Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Marianne Burdon
    In Character
    Full Name: Marianne Milene Burdon

    Nicknames: Mary

    Birthdate: 15th September 1865

    Current Age: 18

    Occupation: Potion and Plant Poisoning Intern

    Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

    Wand: Beech, rigid, 12 inches, unicorn tail hair

    Blood Status: Muggleborn

    Social Class: Middle


    • Father | Erasmus Ole Walden Burdon; 55; deceased at age 46; Former Priest - Being quite young when he father had passed, Mary's only recollections of her father are of when he would prepare her for the night's slumber by reading her Grimms' fairytales; the tales were so particularly gruesome that soon after her father had passed, her Aunt Evelyn disposed of the book and deemed it "inappropriate for the innocent ears and imaginations of children; you do want to please our Lord by continuing to be innocent and virtuous, yes Marianne?" Before his disastrous passing, Erasmus had been a fair and just man that sought out to commit to the duties expected of him and was completely devoted to his only child and daughter until his death in 1873. However, thought wholly devoted to his daughter, he could not bring himself to frequently gaze upon the sole person whom brought about recollections of his beloved Rosemary the most; thus, Mary was left into the care of her grandparents until she was aged eight years.
    • Mother | Rosemary Elinor Burdon (née Wood); 40; deceased at age 23 � Marianne is often compared to her mother by her Grandfather Burdon, whom always praised the woman highly for within his eyes and conscience. Mrs. Rosemary Burdon had been a flawless sweetheart that deserved a fruitful and fulfilling life; apparently (once again, in her grandfather's opinion) the young woman possessed a virtuousness so profound that he believed that the Lord had delivered her to his son's church that one summer Sunday of 1862.
    • Paternal Grandfather | Thomas Ole Burdon; 83; retired Minister; muggle - Marianne and her grandfather have a close bond based on affection and devotion. As his only granddaughter, and having never had a daughter birthed by his wife, Mary became the apple of his eye. To his wife and daughter-in-law's vexation, he encourages unladylike pursuits such as donning men's apparel when tending to the barn animals or reading unsuitable material that ladies should do well to stay away from, but though those main reasons had become bad habits of hers, Mary matured enough to learn not to become enamored in her grandfather's every word and began to govern herself over her activities rather than follow the schedule of his.
    • Paternal Grandmother | Catherine Ida Burdon (née Howard); 77; Housewife; muggle - Though not a strict elderly woman by any means, the woman made it her obligation to her son's memory to lend a hand in the raising of his daughter along with her daughter-in-law, Evelyn. To Mary, she can appear overbearing, and at times even domineering, but Mary loves her grandmother unconditionally and respects her immensely.

    • Paternal Uncle | Ronald Russell Burdon; 49; Physician; muggle - Marianne's sole guardian and provider, Ronnie Burdon treats his niece as if she were his own daughter, for he has none for himself to speak of. Having been enchanted by this young girl since the late months after her birth when he had first became acquainted with her; Erasmus oversaw his brother's adoration of his daughter, and proclaimed him to be Mary's Godfather. Ronnie would have never imagined that his duties of a godfather would come into play eight years later when his beloved elder brother passed from Yellow Fever. Having been his brother's sole physician, Ronnie rather felt as if he had failed his goddaughter when he had been informed by his mother that Erasmus had fitfully died in his sleep. Though he viewed his niece's magical abilities as an oddity, he has no motives to actually change the occurrences as they have happened, and he attempts on more than one occasion to implore with his wife to see reason, that Marianne was just a regular human being like he and her.
    • Paternal Aunt | Evelyn Semone Burdon (née Brunswick); 41; Housewife; muggle - Ronnie's wife, the former Evelyn Brunswick, had been a fiery redhead whom had attracted the grounded Ronald Burdon when she had been just thirteen and he twenty-one. As his elder brother was the Priest of the small town's sole church, Ronnie had seen much of Miss Brunswick through her years of maturity, and by the time she was of an appropriate age to court, he immediately sought permission from her father, whom easily relented soon after Ronnie had confessed his admiration of his only daughter. After a quick (and slightly scandalous) courtship, Mr. Ronald Burdon and Miss Evelyn Brunswick were wed soon after Evie's eighteenth birthday. Much like that of her mother-in-law, Evelyn is not a strict and overbearing woman, but she does harbor a fierce some dislike against her niece for her "abnormalities" as she is in thorough believe that Mary shall contaminate she and her children with her "disease".
    • Theodore Ole Burdon; 23; School Teacher; muggle - Mary's eldest cousin whom continues to treat her as if she were a mere child, much to her chagrin, but that practice only stemmed from the fact that he still found her in many ways still the young girl she used to be despite her evident blossoming into womanhood. An optimistic and nature-loving young man, Teddy is a man whom would lay down his life for his family and would do anything to relieve their pain and suffering, but being of a Catholic faith, Mary's acceptance to Hogwarts and her newfound magic skills wearied him slightly, but he continues to be the attentive elder cousin in her eyes.

