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Kristoffer was going to be great at this, because he was great at everything. Also his memory was greater than everyone else's, because he bet no one else had ever lost their virginity somewhere exotic like Morocco. Hell, he bet no one else had even lost their virginity. Inexperienced losers.

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An Ordinary Morning
April 17th, 1888 — Spirit Division, Killian's Office

Killian enjoyed work. It was quite comfortable, after all, working in perhaps the easiest to manage division of the department; spirits had been living wizards and witches once, and so typically knew better how to handle secrecy laws. That didn't mean that occasionally some of them didn't slip up, or some of them weren't unruly, but it was a far simpler position than working with dragons or centaurs. God, centaurs would be a living nightmare for Killian.

There was more paperwork than Killian would've liked there to be, he would confess that if asked, but at the very least his position afforded him some much needed time away from his home to relax. To breathe.

He quite liked the Ministry offices, as well. His desk was neat, uncluttered, much unlike the one at home in his study, with a clean stack of parchment to his left and a row of different colored ink jars to his right, each with a quill lying before them, designated so that the inks would not blend in an unsavory way in the containers. Killian sat behind the desk, walking stick leaned up against the wall beside him, reading the Daily Prophet as he enjoyed doing in the mornings, when a knock disturbed him.

"Yes?" he greeted, not glancing up just yet from the paper. He'd determine who it was when they said why they'd come to his office.

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While many of the department heads preferred to send out secretaries or their employees on mild runs, Benjamin was always delighted to leave his office and travel to other areas of the Ministry. Not only did it allow him to make new connections, but it also assured every job done was a job done right.

His destination this morning? The Spirit Division offices, specifically the office of Mr. Tabiner, the head of the division. While he wore a pleasant smile as he entered the Department for Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, his expression slipped back into a neutral, more businesslike one after managing to slip by the group of folks in the lobby.

He requested a presence with Mr. Tabiner with the gentleman's secretary, and soon found himself face-to-face with the man himself. He was an awfully dastardly looking gentleman — undoubtedly an intimidating one to new hires.

"Morning, Tabiner," greeted the division head, his eyebrows raised at the man's refusal to look at who'd entered his office. "I received word that there was a ghost who wished to make his grievances against a specific broomstick manufacturer known? Apparently he died after a nasty fall — you should know all about it."

The immediate reaction Killian had to the other man's statement was an exasparated sigh as he folded up the newspaper and set it aside. "Again?" he groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose. "I thought we handled this last week - or has he found some other issue that he thinks caused his death?" Quite honestly, he despised some of the spirits he found himself forced to deal with, especially when they focused so pointlessly on something like this. In Killian's opinion, if you were going to stick around after death, you'd best have a damned good reason to do so, and it had better not be to get back at someone.

Otherwise, he would have had a spirit hounding him long ago. But that was neither here nor there.

"What trouble has he gotten into this time?" As he spoke this time, Killian took a sheet of parchment from the stack nearby, setting it before him and lifting the quill from below the jar of violet ink. Paperwork. Always the first step of anything.

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Benjamin had once considered going into the Department for Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures after graduating with a nearly-perfect score on his Care of Magical Creatures NEWT, but time had proven that it was a good thing he had chosen elsewhere. There were just too many individuals — and not even human ones — to handle and understand in Tabiner's department. He could only imagine bouncing from offices and having to understand the daily issues in the lives of vampires, goblins, and more.

"This spirit... has made other complaints?" he asked, eyeballing the division head skeptically. From Tabiner's short explanation, he could only believe there was a wandering ghost who, for some reason or another, frequently decided that his death was caused by a variety of reasons.

How annoying that would be to deal with.

"If it's not confidential knowledge, may I ask how he really died?" he prompted.

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"He actually did fall off his broom," Killian explained. "There was no fault - it was an accident, pure and simple. He denies the fact, however, and constantly seeks someone to blame - he's blamed the makers of the broom he was riding twice before, the broom polish manufacturer three times, and he's even blamed the tailor who made the pants he was wearing that day. He's something of a long-standing headache, one we usually try and persuade into heading off somewhere else after we remind him that he is no longer corporeal and has nothing physically restraining him to the country."

It might seem insensitive of the man, that he preferred to shuffle this problem off onto another country's government. In Killian's eyes, though, this was simply how one managed a problem that didn't have a fix. The spirit was trying to find somewhere to lay the blame for his death, when in fact there was no blame to be laid, and despite all attempts to persuade him otherwise, he simply wouldn't listen to it.

"What is the exact complaint this time?" he asked, quill poised over the ink.

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The explanation threw him off, partly because the idea of a bothersome ghost was as much of a nightmare to him as it would be to an unsuspecting muggle, and partly because he'd never heard of any of this mess before. While assuredly not a control freak outside his department, he liked to know everything that might effect his. And complaints against broom-makers were definitely something that fell within his department's umbrella.

"The spirit's complaint, or mine?" he asked. He didn't give much time for Tabiner to answer, as his flow of words continued. "Because my complaint is that my department was never notified of those complaints. it's your duty to send out memos when other departments need to get involved," he lectured, his lips pursed.

He wasn't angry, per se. He was more concerned with Tabiner not understanding that he was serious (or otherwise dismissing his complaints for other reasons).

"It doesn't matter if you — or anyone else in this department who has to deal with him — thinks his claims are phony. Complaints against broomstick manufacturers, no matter who the complainant is, must be forwarded to our offices." Luckily the Ministry was the only body the spirit was making complaints to.

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