Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Grace Grimm
    Last updated on October 14th, 2014.
    In Character
    [Image: 27z9hlg.jpg]
    Full Name: Mallory Grace Grimm nee Gallagher

    - Grace had it legally changed to Grace Mallory Gallagher upon her joining of the Holyhead Harpies.

    Nicknames: Gracey from her fellow Harpies or close friends, Lory from her family

    Birthdate: December 8th 1859

    Current Age: 24 Years

    Occupation: First String Keeper and Captain of the Holyhead Harpies Cheerful Wife & Mother

    Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

    Wand: Poplar, 10", Dragon Unicorn hair, slightly pliable

    Blood Status: Halfblood

    Social Class: Middle

    Family: Everett Grimm | Husband
    Ella Grimm | Step-Daughter
    Vivian Grimm | Step-Daughter

    Shea Gallagher - Halfblood - Father - Fifty Three: Grace's father played Quidditch for Puddlemere United for almost twelve years, finally retiring and going into a Ministry job when she was two. He is her inspiration and she is still mad that he does not want her to play Quidditch - Grace is certain that once she gets her Harpies in gear, her father will change his mind.

    Aeriona Gallagher nee Greystoke - Pureblood - Mother - Forty Nine: Patient and loving, Aeriona is certainly easier for Grace to deal with than her father or her grandparents. While disapproving of her only daughter's occupation, Aeriona does not say anything; for which, Grace is grateful. She is very fertile and very caring; both traits tend to shine strongly in Grace's thoughts of her mother.

    Forester Ardour Gallagher - Halfblood - Brother - Thirty: A former Ravenclaw, Forester is quite fond of his younger sister and tends to ignore her boyish tendencies. He retired from a professional quidditch team in 1881. The Gallagher siblings call him Forey or Ardee, depending on their moods.

    Sidney Blithe Gallagher - Halfblood - Brother - Twenty Eight: As his middle name's definition suggests, Sidney Gallagher is quite happy-go-lucky. He is the only other former Hufflepuff in the family, and did not play Quidditch in school, although he does currently work in the Department of Magical Games and Sports. Called 'Sid' by just about everyone.

    Kelsey Concord Gallagher - Halfblood - Brother - Twenty Six: Previously a Slytherin, Kels was a beater in school and now plays for a professional team. He and Grace like to have casual competitions each season, and can often be interpreted as having a much harsher relationship than they actually do.

    Lowell Diligence Gallagher - Halblood - Brother - Twenty SixDeceased after Birth: A week after being born, Lowell just died out of nowhere. His graveyard lives in the Gallagher family garden. Sometimes Grace thinks she can hear him crying; Forester tells her that Lowell never even cried, she's just imagining it.

    Hollis Esteem Gallagher - Twenty Five Deceased at Birth: Another graveyard baby, and one that would have been a girl, Grace tends to think that Hollis would have been either the perfect little lady or similar to herself. As Hollis was stillborn, Grace still attributes the strange sounds to Lowell.

    Fraser Fortune Gallagher - Halfblood - Brother - Twenty Four: Being the first child in years to live, Frasy was sheltered during his youth. He wasn't allowed to ride brooms in his childhood, but had a knack for it, and flew for a school team. He does not play professionally.

    Harris Gallagher - Halfblood - Seventy Nine Deceased at Seventy Six: A disapproving man with one son and several daughters, Harris played quidditch back in the day but believed strongly that women should not.

    Valor Gallagher nee Hatchitt - Seventy Four Deceased at Seventy Two: Very much in love with her husband all her life, Valor sometimes appeared to Grace to have no opinions of her own.

    Grace is 5'4" and roughly 122 pounds; she is vaguely muscular. Only slightly curvy but with what she considers decent hips, Grace is right-handed. She has brown eyes, she is usually smiling, and, her hair is shoulder length and kept up in buns though was quite short before her wedding. She wears either her Holyhead Harpies uniform or the somewhat-recent fashion, although Grace has been known to be somewhat lax in how tight her corsets go - she wears them, of course, but she can't be fainting or the competition will think she's a weakling.