    • William Simone Burdon; 20; Physician-in-Training; muggle - Mary's second eldest cousin whom proceeds to tease Mary for her abnormalities. Before Mary had been accepted to the majestic school of magic, Will had been as kind to her as any elder brother would, but once she had been accepted Will found her acquired magical skills to be a sign that the devil has branded her. He is highly vexed that his family does not truly view this prospective as he does, but very quickly learned to keep his opinion of Mary's fate in the afterlife to himself for fear that he should be deemed prejudice, but the prejudice he held against Mary shall continue for a very long time. Due to uncertainness for his future, Will has proceeded to follow in the footsteps of his father and become a Physician.
    • George Timothee Burdon; 18; Adventurer; muggle - Mary's elder cousin whom is by far her favorite. An adventurous young man in body and spirit, George desired to explore the world before he settled himself down with a wife and children, and Mary was quite fond of his openness and his charm. To say the least, one could say that Mary harbored a fancy of her elder cousin, but never did her mind stray once to the thought that she could be his bride as it would be quite unseemly, wouldn't it? Two cousins practically raised as brother and sister to marry and procreate? Mary couldn't fathom it, but she did quite admire George and his lively disposition, and was very much saddened when George took leave of his childhood town without a proper farewell to her as she had been at Hogwarts at the time. At present, Mary has received a letter from France, ensuring her that George was alive and healthy.
    • Thomas Erasmus Burdon; 14; schoolboy; muggle - Mary's only younger cousin whom she viewed as a younger brother in her eyes. In her eyes, Tommy is a maturing young lad whom was eager to get his start in the world, and Mary could only console him by muttering words of encouragement that he shall live his life to the fullest.


      • HAIR: a dark brown in a dark setting, a mousy brown in a lighter
      • EYES: a chocolate-brown
      • HEIGHT: 5'4"
      • WEIGHT: 132lbs.
      • WAND HAND: right
      • APPAREL: light colors, feminine


      • Marianne was born the eldest child and daughter of a Priest and his young wife. Of course, Mr. and Mrs. Erasmus Burdon had been married for nearly five years before the birth of their first child, but Rosemary proceeded to have six miscarriages in the course of their five years of marriage, causing Erasmus to become concerned that they shall never possess a biological child of their own. However, come the fifteenth of September in the year 1865, Mrs. Burdon finally produced her husband a child, and though it was not the boy he had so hoped for, Erasmus was captivated by the squirming, young thing wrapped in a pink blanket.

        However, despite the evident joy it had brought the Burdon family to finally possess a child of their own, the labor had been particularly difficult upon Rosemary, and she had been bedridden and weak for some time. Mrs. Rosemary Burdon managed to survive the first few months of her daughter's life, including naming her pride and joy after her grandmother and great-grandmother, Marianne Milene. Thus, Marianne Milene Burdon was christened. However, just a week before Mary's actual christening, Roesmary peacefully passed away in her sleep, leaving her husband a widow with an infant daughter to provide for.

