Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Felicity Riley née Prewett
    In Character
    Full Name: Felicity Jane Riley née Prewett
    Nicknames: Fee
    Birthdate: August 3rd, 1863
    Current Age: Twenty
    Occupation: Director of Irvingly Infirmary; Spell Damage experience.
    Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
    Wand: Eight and a quarter inches, willow, with a phoenix tail feather.
    Blood Status: Pureblood
    Social Class: Upper Class

    • Gideon Prewett, Father (1820; Deceased, Former Slytherin) | A former Unspeakable, what Gideon did within the Ministry is a mystery to his family. What is certain of him is that he was the oldest of the Prewett children save for one brother, and his death came as quite a surprise to his family. Originally, Gideon was believed to have been a dark wizard, but Fautus was able to prove him innocent.

      Harriet Prewett, Mother (1828; née Potter, Former Gryffindor) | The elder of two sisters to Jameson Potter, Harriet grew up in an affluent household before marrying her husband. Though it is unlikely she ever grew to love Gideon, the marriage was an amiable one, and she was truly sad to see him die. Since his passing, she has watched over her children like a mother hen, and done her best to secure their futures for them, while still affording them the freedoms they desire.

      Faustus Prewett, Brother (1850; Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Former Gryffindor) | Felicity spent the better part of two years hating her brother for his decision to become an auror before he explained he was only doing it to pry into the situation involving their father—old as it was. Since, the two are cordial, though she spends no more time with him than she needs to. His wife gave him five children before her unfortunate demise.
      — Jane Pettigrew, Sister-in-Law [1856-1883]
      — Edelweiss Prewett, Niece [1877]
      — Jessamine Prewett, Niece [1877]
      — Iris Prewett, Niece [1882]
      — Mezereon Prewett, Nephew [1883]
      — Cornelian Prewett, Nephew [1883]

      Felicia Turnbull, Sister (1855; Wife, Former Ravenclaw) | The oldest of the Prewett girls, Felicia married an upper-class pureblood, who was selected by her father before his death. The pair have been married eight years, and currently have four children.
      — Leslie Turnbull, Brother-in-Law [1830]
      — Fergus Turnbull, Nephew [1876]
      — Flora Turnbull, Niece [1879]
      — Faunus Turnbull, Nephew [1879]
      — Fae Turnbull, Niece [1882]

      Frances Crabbe, Sister (1856; Wife, Former Gryffindor | Frances flirted—briefly—with a career in the Ministry before marrying. Her husband—who she had been paired with by her mother—was one of her coworkers, and they became close during her employment. They currently have one son.
      — ----- Crabbe, Brother-in-Law [1851]
      — Ichabod Crabbe, Nephew [1880]

      Fitzroy Prewett, Brother (1860; Professional Quidditch Player, Former Slytherin) | A twin to Felix, Fitzroy was always the more serious of the twins. A beater on his quidditch team, he is as serious on the field as he is off it: not very. Perhaps the only thing he is serious about is his future—not only does he intend to captain his team someday, but also to lead the sport department of the Ministry of Magic.
      — Liliana Carrow, Sister-in-Law [1864-1883]

      Felix Prewett, Brother (1860; Writer for The Daily Prophet, Former Slytherin) | A twin to Fitzroy, Felix was a gossip all through his years at Hogwarts—practically womanly about it, if you ask his brothers. While trivial matters no longer concern him, there is little he won't do to obtain the big stories, particularly pertaining to politics or crime. Felix’s first betrothal fell apart, and he maintains that he is too busy to look for a bride himself—though in truth, he is not interested in women.

      Florence Greene, Sister (1861; Housewife, Former Hufflepuff) | Florence is the first of the Prewett children to find her own spouse; though he is the son of a muggle, his affluence makes him quite desirable a connection to her mother, and his good nature makes him even more so to his new wife. Their shared house and closeness in age make Florence the sister to which Fee is closest.
      — Cory Greene, Brother-in-Law [18xx]
      — Chloe Greene, Niece [1883]

      Frederick Prewett, Brother (1864; DMLE Intern, Former Hufflepuff) | Frederick is the brother to which Felicity is closest; in spite of the fact that he is a year her junior, he is the sibling most likely to try to behave in a fatherly fashion where she is concerned.

