Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Annette Fontaine
    In Character
    Full Name: Annette Margaux Cecile Frances Fontaine
    Nicknames: Anne
    Birthdate: March 1st, 1867
    Current Age: 16
    Occupation: N/A
    Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
    Wand: Ash, 10 1/2 ", fairly supple, unicorn hair
    Blood Status: Half
    Social Class: Upper

    John Alfred Fontaine [1835-82] | Father
    John inherited whilst relatively young, and wasted no time indulging his passion for antiques and foreign travel, marrying to his family’s initial shock the half blood heiress, Aurelie. He purchased Oldcroft Hall in Kent for his family within a few years of his son John’s birth though he himself seldom stayed there, preferring the chateau his wife brought with her when he wasn’t travelling. He died in December 1882 in a freak accident.

    Aurelie Estelle Fontaine, Nee Saxe-Provence [1840-83] | Mother
    Daughter of Lady Margaux, Aurelie was the heiress to the fortune that had formerly belonged to the (now extinct) marquity of Sainte-Emillion. Her own mother and sister had died in childbirth, which fuelled her reluctance to bear her husband John any more than three children. She loved her husband dearly and was a renowned socialite, but had even less time for her children than most women. She died not long after her husband, supposedly of a broken heart.

    John Gabriel Fontaine [1859] | Brother
    John has their mother’s dark hair, but in pretty much every respect is his father. He is more reclusive and slightly shyer, though can be persuaded by his sisters with relative ease. He has been Anne’s guardian since their parent’s death.

    Marjolaine Violetta St.John, Nee Fontaine [1840] | Sister
    Margo is Anne’s only sister and as such the two are suitably close. Anne is grateful that her husband has not taken her away from her family- not that she ever thought he would, being an old family friend.
    Alfred St.John [1855] | Brother-in-law
    Mazarine Annette St.John [1884] | Niece
    Extended Family

    At 5’1” Anne is not that short, however compared to many of her classmates she falls on the more petite side of things. Her love of sports keeps her from carrying excess weight, though through the use of a corset she manages to produce the fashionable curves despite having naturally a more lithe frame save for her hips, which she finds rather stubbornly tend to stick out (obviously a disrupted growth spurt, she declares). Her hair is a few shades darker blonde than her sister’s but not as dark as her brother’s, and Annette’s eyes are also inherited from her father, a dark smoky blue. Her skin is fittingly pale for her station, though her love of the outdoors is betrayed through the few light freckles that dot her nose and cheekbones. Through her sister’s guidance she is nearly always impeccably dressed in the latest fashion, saving her older dresses for when she has no intention of leaving home, though her sports dresses always tend towards the practical rather than fashionable.

    1867 | John and Aurelie deliver their third child and second daughter on a rather cold but sunny day. Aurelie decides in no uncertain terms that this is to be her last, so lumps the child with all the names she had been saving- Annette for a childhood friend, Margaux for the child’s maternal grandmother, Cecile for Aurelie’s deceased sister and Frances for her childhood pony, something Anne never really comes to terms with. Her father’s travelling and mother’s preoccupation mean Anne often goes a week or more at a time without ever really seeing her parents.

    1868 | The family go to visit relatives in the Aostan Valley, Italy. Anne is only a year or so at this point, however her cousin Alexandre maintains to the day that she flung him against the wall in a fit of accidental magic after he tipped her out of her cradle.

    1869 | John uproots his family to the Kent estate they’d been spending their summers at permanently. Anne doesn’t particularly notice and is more interested in the pony her father instructs her nursemaids to let her sit on occasionally.

    1869 | Anne’s brother heads off to Hogwarts and she is rather upset until it is explained to her that it is not forever.

    1871 | Her fourth birthday brings her a pony of her own and her first proper riding lesson which she adores. Anne also begins lessons with her sister with their governess, though she quickly decides she hates etiquette with a passion.

    1873 | Annette’s first confirmed sign of magic sees her literally glued to her saddle when her governess tells her it’s time for her daily hour on the backboard. Ghastly thing.

    1875 | Margo also leaves for Hogwarts and Anne generally finds the emptier house rather unbearable. She consoles herself with sneaking out of bed at night to watch the balls her parents hold in the evenings through a small gap in a passageway.

    1877 | John graduates however magic is also exposed. Anne is generally unaware of the seriousness of the situation and the family spend the summer in France to be on the safe side.

    1878 | Anne goes off to Hogwarts, and ends up in Ravenclaw. This surprises everyone, especially her father, who had bet a galleon with his valet that she, like her siblings, would end up in Gryffindor.

    1880 | Anne begins her third year and selects Ancient runes, Ancient studies and divination as her electives. She enjoys the first two- the third? Not so much. She spends most divination lessons attempting not to let her imagination run away with her after declaring that they would be invaded by dragons in one particularly dull lesson.

    1882 | The summer is a good one- Margo graduates and is betrothed to a family friend’s eldest, and Anne is also named Ravenclaw prefect. Margo marries in late November but just before Christmas their father dies in a freak accident, slipping under an omnibus from his horse in the icy Parisian streets. Only John gets to him in time and Anne spends the rest of her Christmas holiday with her grandmother.

