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Lady's Contest Prizes
Lady's Contest Prizes

So you won a prize from me in a contest hosted here on Charming (either a set or moodboard)! Because Satan has her hold on me I like organization, I've made a separate place for people who have won contest prizes from me to post their requests.

Guidelines are fairly standard, please credit me and please re-host your images! Because they're contest prizes, I will do my best to have a pretty rapid turnover however, please be patient with me if I run slow. There's no need to link to the prize you won, I trust y'all to be honest <3 other than that, here are the request forms!

❧| Set Examples |❧

[POST][b]Character Name:[/b] Well, I certainly hope you know this part.
[b]Play By:[/b] And this part as well.
[b]Size:[/b] I can do 4 different sizes:
Old Board Sizes: 500x235 and 500x250
New Board Sizes: 688x217 and 700x200
In short, 500x250 and 688x217 look a little fatter, 500x235 and 700x200 look slimmer.
[b]Pictures:[/b] HQ pictures to the best of your abilities, please! I unfortunately can't hunt for pictures, but do let me know if you're really having trouble, we can work something out I'm sure.
[b]Text:[/b] Whatever your hearts' desire, my doves! Keep in mind, I'll be able to fit more text onto 700x200 and 688x217 than the others.
[b]Mood/Colors:[/b] Colors/themes; a brief sentence/description will do!
[b]Other:[/b] Provided the pictures are HQ, I'm able to do slight eye-color changes. Keep in mind, special requests have the potential to require more wait time though.[/POST]

❧| Mood Board Examples |❧

[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Modern or Vintage?:[/b] Some people want more modern mood boards, others want more VE inspired ones!
[b]5+ Descriptive Words:[/b] 5+ words describing your character (Best to be as descriptive as possible in these next two sections!)
[b]5+ Character Interests:[/b] 5+ interests your character might have
[b]Quote [optional]:[/b] A lyric or quote!

[Image: z926HKj.jpg]
Character Name: Shawn Delaney
Play By: Jamie Dornan
Sig/Av/Set: Set
Size: New Board!
Pictures: These or any combo of these or these!
Text: Shawn
"Who knows where this road is supposed to lead
We got nothing but time
As long as you're right here next to me, everything's gonna be alright"
Mood/Colors: Masculine. Nautical. Adventure
Other: Have fun!
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Another Glorious MJ Set!
[Image: xy6Q4W.png]
@Fortuna Bixby

Rehost plz & holler for changes!! <3 (thx for the eye candy ;) )

[Image: bHtLl2.jpg]
[Image: bHtPMQ.jpg] [Image: bHtTkx.jpg]
[Image: bHtZrN.jpg]
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[Image: z926HKj.jpg]
I need all the heart eyes and drooling emojis for this!

Another Glorious MJ Set!
[Image: xy6Q4W.png]

Character Name: Annabelle Bones.
Play By: Rebecca Hall.
Sig/Av/Set: Set please!
Size: 688x217
Pictures: This photoshoot is ruining me. Especially the fifth one and the last two :D
Text: Belle. I'm wild again, beguiled again.
Mood/Colors: I SUUUUCK AT THIS PART. Nothing too brightly coloured, she's pretty subdued, so blues/greys/mauve would be great, just whichever shade looks best is fine by me. Something quite feminine would be grand too! She's about to get it on for the first time in a while so...if you could express that it'd be great! :P

fabulous set by Lady <3
@Elladora Black


....two signature options because I am an indecisive lady. ;) Let me know if it's not feminine enough, I'll add something else.

[Image: bTploM.jpg]
[Image: bTp5AF.jpg][Image: bTpq5b.jpg]
[Image: bTp7pQ.jpg]
[Image: bTp8Ex.jpg]
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[Image: z926HKj.jpg]
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[Image: bTp7pQ.jpg]
Lady made me sexy <3
Character Name: Wendell Banges
Play By: Chance Perdomo
Sig/Av/Set: Set.
Size: New board, please!
Pictures: 1, 2 3 4
Text: Value virtue above all else. Optional: Wendell Banges
Mood/Colors: Churchy and maybe a little old fashioned? I'd like some blue in there as well, if possible, maybe the sky? Books would be nice to have, too!
Other: I totally didn't forget that I had won this. Shh. Thanks Lady!!! For everything :P
Character Name: Alina O'Malley
Play By: Francesca Capaldi
Sig/Av/Set: Set
Size: 700x200
Pictures: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Text: Alina

Run, baby, run run

The clock don't stop ticking away

Mood/Colors: Wispy. WC feel. Bold colors. Not specifically London, but not any one Hogwarts house either.
Other: Can the two song lyrics be separated from each other, and can the run part be a little faded?

Magic by Lady!
@Wendell Banges let me know if you'd like anything changed! <3

[Image: raiCom.jpg]
[Image: rai1rM.jpg]
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[Image: z926HKj.jpg]
@Acacia Ruskin shout out for changes!! <3

[Image: ru95oD.jpg][Image: ru9SA5.jpg]
[Image: ru9czP.jpg]
[Image: ru9gZM.jpg]
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[Image: z926HKj.jpg]
I love her! Thank you!
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Magic by Lady!
Character Name: Felicity Gallagher
Play By: Emmy Rossum
Sig/Av/Set: Set
Size: I can do 4 different sizes: 700x200
Pictures: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6
Text: Unsew my seams. Look inside if you dare. Do you still like what you're seeing now? Secrets and sins, all exposed; spilling out. Am I still safe here on this fragile ground?
Mood/Colors: Colors/themes; Ok so I'm going for smoke and mirrors kinda feel, think on stage with a spotlight, think man's greatest fantasy with the amber hues and flecks of gold on one side and then dark and gloomy on the other side revealing her inner nightmare with like greys and blues. Picture 6 kinda says it all: She is his dream come true, and her own nightmare.Pic
Other: Picture 6 can be eliminated, but I do feel it helps convey the feel I'm going for with the other five images! Thank you!
@Felicity Gallagher rehost please! let me know if it's not gloomy enough and I can add something else! ^_^

[Image: rnxi8O.jpg]

[Image: rnxUvx.jpg]

[Image: z926HKj.jpg]
I do love them they look awesome, but yeah make it a bit gloomier!

@Felicity Gallagher here you are dear! two versions this time ;)

[Image: rnrKOQ.jpg]
[Image: rnrYKx.jpg]

[Image: rnrVcO.jpg]
[Image: rnrf4m.jpg]

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[Image: z926HKj.jpg]

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