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Auror Injured in Irvingly
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Daily Prophet
Price One Knut
11th June, 1888

Auror Injured in Irvingly
Criminal use of ongoing fog

The Irvingly fog, recently revealed to be making magic in Irvingly a thing of the past, has claimed its first casualty today in the form of Mr Enoch Rosier, an auror for the Ministry of Magic, who was pursuing a suspect through the village when the fog impeded his way and led to Mr Rosier suffering a fall that put him in the Irvingly Infirmary. Worse still – the suspect, possibly connected to the spate of murders in London though the Department of Magical Law Enforcement has yet to comment, got away scot free!

Yesterday may have dawned bright and clear for the rest of us but in Irvingly the fog still lingered, no doubt seeming the perfect place for a miscreant to hide from the law. He was reported as being sighted on the edge of Hawthorne Hollow by mid-morning and the Ministry soon after dispatched Mr Rosier yet despite the auror's best efforts to track the criminal through the fog he was unsuccessful. Poor Mr Rosier was eventually discovered by the fountain at Salem Square by a mediwitch, Miss Dionisia Tweedy, when his absence began to seem troubling and assistance was summoned.

Unable to apparate the brave pair struggled on foot until they reached the still open Infirmary. Neither have been available for comment.

The cause of the fog remains unknown.
Ian Pengloss
Written by Lauren

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