    1883 | Barely into the new year and Aurelie also dies. Anne is left to the care of her brother. Margo takes up sleepwalking and falls down the stairs, causing her to miscarry her unborn son. Anne blames herself, feeling that she ought to have been there to stop it, though she knows this is mainly irrational and a result of her fear of a lack of control. On the upside, September sees her finally able to drop divination.

    1884 | The summer term sees Anne get into several minor scrapes and even dabble in politics (if making rosettes with Merl’s face embroidered repeatedly on for Pia and arguing with Yarrow at the garden party counts). For her seventh year Anne is passed over for Headgirl in favour of her friend Ellory, something that she doesn’t really mind. Margo also delivers a daughter, Mazarine Annette, and Anne gets her first kiss courtesy of Peeves (well, kisses from Nate, Gertrude, Wat and Felix). She decides she really rather hates that poltergeist.

    1885 | The arrival of the PMG guests makes the dorm even more crowded than normal, and February sees the Valentine’s day ball and Peeves’ fainting chocolates and cards roll around.
    Annette is best described as inoffensive and amiable. Generally sweet and even-tempered, Anne loves nothing more than surrounding herself with good friends and good conversation. She is placid in the way only a girl satisfied in her position and her family's nest egg can be. In Parisian society, she was seen as being highly accomplished- she is fluent in English, French, Greek and Italian with a near-perfect accent, has a very good memory and a talent for dance. She is also learning German and Russian. Despite her generally calm and friendly exterior, inside her thoughts can verge on being calculating, and if offended her tongue can be incredibly sharp. Anne also has a very prominent stubborn streak. When upset or angry, she can revert to French unconsciously.

    Patronus: Corsican hare ~this will also be her animagus form if she ever gets round to learning
    Boggart: Her family and future children left alone, herself having died in childbirth.
    Amortentia: Lemon, cut grass, citrus blossom, that horsey smell and freshly baked cake

    Sample Roleplay Post:
    Annette twisted slightly to better see her reflection in the mirror. Her fashionable, tightlaced gown, silk slippers and heavy velvet cloak that Margo had insisted she travelled in were gone, replaced with a simple black robe.
    Ettie had arrived at Hogwarts half way through the first day- not great planning on anyone's part, but it couldn't be helped. Continental transport was unbelievably unreliable. The other students were in lessons, so she was left to settle in on her own. She twisted in front of the polished silver again. She much preferred the simpler robes, though her thickly laced petticoats still peeped out from under the bottom. Ettie quickly unpinned her hair from its elaborate updo Margaux had insited on, letting it fall loose before gathering the front sections back with the plainest pins she could find, dark tortoiseshell with tiny pearl tips. She threw a spare pin onto her bed before turning back to her reflection. She didn't have the pale, willowy beauty of her sister or mother, but she certainly wasn't plain, and she had escaped her father's rather unfortunate aquiline nose. Her robes weren't exactly flattering, but, she supposed, they weren't meant to be. The warm fabric was rather like a comfort blanket- keeping the spiked whispers of Paris from touching her- here, at least.
    A slight 'Mao' took Annette's gaze from her reflection to the end of her bed, where her trunks stood alongside a valise and a wicker basket.
    'Sorry, Pappilon!' She quickly let out her dark tortoiseshell cat, who sprang indignantly from her cage and settled herself neatly at the head of her bed. Once her offended miaows subsided, Ettie turned her attention to her trunks. One was full of her books and equipment, another full of her uniform and nesscesities, and two more full of all the finery her sister had insisted on her taking 'to save face'. The official story was that Parisian air disagreed with her, and she was going further north to recuperate at the doctor's orders. All her dresses had had to come too, less some chattering under-maid catch onto the real reason for their flight- only a handful of trusted servants who could be relied upon to corroborate their story knew. Ettie heavily sat crosslegged on her bed, causing Pappilon to go stalking off to the window, and pulled the valise onto her lap. She knew it was her sister's doing- the bag was far too tasteful to be her brother's idea. Inside, her suspicions were confirmed. There were several tins of french sweets 'to counteract the terrible English cuisine' as a note explained, a mother of pearl box filled full of hair combs and pins, all studded with various gems and baubles, and all manner of trinkets that her sister obviously thought were nesscesary to placate her sister. Ettie knew her sister saw their flight as an exile from the land she loved, and that these baubles were things that would have bought comfort to her. Ettie's idea of reassurance might have varied from her sister's, but the thought was admirable at least.
    As a bell rang, Annette quickly hid the bag far under her bed, and stood up, smoothing her robe. She gave herself one last check in the mirror, before scooping up Papillon from the floor and holding her in front of her face. She took a deep breath. There was no way the rumours could have reached here, she told herself. Just act normal.

    Out of Character
    Name: Jenny
    Age: 16
    Contact: Aim is, email at the same address.
    Other Characters: N/A
    How did you hear about us?: I just googled the best historical RP sites!
    [Image: LVt7zaV.jpg]
    I owe MJ all my love <3
    Jenny has sold her soul to gods of architecture and is most likely absent to some degree unless otherwise said. If you need me, various people have non-charming ways of throwing stones at me

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    if I could marry Bee I would but I can't so I ship our characters instead.

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