Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Spells Learned Per Year
    Spells Learned Per Year
    Spells Harry Potter's Classmates Learned In...
    • "Wand Sparks" (most commonly red or green) can be produced from any wizard or witch with a wand, regardless of age.
    First Year
    • Alohomora - opens locks (not failsafe)
    • "bluebell flames" - conjure small blue fire
    • Colloportus - locks or seals doors. Counter to Alohomora.
    • Flipendo - a knockback jinx
    • Incendio - a charm that creates fire.
    • Lumos - creates light, limited wandless range. [counterspell:Nox]
    • Petrificus Totalus - pertifies the victim.
    • Reparo - repairs or mends broken objects.
    • Spongify - softens an object.
    • Wingardium Leviosa - levitates objects.
    Second Year
    • Avifors - tranforms the target into a bird, flock of birds, or a flock of bats.
    • Aparecium - make invisible ink visible.
    • Expelliarmus - disarming spell
    • Immobulus - freezes living objectsl
    • invisible ink spell, presumably
    • Locomotor Mortis - locks legs together
    • Rictusempra - tickles the victim
    • Serpensortia - conjures a snake (Draco was taught this on the spot by Snape)
    • Tarantallegra - makes the victim's legs dance
    Third Year
    • Carpe Retractum - creates a retractable rope of light that can pull an object toward the caster or vice versa.
    • "Cheering Charm" - temporarily cheers up a person
    • Dissendium - opens some secret passageways
    • Draconifors - transfigure small objects into a dragon
    • Impervius - make something water-repellant
    • Lapifors - transfigure small objects into a rabbit
    • Riddikulous - anti-boggart charm
    • Slug Vomiting Charm - victim vomits slugs.
    • Snufflifors - transfigures small objects into mice.
    Fourth Year
    • Accio - summons objects [opposite of Depulso]
    • Bat Bogey Hex - turns boogers into winged creatures who attack the victim
    • Densaugeo - enlarges the victim's teeth
    • Depulso - banish objects [opposite of Accio]
    • Diffindo - cuts open an object
    • Furnunculus - causes boils to break out on victim
    • Impedimenta - stops or slows down the object
    • Jelly-Brain Jinx - addles mental processes
    • Jelly-Fingers Jinx - turns fingers to jelly
    • Jelly-Legs Jinx - makes legs wobble
    • Locomotor - with a target word, moves an object.
    • Point Me - points the caster north.
    • Protego - creates a defensive shield (Also Protego Horribilus and Protego Totalum, more advanced)
    • Relashio - lets out a jet of sparks
    • Rennervate - cure to Stupefy
    • Reparo - repairs inanimate objects
    • Reducto - blasts holes in objects.
    • Stupefy - stuns the target
    • Unbreakable Charm - makes an object unbreakable
    Fifth Year
    • "antler jinx" - causes antlers to sprout from head
    • Bubble-Head Charm - creates a pocket of air around the user's head
    • Colloportus - seals a door with a "squelching" noise
    • Color-Change Charm - changes the color of an object, part of the OWLs
    • Engorgio - makes an object grow
    • Evanesco - makes things disappear, apparently classified under Transfiguration
    • Flagrate - fiery lines can be drawn in the air.
    • "knitting charm" - bewitches knitting needles to work on their own
    • Reducio - opposite of Engorgio
    • Scourgify - cleans things.
    • Silencio - silences the object.
    Sixth Year
    • All Conjuring Magic is NEWT level and will be taught in sixth or seventh year
    • Non-Verbal Spells are taught in NEWT level, but are very difficult and few ever completely master them, at any age.
    • Aguamenti - conjurs a stream of water
    • Confundo - causes confusion
    • Episkey - heals minor damages, such as a broken nose
    • Inanimatus Conjurus - conjures an inanimate object
    • Incarcerous - conjures ropes, which chain the victim
    • Incendio - starts a fire
    • Protean Charm - changes the form of objects (used on the DA's coins)
    • Refilling Charm - the object refills itself when emptied
    • Repello - repels or keeps away things (should be followed with an object in latin)
    • Specialis Revelio - reveals enchantments or, in potions, ingredients
    • Tergeo - cleans an object
    Seventh Year
    • Cave Inimicum - defensive spell set around a certain area
    • Confringo - causes the target to explode
    • Conjunctivitis Curse - affects eyesight
    • Cushioning Charm
    • Defodio - gouges or hollows out something, eg. a cave or tunnel
    • Deprimo - blasts a hole in a wall, floor, etc.
    • Descendo - lowers something
    • Duro - turns an object to stone
    • Extention Charm - used to make bags, houses, tents, etc. bigger than they are externally
    • Finite - stops a currently operating spell
    • Geminio - duplicates an object (in appearance only)
    • Glisseo - turns a rough surface smooth
    • Homenum revelio - reveals hidden humans in the area
    • Salvio hexia - prevents previously used spells from being broken
    • Repello Muggletum - prevents Muggles from getting close to a place or object
    Spells Adults Use
    • Anapneo - clears a blocked airway.
    • Avis - conjures a flight of small birds
    • Disillusionment Charm - hides the true nature of something; hippogriffs and threstrals may be kept in muggle areas if the wizard routinely Disillusions them.
    • Expulso - blows things up
    • Fidelius Charm - secret kept by only one living soul
    • Homorphus Charm - reverts an Animagus to human form; Lockhart says it works on werewolves but exact effects are unknown
    • Hurling Hex - placed on a broom (or other object) to buck its rider off
    • Imperturbable Charm - prevents passage of sound or beings through a door.
    • Piertotum Locomotor - animates inanimate objects.
    • Quietus - reverses a Sonorous Charm
    • Sonorous - makes the caster's voice boom loudly
    • Unbreakable Vows - requires a witness and must be agreed to by both parties; failure to comply results in death.
    • Unforgivable Curses
    Notes: "Sectumsempra," "Levicorpus," "Muffliato," Hermione's Snitch Charm, and the Patronus-Messenger charm have not been invented yet
    Documentation written by Lynn exclusively for Charming.