      Fiona Prewett, Sister (1866; Ravenclaw) | Fiona is the youngest female in the Prewett clan, and something of a tyrant where propriety is concerned.

      Fabian Prewett, Brother (1868, Gryffindor) | Fabian is the youngest of the Prewett clan.

      James Riley, Husband (1855; Irvingly Infirmary Interim Director, Former Gryffindor) | Felicity took a liking to Mr. Riley almost as soon as she gained her position at the hospital—though he was betrothed to another woman at the time. It took no small amount of effort, but eventually the two were wed on October 8th of 1882.

      Gideon James Riley, Son (1883) | Gideon’s birth was to be the most exciting event of Fee’s life, but wound up being the start of her downward spiral.

      Moira Prewett, Aunt (1837; Etiquette Instructor, Former Slytherin) | In Fee’s earlier years, Moira served as a surly chaperone to the Prewett daughters. She has grown more and more distant from the rest of the family since Felicity finished schooling.
    Complete kinship may be found here.
    • THE PREWETTS ON MARRIAGE: Like many of the wealthier pureblooded families, the Prewetts spent many generations simply arranging matches between their children, with the occasional witch or wizard fortunate enough to marry for love. A bit of a squabble with another family, however, lead to Harriet's declaration that—save for those already betrothed—her children were permitted to marry for love, provided they adhered to the expectations of society. The exception to this would be her daughters, who, if still unattached at twenty, would have a match made for them then.

      THE PREWETTS ON BLOOD STATUS: Ideally, Prewett children would marry purebloods, thus preserving a gradually dwindling muggle-free lineage. However, provided they don't marry muggles or squibs, blood is overlooked if the match is otherwise a desirable one.

      THE PREWETTS ON SOCIETAL STATUS: The Prewetts are upper-class, and they intend to remain that way. That said, they do appreciate the value of charity, and so, for the most part, do their best to be (appropriately) kind to those less fortunate than they are, or at least appear to be such.

    • With her father's red locks of hair and her mother's large blue eyes, Fee has always thought herself rather pretty, in a mildly awkward sort of way. Standing at an unexciting height of five feet, Felicity's is not a particularly commanding presence, her slight frame making her better suited to kite flying than physical confrontations—as is fitting for a young lady of her breeding. Her face is a rounded one, and smiles easily, unless concentrating hard on some task or another. While at work she wears the garment of her profession, her forward thinking where employment is concerned does not impact her dress sense: she was raised within a particular society, and her attire matches that; even when she is feeling dishevelled after a long day's work, this will not appear, at least, in her clothing. Her wand is small enough to tuck neatly into whatever she is wearing, and is used with her right hand. Her profession has impacted the way in which she carries herself—where formally her posture was exceptional, though not perfect, she often lets it slide by the wayside, the work of an intern requiring more comfort than it does seemliness.

    • August 3rd, 1863 | Felicity is born the seventh child to Gideon and Harriet Prewett, and the fourth daughter. A quiet infant, she caused little trouble for her parents and nurses.

      June, 1864 | Frederick is born the eighth child and the fourth son, and is Felicity's first younger sibling. Quite a loud infant, he drew much of the attention from his sister, who does not begrudge him that.

      February, 1866 | Fiona is born the ninth child and fifth daughter, finally providing young Fee with a younger sister.

      July 17th, 1868 | Gideon initially alludes capture by a group of aurors, intent on questioning him about his alleged practice of dark magic. By day's end, however, he is killed, leaving his family aghast. It is this incident that forms the basis for Felicity's enduring distrust of, even hatred towards, aurors; some of her siblings, particularly Faustus, share this point of view.

      December, 1868 | Fabian is born the tenth and final child to the Prewett family.