        Whilst Erasmus was in mourning for his beloved wife whom he had come to cherish in many ways during their five years of marriage, he handed his daughter into the care of his mother and father until he was of a more proper frame of mind to care for a child; thus, Mary was raised by her grandparents for the majority of her infancy, only partially seeing and socializing with her father when he felt that he could bear to be in the presence of the one person whom reminded him most of his beloved Rosemary. Erasmus rather believed his daughter to resemble her mother in most of everything: her overall appearance of semi-dark hair and chocolate-brown eyes; the thickness of her lips; the oval curve of her face; the way she delicately teases and speaks. Overall, Erasmus found Marianne to be a miniature version of her beloved mother before her, and it took all of his willpower not to sob whilst in the presence of his innocent, yet motherless daughter.

        Mary had been aged five years when she acquired her magical abilities. Being muggles, her family disregarded the odd occurrences about her as "coincidences", but given their Catholic faith, there was the lingering questionable thought of her being branded by the devil. However, not honestly wanting to acknowledge that such a sweet young girl born to an equally virtuous mother and father, the Burdon family disregarded the errant thought altogether. Her first act of accidental magic occurred when she entered the breakfast parlor one bitterly cold and wintry morning, and her Grandfather Burdon was attempted to ignite the wood in the fireplace, but he was having a slight difficulty in doing so due to the trembling in his crinkled hands. No matter how hard he had tried, he could not for the life of him get the fire roaring, and he would not hear of his precious granddaughter assisting him as what if she was burned? It would be entirely his fault! Frowning at her grandfather's troubled face, Mary yearned for nothing more than to assist him. What if she was not the only one who got burned? What if it was her grandfather? Staring intently at the empty fireplace devoid of any such fire to speak of, Mary closed her eyes slowly as she wished that the fire would begin by itself. She suddenly heard her grandfather's gasp and slight yelp and immediately her eyes opened only to be met with the sight of the fire merrily roaring in the fireplace. "A miracle!," he grandfather commented, awed; and he continues to say so of the day even at present.

        Three years had passed since that day with many occurrences of accidental magic in between, but near her eighth birthday, a sad occurrence had taken place that caused Mary to truly become an orphan. Her father, Erasmus Burdon passed from a severe case of cholera. With her father having been the strongest link she possessed to know more about her deceased mother and the sole person whom she yearned to come to know better, Mary shed tears for many weeks afterwards and was quite indisposed for a while, only speaking with her Grandfather Burdon or, on occasion, her grandmother.

        However, it was nearly a month after her father's death when Erasmus Burdon's will was read aloud, and it stated that should he ever die, the guardianship of his daughter would be in the hands of his most trusted younger brother and his wife. Uncle Ron and Aunt Evie were truly good people whom had possessed a steady income to support themselves and their three sons, but Mary had been rather reluctant to leave her grandparents' dwelling of which she had learned to call home. Though Ronald Burdon had been slightly surprise and highly honored by his brother's utmost faith in him that his daughter shall be safe in his hands, Ronnie could fathom separating Mary from her grandparents during such a sad and crucial moment of her life, and therefore continued to let Mary live with her grandparents until he and Evelyn made preparations for Mary's residence with them (having the guardianship come by pleasant surprise, they had nowhere to put Mary considering that their sons shared a room together, and Evelyn viewed it as unseemly for a young girl to share a room with three energetic boys).

        As the years continued to pass, Mary soon recovered from her grief and began to spend the majority of her time with her nose stuck in a book, moving forward with the lessons her Grandmother Burdon taught her (for quite a while, Mary had grown careless with her studies and vexed her grandmother by ignoring the lessons taught to her), and learning how to ride a horse by her Uncle Ronnie. Though her Grandmother Burdon had cringed at such an activity being taught to her granddaughter (what if she fell from the horse that resulted in a severe concussion; she had already lost a son, she did not need to lose a grandchild!), but came around to the idea once she learned that Ronnie was only teaching his niece how to ride at a respectable pace as well as being taught sidesaddle. However, that was only for his mother's peace of mind, and Ronnie taught Mary everything from horseback to training her horse to gallop at full speed. Mary enjoyed those moments with her uncle immensely as she rather enjoyed riding on a horse.

