
    Transfiguration - E
    Divination - A
    Earth Magic - O

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    8/1883 | Sugar Cookies & Tea with Miss Lucinda Beauregard
    9/1883 | Morning Sunshine with Mr. Harvey Beauregard
    9/1883 | Get It Right with Miss Gemma Simpson & Miss Narcissa Jameston
    10/1883 | La Belle au bois Dormant with Mr. Tristan Carmichael
    11/1883 | Last Few Sun Days with Mr. Sebastian Beauregard
    4/1884 | A Game of Discourse with Mrs. Astrid Parkinson + other ladies
    6/1884 | Have Your Fun with Mr. Sebastian Beauregard & Miss Lucinda Beauregard
    9/1884 | Get This Party Started with Miss Gwyneth Cadwallader, Miss Una McKinnon, & Miss Tamsin Skeeter



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    Born in late 1868 as the sixth daughter of Abraham and Mina Van Helsing, Persephone grew up in a family that possessed rather progressive views and encouraged her that she could be anything if she set her mind to it. As such, Persephone is an ambitious young lady who has aspirations (not yet developed IC, but will be soon) to become either a Hitwizard or an Unspeakable. She is a bit of a perfectionist, very focused on her studies, and only aiming for the best because she views failure as a weakness -- which means that she can become rather obsessed with desiring to be successful, and I imagine that this is one of the reasons why she has very little friends since she is so focused on succeeding. However, despite her passionate and determined nature, Persephone is actually a fairly affectionate person once people get to know her, and (she loathes to admit it) a secret romantic. She is Dueling, Transfiguration, and Potions Clubs. Lastly, as is a tradition among the women of the Van Helsing clan when they turn 15, Persephone made her debut earlier this year in January, and as such, is technically hurlable, though I doubt that any man would wish to marry her unless they got something out of the deal (i.e. money).


    Full Name: Persephone Clio Van Helsing
    Etymology/Reason: Greek goddess of Spring; means "she who lightens the darkness"
    Title: Miss Persephone Van Helsing (1868-Present)
    Birthplace: England
    Current Residence: Morgana Crescent, Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade
    Birthmarks/scars: Undetermined
    Scent: A mixture of mint and sage
    Health: Good
    Energy: Average
    Languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Latin, Italian
    Accent: RP, light Dutch accent
    Phobias: Vampirism, being abandoned
    Religion: Agnostic
    Political: Progressive
    Traditions/superstitions: Has a cup of black or green tea everyday with breakfast; takes long walks in the mornings/afternoons
    Hobbies/interests: reading, studying/researching, DADA, Transfiguration, Animagi, fencing, archery
    Instruments: Piano, violin
    Pets: Argus (Half-Kneazle), Pollux (Eagle owl)
    Guilty Pleasure: reading for fun -- i.e. non-academic books/fiction; eating Poffertjes -- or mini pancakes doused in sprinkle sugar -- for breakfast/desert
    Amortentia: newly bought books, fresh ink, candle wax, cucumber, strawberries, salt/ocean water, rain, August's scent
    Patronus/Animagus: Snow Leopard

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    [Image: 6euCm5.png]


    10/1883 | False Alarm with Miss Sophronia Van Helsing
    1o/1883 | Thread Title with Mr. August Lynch
    11/1883 | Don't Close Your Eyes Just Yet with Mr. August Lynch
    12/1883 | The Tortoise and the Hare with Mr. August Lynch
    1/1884 | To: August Lynch with Mr. August Lynch
    2/1884 | Something's In The Air with mr. August Lynch
    3/1884 | (Not So) Boring Letters with Miss Sophronia Van Helsing


    4/1884 | Crouching Leopard, Hidden Hummingbird with Mr. August Lynch
    6/1884 | You Poor, Unfortunate Soul with Mr. August Lynch
    10/1884 | Breakfast Inquiries with Miss Seraphina Albrecht
    10/1884 | Old Habits Die Hard with Miss Tilda MacFusty
    10/1884 | So, My Etiquette Teacher Attacked Me with Miss Hadley Sinclair
    10/1884 | Girl Talk with Miss Clarissa Cosgrove
    10/1884 | No Place Like Home with Miss Sophronia Van Helsing

    Sephey speaks with a light Dutch accent
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    Born in 1868 as the third daughter to Peter and Romilda Lynch, Amber grew up in a loving, if not somewhat hectic and cramped, household. As a fourth child, Amber felt the need to draw attention to herself in order to hold her parents' interest, and as such, she can be rather dramatic at times. Outgoing and friendly, Amber enjoys socializing, meeting new people, and making new friends. A romantic at heart, though she does not consider herself easily swayed by pretty poetic phrases or any other romantic notions, she has yet to be pursued by an admirer, but should it happen, it should be noted that she is likely to become infatuated. Fond of anything Astronomy and Divination related, Amber sometimes believes that she can make accurate predictions, but more often than not, they are never true. She is in Astronomy and Leisure Sports Clubs. Lastly, Amber is quite concerned with her appearance -- she is very aware that she is an attractive women, and while she ensures that she is dressed presentably, her choice of clothing are those which accentuate her figure and draw attention to her rather exotic features.