      July, 1873 | Felicia is the first of Fee's siblings to marry.

      September, 1874 | Felicity begins her schooling at Hogwarts, where she joins her sister Florence in Hufflepuff. They are joined a year later by their brother Frederick.

      December, 1874 | A match is arranged between Felicity and her cousin Darcy. It is dissolved by his (emotional) father three years later, after Elspeth Potter's passing. This marks the beginning of the Prewetts' marital standpoint.

      October, 1876 | Frances is married.

      December, 1876 | Felicity has her first crush, a middle-class boy one year her senior. Nothing comes of it.

      March, 1878 | Faustus is married.

      August, 1878 | An owl informs the family that Felicity has been named a prefect, the fourth in the family to receive the honour.

      April 12th, 1879 | The entire Prewett family gathers to watch Fitzroy's first professional quidditch match.

      May, 1881 | Felicity completes her schooling at Hogwarts and comes out into society.

      August, 1881 | Felicity begins her position at the hospital, and immediately takes to the work involved.

      February, 1882 | At last, Fee begins courting James Riley.

      May, 1882 | The Ministry's expedition calls many hands to the road—some of them female. The Prewetts are particularly hard-hit, and Fee finds herself on an adventure she never wanted.

      June, 1882 | Fee suffers an attack by a dragon and spends more time than she would like recovering in hospital.

      August 6th, 1882 | James returns from his own adventures, proposing to Felicity in the process. The two become engaged.

      October 8th, 1882 | Felicity Prewett becomes Felicity Riley as the pair are married.

      December, 1882 | Fitzroy marries.

      1883 | A mixed bag, as years go. February saw the death of Fitzroy’s new bride, and May the death of Faustus’ wife. It also saw several new additions: twins Cornelian and Mezereon to Faustus, little Chloe to Florence, and baby Gideon to Felicity. By the summer’s end, however, Felicity was committed into the Ivana Memorial Asylum, after post-natal depression led her to attempt infanticide.

    • CAUTIOUS | Felicity is not one to rush into things headlong, nor one to take risks. Each decision she makes is one carefully considered, often weighing the pros and cons; even in becoming a healer, a goal of hers from her earliest years, she put the same level of scrutiny she would into any other decision. While her own actions are careful ones, Fee has always been uncomfortable encouraging others to behave similarly: unless she knows an individual particularly well, she will not caution them against harmful behaviour unless in her capacity as a healer—and even then, not always.

      SOFT-SPOKEN | Even as an infant, the witch was not one for making more noise than necessary. She will never raise her voice louder than she absolutely must, never speak harsh words unless the situation absolutely demands it. Out of a mixture of unwillingness to draw attention to herself and a hesitance to risk upsetting those around her, Felicity always speaks with carefully chosen words, and is generally tactful in their delivery.

      KINDHEARTED | Fee doesn't have a mean bone in her body—to the point where many have inquired whether she has a backbone either. The embodiment of sweetness to everyone—even those who discomfort her or treat her unfairly—she is always willing to give one the benefit of the doubt, and has mastered the doling out of third, fourth, fifth, tenth chances. The one exception to this is when an individual (or group of individuals) grievously injures—physically, socially, emotionally—her family or someone to whom she is incredibly close: there are no more chances after that.

      CAPABLE | She would never be called clever or witty, nor has she ever been particularly bright, but the acquisition of fundamental skills has always come easily to her, and anything she finds a challenge she is more than happy to work at until she becomes proficient. Though hesitant to ask for help, she will eventually do so if needed, and knows she will come out the better for it.
    Sample Roleplay Post:
    • I refuse.
    Out of Character
    Name: Kayte
    Age: Twenty-Three
    Contact: PM for contact details. Or just PM full stop. Make sure they go to Odira, though, or you'll probably never get a reply.
    Other Characters: Nikolai, Nathaniel, Callum, Ivana, Darcy, Odira, Castor, from oldest to youngest. None?
    How did you hear about us?: I don't even know anymore D:
    last updated jan 11, 2014
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