        In 1876, Mary received her Hogwarts admittance slip along with a Hogwarts official to inform her grandparents about their granddaughter's unique abilities. The Hogwarts official's speech did bring about a faint by Grandmother Burdon and an enraged Grandfather Burdon about how this must be some sick jest that he was not privy to. "Did my grandsons send you upon this mission as a mere jest; please do confess yourself!" Mary watched on silently as the Hogwarts official attempted to calm the irritable elderly man, but her mind was whirring with thoughts and questions, A witch? Me? Impossible! This must be Teddy's idea as a joke, it has to be! But the Ministry official's gaze plaintively informed that this was not a concoction of a joke by her cousin; it was really was true that she was a witch. Approaching her grandfather, she laid a gentle hand upon his forearm as she softly said, "Well, before we jump to conclusions, can we not just hear her out, Grandfather?" Looking from his intrigued young granddaughter to the female Hogwarts official, Thomas Burdon nodded his consent and proceeded to give his attention to the strange female before him all the while clutching his granddaughter close to him; he was not taking any chances should she be harmed on his behalf.

        Listening to the Hogwarts official's explanation, Thomas surveyed his young granddaughter and came to the conclusion that he had always known there was something unique surrounding her, and now he finally knew what made his girl so different from the rest. Though his family may not view his opinion, at least he could defend her when she is accused of being branded by the Devil, because she was not devil spawn. Mary was his blossoming granddaughter, and if she so desired to, he shall allow her to take leave for this school even if his wife, youngest son, his wife, or even his grandsons should argue that she should not. Being that Mary only cared for the good opinion of her grandfather, she was relieved when he confessed that he viewed her no differently than before; the rest of her family, on the other hand, viewed a different opinion than Grandfather Burdon.

        During the year and a half before Mary was to enter Hogwarts for her first year, she realized that she was treated differently by her grandmother, uncle, aunt, and three cousins. Though they swore an oath that they would keep Mary's uniqueness a secret, they made no secret of their evident dislike of the situation. Grandmother Burdon was convinced that it was her fault for Mary's "disgraceful condition" as she had failed to instill enough piousness and prayer into her granddaughter's lessons; Uncle Ronnie could not truly grasp the fact that his niece was abnormal from other young girls, and often intently scrutinized her, much to her dislike; Aunt Evie was convinced that her niece shall spread her "disease" to her child, and promptly removes her sons from Mary's sight whenever she is near, and her three cousins had no set opinion other than the fact that she was "a freak of nature". Thus, Mary spent the majority of her time in solitude, alienating herself and focusing upon the books she had purchased for her first year; so by the time Mary began her first year in September, she knew her textbooks by heart.

        Finally, September 1st of 1877 approached, and despite the initial reluctance to let Mary attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Grandfather Burdon's enthusiasm stopped them from taking any action. If a retired Priest can show enthusiasm for his granddaughter's magical abilities, then perhaps they should view Mary's newfound abilities as a good omen, or was the old man just getting up in his years? Either way, it was a particularly straining farewell between Mary and her family, but once at Hogwarts she was unable to dwell upon the behavior of her family as she was suddenly anxious for her sorting. Having only read that it was a frayed, old hat that determines her sorting, Mary was slightly skeptical of whether or not to trust the hat's judgment since it was a wardrobe apparel; however, Mary could not skip her turn to the hat once her name had been called, and after shakily walking up to the stool and plotting herself down upon it, she gasped slightly when it began to whisper softly into her ear about which house would suit her most. After nearly three minutes upon the stool, the hat's voice became a tad louder before yelling, "Better be- RAVENCLAW!" Though she had been thoroughly befuddled at the time, Mary managed to will her body to move towards the table that had the most enthusiastic claps and cheers, and plopped herself down next to a random second year.

        Mary's first two years at Hogwarts consisted of nothing but schoolwork and minimal socialization. Having never been exposed to socialization with children of her own age and quite mature in the usage of her words, she tended to avoid socialization when possible because she was rather afraid to embarrass herself. As a result, her instructors become very fond of her, and Mary would be lying if she had not admitted that she rather felt more comfortable amongst the staff and adults rather than the students. She felt as if the students were scrutinizing her, criticizing her fashion sense (sweet and feminine, mind you), her overall appearance, and the way she held herself. Nonetheless, Mary was a social outcast and basically a loner for her first through third years.