    Full Name: September Trinity Lynch
    Etymology/Reason: Ninth month of the year, though it means "seventh month" in Latin since it was originally the seventh month of the Roman year
    Title: Miss September Lynch (1868-Present)
    Played Family: August Lynch (Brother), February Lynch (Sister), January Lynch (Sister), October Lynch (Sister)
    Birthplace: England
    Current Residence: Snidget Lane, North Bartonburg, Hogsmeade
    Scent: Mixture of jasmine and vanilla
    Health: Average
    Energy: Average
    Languages: English, French, and (some) Italian
    Accent: Undetermined
    Phobias: Becoming a spinster, being poor
    Religion: Undetermined
    Political Leaning: Undetermined
    Traditions/superstitions: Many of her superstitions are Divination related
    Hobbies/Interests: Astrology, Astronomy, Divination, tea leave readings, gossip, sports (croquet, lawn tennis, badminton, other ladylike sports)
    Instruments: Piano, Flute
    Pets: Solstice (black & white tabby cat)
    Guilty Pleasure: test-tasting exotic teas with her uncle; Victorian Era-version of young adult romance books
    Amortentia: herbal tea (leaves), jasmine,
    Astronomy - O
    Charms - E
    DADA - P
    Divination - E
    Herbology - A
    History of Magic - D
    Muggle Studies - O
    Potions - D
    Transfiguration - E

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    PitaPata Cat tickers


    12/1883 | Make Tea, Not Predictions with Mr. Remington Lynch
    3/1884 | Thread Title with Miss Ismene Swift & Miss Emily Ruggles
    3/1884 | The Lady and the Tomboy with Miss Gemma Simpson
    4/1884 | Eye of Newt with Miss February Lynch, Mr. August Lynch, and Mr. Ignatius Wilde
    6/1884 | Reading Beween The Leaves with Mr. Remington Lynch
    7/1884 | I Think I'd Rather Have The Plague Than You Mr. August Lynch
    9/1884 | Back to the Future (NEWT) -- Class Thread
    10/1884 | To: Miss February Lynch with Miss February Lynch
    9/1885 | I Will Find You And I Will Kill You with Misses Adasia Mohr, Vesta Bones, Tilda MacFusty, and Madam Esther Abbott


    7/1885 | She's No Mary Poppins with Miss Annette Fontaine and Mr. Felix Parkinson

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    Born in 1852 as the eldest child to Muggleborn Fitzwilliam Wallingford, and his Muggle wife Cornelia, Garrett was raised in a typical loving household with an equally typical Upper Class upbringing. While his parents made sure to set aside some time to spend quality time with their children, Garrett was largely left to nannies and governesses and tutors. An extremely hardworking and dutiful man, Garrett possesses a bit more ambition that your average Hufflepuff would, but he uses his strong desire for success to do some good in the world rather than harm it. Earnest, disciplined, and trustworthy, Garrett is a diligent worker, and always devotes himself to the duties that his occupation expects of him. Garrett is quite easy to get along with, and does not shy away from meeting new people and forming new acquaintances and friendships, for he is of the opinion that good connections are the key to success. He is kind and patient, giving every person a chance to reveal themselves before making judgments, and if he can be of any use to them, he is willing to be of service. Although he is wealthy enough to not need to be concerned about being spendthrift, Garrett is somewhat frugal, only purchasing the products he believes he would benefit from as well as need rather than for the pleasure of owning it -- though should he take a wife, he would be sure that she is spoiled accordingly and that she is comfortable and happy with her station. Lastly, Garrett attended school from 1863-1870, and was appointed Hufflepuff Prefect in 1867.

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    Full Name: Garrett Eugene Wallingford
    Etymology/Reason: American; means "defender"
    Title: Mr. Wallingford (1852-Present)
    Played Family: Katherine Wallingford (Sister)
    Birthplace: London, England
    Current Residence: Imperial Square, Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade
    Birthmark/Scars: Birthmark on his shoulder
    Scent: A mixture of plain soap and white musk cologne
    Health: Good immune system; very rarely gets sick
    Energy: High to average -- it really depends on how much sleep he's gotten the night before/his mood and the situation.
    Languages: English, French, Italian, & German
    Accent: RP
    Phobias: Rejection, death of a relative, losing Aurelia or his sister, brothels, his department going to ruins
    Religion: Christian beliefs
    Political Leanings: Center
    Traditions/Superstitions: Wakes up at approximately 7 a.m. on the weekdays and 10 a.m. on off days; has a cup of earl gray tea with breakfast everyday; engages in some form of physical activity on a daily basis (long walks, horse riding with Ben or Kate, etc.)
    Hobbies/Interests: Muggle Relations, sports (tennis, football, archery, etc.), history, literature, charity work
    Instruments: N/A
    Pets: Gracie (Golden Retriever), Malachi (Barred Owl)
    Guilty Pleasure: Sweets, baked goods, being up early enough to watch the sunrise, airy living space
    Amortentia: Grass, old books, ink, parchment, mint, freshly polished floors, roses (because of Aurelia), candle wax, men's cologne
    Patronus/Animagus: Polar Bear