    History: 1859: Grace was born. Of course, technically she was Mallory then, and she actually went by it. The only girl, her parents attempted to coddle Grace, but were far more preoccupied with her almost-sickly brother.
    1863: When she's four, her grandmother tells her that ladies can't climb trees. Grace sets off after tea time and ascends the large one in the backyard, staying there for hours, smoothing her skirts carefully and waiting for someone to find her. Forester and Kelsey show up and laugh. They eventually bring the other two boys; by the time their parents and grandparents come out, Grace has climbed higher in an attempt to impress her brothers more.
    Of course, she laughs so hard she falls out of the tree and breaks her harm. It's fixed in an hour in Saint Mungo's, and surely a pattern is set. The pattern - Grace is well behaved. She sits in her dresses but can't hold her tongue. She's empathetic but critical of other people's work. She is told not to do something and she does it.
    1867: At eight she demonstrates magical capability, riding a broomstick, falling off, and bouncing when she hits the ground. Nothing breaks - it's about time her magical capabilities kick in.
    1871: She receives her Hogwarts letter in July of 1871. Once in Hogwarts, Grace is sorted into Hufflepuff without much fanfare after almost a minute of questioning from the hat. She settles into her house and is generally either friends or enemies with her roommates - it's hard to get an inbetween with Grace if you're stuck with her on a permanent basis.
    1873: She takes Ancient Studies and Care of Magical Creatures as her electives. In third year the Keeper position opens up on her house team. Grace, with the help of Imogen van Helsing and a few others, gets a slightly more girly pair of quidditch robes made for herself for trying out.
    She has a talent for keeping, but is not put on the team. Grace suspects it is because of her sex rather than her age or skill. A boy two years older than her becomes the Keeper and Grace mutters to herself, but does not go away. She attends all of the practices just to watch - somewhere between flying for the first time and becoming a member of Club Quidditch, Grace decided that she wants to play professionally.
    1874: At the start of fourth year, Grace starts going by.... well, Grace. She has decided that Mallory is too silly. It has three meanings and she doesn't particularly like any of them - beautiful, armor, unlucky. None of those are very good for a quidditch player. Well, maybe armor.
    But Grace Gallagher has a ring to it, and that's what she makes her friends call her and what she signs her papers with.
    1875-1876: In fifth year the boy finally is gone and Grace is finally keeper for the Hufflepuff team. She excels, she guards her hoops diligently, she is not always good at studying for her OWLs. (an accurate depiction of Grace's fifth year.) As such, her grades are:

    Ancient Studies: E

    Astronomy: P

    Care of Magical Creatures: E

    Charms: O

    Defence Against the Dark Arts: D

    Herbology: E

    History of Magic: A

    Potions: T

    Transfiguration: D

    1876: She continues with Ancient Studies, Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, and Herbology. Her real passion, though, is Quidditch, and much of Grace's time is invested in practicing.
    1877: It's the start of her seventh year when she is offered a time to try out for Holyhead; she attends this meeting after her coming out and makes the team as a second-string keeper. Her friend Imogen has also made the team, and Grace could not see something she would rather do.
    1878: When she tells her family that she is now a professional quidditch player, a servant comments that 'those with long hair should not grace a broom.' Grace keeps her cool but vaults up the stairs after dinner, and with surprisingly stable hair, cuts off the inches of brown. Her mother sighs the next morning and fixes it.

    1879: After a year of subbing, Grace is promoted to first-string keeper. The year brings disappointments in the form of Imogen quitting, although Grace tries her best to understand and to not let her disappointment show.
    1882: It seems to Grace that they have a habit of losing captains due to pregnancy; her predecessor, Gabby Jones, lasted from 1880 until August of 1882, when she was married. Grace waits to see which of her colleagues will replace her as captain.
    It is September First when her promotion is announced. Grace rejoices, and immediately sets to work making the Harpies her own.
    She hears of Irvingly and comes to the conclusion that people will move there; taking advantage of that, Grace is living in one of the 3BS rooms until she can find somewhere to rent in Bartonburg.
    Once in Hogsmeade Grace reconnects with one Mr. Ev Grimm. That December, her brother Sidney dies and leaves her ten thousand galleons as a dowry.
    1883: Grace continues to be friends with Everett Grimm. It doesn't take long for that to spill into something more, though drama with the mother of his daughter - although biologically Ella isn't his, and neither is Vivi - keeps it from spilling into anything official until November of that year, when Ev proposes. Grace says yes, of course.
    1884: Grace marries Everett Grimm. At the end of the season she leaves the Harpies and soon discovers herself to be pregnant!
    1885: Esme Faith Grimm is born.
    1886: Rosalie Honor Grimm is born. Grace places a (sketchy condom-induced) moratorium on babies for the time-being, and struggles to relocate an identity for herself outside of having them.
    Personality: A bright and vivacious woman who is loyal and protective, Grace adores her friends and would kill for her family. She's growing to be maternal and is quite easily affectionate.
    Sample Roleplay Post: [At least a paragraph.]

    Out of Character
    Name: Beanie

    Age: 15

    Contact: Ask

    Other Characters: see CML

    How did you hear about us?: dude I live here
    [Image: pp66UW.jpg]
    shiny set by Bree!
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    if I could marry Bee I would but I can't so I ship our characters instead.

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