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Wish You Were Here
August 6th, 1889
Dear Alfie,
We've arrived safe on the island after a brief stint in Egypt along the way. If I never have to travel by portkey ever again it will be too soon. I'm thankful this trip is a few weeks long to give me the time to recover from all of the nonsense involved with physically getting here.

How are things at home? No more unnatural disasters this summer popping up the last minute I hope. It's incredibly hot here. They let me wear lightweight blouses and trousers for work in the jungle, thank Merlin. I'd die in a corset and dress if they made me wear one. It's much easier to move around in as well. Coming home to dresses again will be the worst!

I've already seen some interesting creatures, but oh the flora! It's absolutely stunning, unlike anything we've ever studied at Hogwarts. I've been able to see so many things up close that we could only see in books.

Miss you, wish you were here.

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