    5/1884 | Nothing But Blue Skies with Miss Aurelia Herondale
    5/1884 | Tagteamed with Messrs. Baxter Keene, Ari Fisk, & Benedict Sterling
    7/1884 | Blue Birds Singing A Song with Miss Aurelia Herondale
    11/1884 | A Lovely Night with Miss Aurelia Herondale
    11/1884 | You Better Get Moving, Mate with Mr. Benedict Sterling
    5/1885 | You'll Have to Go the Distance with Mr. James Herondale
    6/1885 | On The Edge of Paradise with Miss Aurelia Herondale


    8/1885 | You're The Light, You're The Night with Miss Aurelia Herondale


    1/1885 | Double Trouble with Mr. Benedict Sterling
    4/1885 | The Stars in a Hazy Heaven with Miss Aurelia Herondale
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    Born in 1873 as the fifth daughter to Ulysses and Lydia Lestrange, Charity's childhood was hardly filled with riches and luxury items, but despite not living in the lap of luxury, the Middle Class Lestranges were comfortable and made do with what they have. I've still developing Charity a little bit, but what I do know is that she is gentle, introverted, soft-spoken, and loves anything to do with plants and its uses (medicinal or otherwise). As such, her favorite class at the moment is Herbology, and I feel like she's going to end up having a bit of a crush on the Herbology professor. xD Lastly, she began Hogwarts only this fall, and should complete her schooling in 1891 (omg).


    9/1884 | The Sorting with Sorting Hat & First Years


    9/1884 | The Hunt for Red September with Prof. Nikolai Sleptov & First Years
    9/1884 | Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst with Mr. Owen McFayden, Miss Helixa Hyslop, & Miss Pansy Tinker

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    Born in 1869, along with his twin brother Amos, to Silvanus and Victoria Harkiss, Arthur's upbringing was of a typical Middle Class variety -- he grew up in a modest home in Sussex, enjoyed playing with his brothers and sisters, and was educated by a tutor. An easy-going and generous young man, Arthur embodies what it means to be a Hufflepuff: hardworking, loyal, honest, and kind. He is also a good communicator and is a bit of a People Person, finding enjoyment in helping others and doing everything he can to ensure their lives are better/easier. He is very involved in his school career, having joined three clubs (Potions, Gardening, & Flying), became a member of his House's Quidditch team, and was even proclaimed Prefect during the summer before his fifth year. Suffice to say, Arthur is a very busy young man, though luckily, his good grades do not suffer for it. And lastly, his favorite subjects are Herbology and Potions, and his life's ambition is to become a Healer, though I'm not sure which medical branch he'll be going into yet.


    Full Name: Arthur Simon Harkiss
    Etymology/Reason: English; derived from the Roman clan name Artorius, meaning "noble, courageous"
    Title: Mr. Harkiss (1869-Present)
    Played Family: Isabel Harkiss (Sister), Amos Harkiss (Twin Brother), Nathaniel Gallivan (Brother-in-law), Theodore Gallivan (Nephew-in-law), Cecily Gallivan (Niece-in-law)
    Birthplace: Sussex
    Current Residence: Sussex, though he spends most of his holidays with the Gallivans in Hogsmeade
    Birthmarks/scars: N/A
    Scent: Plain soap with a faint hint of fresh herbs and lemon
    Health: Prone to colds in winter; the severity of these colds depends on how long he stays outside (and Arthur loves being outside) in the cold
    Energy: High to average
    Languages: Predominantly English, though he knows enough French and German to not be completely lost if he ever decided to visit.
    Accent: Sussex dialect
    Phobias: Breaking a bone, losing another family member, disappointing others
    Religion: Not super religious, but follows Christian beliefs
    Political Leaning: Undetermined
    Traditions/Superstitions: treacle tart for dessert every evening, visits his mother's grave every holiday
    Hobbies/Interests: Quidditch/Flying, Herbology, Potions, literature (strongly interested in mythology and legends)
    Instruments: N/A
    Pets: Lancelot "Lance" (Spotted Owl)
    Guilty Pleasure: Sugar quills, Honeydukes sweets, helping others, spending long afternoons in the greenhouses, flying around the Quidditch Pitch in the mornings, swimming in the Black Lake on warm days
    Amortentia: Earth, herbs, homemade cooking, grass, fresh air, rain, trees, plants
    Patronus/Animagus: German Shepherd


    6/1884 | Twinning with Mr. Amos Harkiss
    9/1884 | Hufflepuff Tryouts 1884 with Mr. Andren Lovegood & 'Puffs


    9/1884 | Where the Wild Things Are with Miss Rosamund Bones & Messers. Amos Harkiss and Luitpold Striebel
    11/1884 | Best Behavior with Miss Viola Marchand
    12/1884 | We've All Got To Be Going Somewhere with Mr. Amos Harkiss

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