        At the end of her second year, Mary decided upon Ancient Runes and Music. Of course, she had yearned to take the Arithmancy course, but she rather felt that the Ancient Runes elective would be pressuring enough and decided upon the next intriguing elective. Of course, most would not deem Music to be particularly intriguing, but Mary was quite an avid listener of music and often attempts to create music herself, but she has recently come to acknowledge the fact that her voice was her respective instrument, and though she practices upon the piano frequently, she uses her voice to create music.

        In her fourth year, however, Mary's socialization began to slightly change when she returns to Hogwarts and catches the eye of many an admiring male. Of course, she was oblivious to their gazing on appreciatively at her developing form, plush lips, melting chocolate-brown eyes, and the melodic ring of her voice. Due to her obliviousness, Mary had been astonished by all the attention she began receiving; cold glares from across the room from envious girls, most especially. She truly had no clue as to what she has done to infuriate them and the endless flattery she was receiving only befuddled her still more. Possessing no true female confidante to confess her concerns to (her grandmother still continued to view her as an oddity and her Aunt Evie was still very much convinced that her niece was contagious), Mary mentally suffered, often crying herself to sleep at night because she was so very confused.

        Mary returned to her grandparents' home (due to his wife's firm assumptions that Mary was contagious, Evie would no longer allow her niece to set foot into her house, no matter if her husband was the girl's guardian or not) at the end of her fourth year in a particularly silent stupor, alerting Grandfather Burdon that something was troubling his blossoming granddaughter. Taking her hand, he kissed it softly as he inquired in a soft tone, "What is troubling you, my Mary?" Mary took a moment to process her words before she spoke in an equally soft tone, her voice breaking slightly, "Everything! I just don't understand it!" She then proceeded to inform him of the odd behavior she found in the males at her school and of the girls whom glared at her with evident envy within their eyes, and though Grandfather Burdon could not find much amusement in his granddaughter's suffering, inwardly he was chuckling. Oh joy, let the admirations and declarations of love begin! It was upon that very day after his granddaughter's confession of when Thomas approached his wife, and implored with her to speak with Marianne just this once, "Please, Kitty! If you shall not do this for the benefit of ending of grandchild's suffering, then the least you could do is speak her to honor our son's memory." Truly, how could Mrs. Catherine Burdon refuse to speak to her granddaughter when it would honor her dear Erasmus's memory?

        It was during that humid summer of 1880 when Mrs. Catherine Burdon spoke to her unique granddaughter in nearly three years, and she would be lying to herself if she admitted that she had not realized how much she missed her conversations with Marianne. She then realized how lacking the young woman was in her socialization skills, and shame filled her being. She had been the cause of Marianne's suffering, which meant she had failed in her duties as a grandmother and failed her eldest son. During the majority of the summer, Catherine would speak to Marianne, willing the young woman to once again confide in her as she used to because she was aware that keeping emotions bottled inside was not a particularly good practice. To say the least, with her grandmother's guidance and advice, Mary was able to understand that her physically maturing appearance was the cause of the odd behavior at Hogwarts, and she had decided to follow her grandmother's advice in ignoring the unexpected attention and remain neutral towards boys as to not encourage them.

        Though Mary did not become a Prefect the Ravenclaw House, she did manage to return to school in spirits. Of course, she continued to receive endless flirtations from various males, but following her grandmother's advice, Mary was able to ignore their attempts to woo her and diligently studied for her O.W.L's. It was during the process of studying for her O.W.L's that she managed to establish a few friendships within the confines of Hogwarts's vast library. She even began attending the Quidditch games, and it was during one of those Quidditch games with Ravenclaw against another house when she became to acknowledge an increasing fancy towards one of Ravenclaw's beaters, Jesse Hatchitt. Of course, the two knew one another in passing but had never truly socialized, something she sought out to remedy but she was rather reluctant to do so as she did not want Jesse (whom was a flirt by nature) to automatically assume that she was interested in him romantically. However, if there was any such feature of Mr. Hatchitt's that she was truly captivated by, it was his blue, blue eyes. She felt as if she could gaze into them for hours, but once again, for fear of displaying any such encouragement, Mary would immediately disregard the errant thought and return back to her task at hand.

        However, her fancying of Mr. Hatchitt did not distract her from her studies, and she managed to pass her O.W.L's with little difficulty; the lowest mark she had received was an 'Acceptable' in Potions, but 'Outstandings' in her core classes (excluding Potions, of course) and electives. Thus, Mary had decided over the summer that she shall resume to take all of her core classes and Music as her elective, but would drop Ancient Runes (truly, what use would she have for it, anyhow?). Now into her sixth year, Mary continues to grow lovelier and wiser in her mentality.


      • Mary is a young lady of intellect and imagination. Though quiet and reserved, Mary is able to observe from afar and when asked upon her opinion of certain subjects, she replies with such wisdom and grace that it leaves a lasting impression upon others. Mary is a kind young woman whom is concerned for others' well-being even that person, in turn, is not particularly fond of her. She has a tendency to swoon at the thought of romance, and often can be caught in reverie of some sort or a book that concerns a romance. She is fairly disciplined in her work habits, and vows that once she has committed herself to a certain task (project, essay, etc.), she shall finish the task without complaint; this practice is most possibly the main reason why she has done as well as she has upon her O.W.L's and other exams. She is also organized and practical.

      Sample Roleplay Post:

      • Yes, it would be, Mary thought to herself after Jesse had mentioned that having her spend her summer in Hogsmeade seemed pleasant to him, ignoring his brazenness entirely (she knew that it would be useless to correct him, anyhow - especially since he was only be honest). It certainly would be nice if she were allowed to reside with the Beauregards that summer. Considering that her family were muggleborns, she had always been expected to return home for the summer and Christmas holidays, but she had always been quite curious about the ongoing events that had occurred during those aforementioned holidays. She was aware that there was a summer-long festival with plenty of entertainment during the summer months, and she had been quite hoping to attend the festival one day, but she supposed that the Quidditch World Cup would be just as intriguing as the festival. Mary had never been particularly interested in the magical sport, but Jesse was, and she supposed that his enthusiasm was beginning to rub off on her - she was actually quite excited at the prospect of attending one of the games should she, indeed, stay in Hogsmeade that summer.

        Also, other than the fact that she would be attending events that she wouldn't have normally been to, she would also be seeing much more of Jesse. Of course, she has seen enough of him during the school year considering that they were both in the same house and were only a year apart, but she has only ever socialized with him during the school term and never outside of school unless one counted the Hogsmeade weekends. She was quite curious about his home life. Jesse had once informed her that he had a rather large family with loving and supportive parents and many siblings, and despite the fact that she quite adored her own family (some of them, at least), she could not help but yearn for that kind of normal family life. Of course, her grandparents and her uncle and her cousins were all perfectly cordial towards her, but this did not change the fact that Mary rather yearned for her parents and perhaps even had a younger sibling of her own. However, rather than dwell upon such thoughts as she often did, Mary decided that perhaps it was best that she leave thoughts of how what could have been for another day. She just simply wanted to enjoy Jesse's company without any sadness present.

        "Well, that is certainly an advantageous connection for you - especially if you are considering professional Quidditch," Mary politely commented after Jesse had mentioned that his cousin was working for the gentleman that sponsored Puddlemere United. Though she would never mention it for fear that Jesse would believe that she was being too interfering, she was rather hoping that he would choose to become a professional Quidditch player for a few years. Not only did she believe that he would benefit much better from professional Quidditch, but she also did believe that Quidditch was a part of him, and she never wanted him to lose that precious part of him that had so captured her attention in the first place.

        Turning her body to face him, her eyes making contact with his, she genuinely stated, "I'm certain that whichever career path you choose to follow, you will choose it because you believe that you would enjoy committing to it as well as believing it to be best suited to you." Whipping her chocolate-brown eyes away from the blueness of his own lest she should find herself awkwardly gawking (his eyes were truly a beautiful shade of blue), Mary vaguely gestured to the Hospital booth and inquired, "Shall we?"

    Out of Character
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    Age: 16

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