Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Woodrow Turner
    In Character
    Full Name: Woodrow Luther Turner

    Nicknames: His mother called him Woody as a child, but he has made sure that the embarrassing nickname was buried along with her.

    Birthdate: July 13, 1842

    Current Age: 40

    Occupation: Floo Network Authority Head of Office

    Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

    Wand: Ash, 12 3/4", Swishy, Griffin Feather

    Blood Status: Halfblood

    Social Class: Middle


    Luther Crawford Turner | Father | Pureblood Father ù Muggleborn Mother = Halfblood | Deceased (1861 at the age of 51)

    Passed from tuberculosis.

    Magnolia Jefferson Turner nÚe Woodrow | Mother | Pureblood Father ù Pureblood Mother = Pureblood | Deceased (1863 at the age of 50)

    Passed from pneomnia.

    Clark Woodrow Turner | Brother | Halfblood | Deceased (1839 at the age of 3)

    Passed from a fever.

    Douglas Woodrow Turner | Brother | Halfblood | Deceased (1840 at the age of 1)

    Passed from being trampled by a carriage.

    Fenton Woodrow Turner | Brother | Halfblood | Born in 1842 ù Currently 39

    Recently engaged.

    Luther Crawford Turner II | Brother | Halfblood | Born in 1845 ù Currently 36

    Very happily living a bachelor lifestyle, may or may not be bisexual.

    Hope Magnolia Turner | Sister | Halfblood & Squib | Born in 1850 ù Currently 32

    Born deaf and partially blind in one eye. Currently lives with a distant relative in London, though Woodrow hopes to move her to Hogsmeade to be near to the other siblings.

    *Denotes available for play

    Vivian Rebecca Turner nÚe Beaufort | Wife | Muggleborn | Born in 1846 ù Deceased (March 2, 1883)

    Benjamin Luther Turner | Son | Halfblood | Born in 1870 ù Currently 11

    Polly Lee | Maid and Ex-Mistress | Halfblood | Born in 1829 ù Currently 29

    Benji Lee | Bastard Son | Halfblood | Born in 1871 ù Currently 11
    Appearance: Standing at a tall 6' 1/2", Woodrow has always been the tallest of his siblings. He has dark hair that he keeps pushed back, warm brown eyes with a hint of green around the outside and a slightly olive complexion. He often dresses in a suit appropriate of his status with his wand kept in his (custom) left breast pocket in order to easily access it with his right hand.

    History: While born the third child of his parents' union, he is the oldest to have survived childhood. After the first son, Clark, passed away, his mother gave her maiden name of 'Woodrow' again as a middle name to the next son, Douglas. However, Douglas passed away just after his first birthday from a combination of a rampant horse drawn carriage and an inexperienced nanny. By the time the third boy came along, Mrs. Turner was so determined to have a child carry on her maiden name (as she was very proud of it, being a pureblood) that she gave it to the babe as his first name, with his father's name being his second and last. Her husband allowed it, as he was so stricken with grief from losing the first two that he doubted the third would last very long.

    He was wrong however, as Woodrow was born healthy and happy and did make it through a very happy childhood, later accompanied by two younger brothers and a younger sister. He was quite a bit older than his surviving siblings, though the three boys managed to find a way to play games together with Woodrow being the one of authority, while Hope was generally left to herself. It wasn't known until she was about three that she truly was deaf - originally, they had thought that she was dumb. The boys had made up their own sign language as a game in order to communicate with each other without the adults being aware; it came as a happy surprise when Hope began to use it to her advantage and was finally able to communicate with her family.

    Woodrow demonstrated magic from an early age and so it was not a big surprise when an owl appeared with his invitation letter to Hogwarts on his eleventh birthday. He was shipped off with much excitement a month and a half later with a great horned owl named Basil in tow. Within a mere seconds of the hat brushing the very top of his head, he was sorted into Gryffindor where he very happily spent the next seven years.

    Both of his brothers attended Hogwarts, though they were so far apart in years and Woodrow had made his own friends that they didn't spend much time together (aside from when they were home during the holidays.)

    Upon his completion of Hogwarts, he acquired a job at the Ministry's Headquarters in London. He started off as an employee in the Floor Network Authority and further down the road (i.e. many years later), was given more and more responsibilities. Around this time Hope's eleventh birthday came and went with no Hogwarts letter in sight. Their father disappointingly pronounced her a squib after all and sent her away to live with distant relatives where she would be better attended by nurses and doctors who boasted of their skills with educating deaf girls. It was there that they also learned of her partial blindness.

    At the age of 19, his father passed away, leaving the estate and all of his belongings to Woodrow. The boy continued to live there and allowed his brothers to live there, though when he told his mother of his plans to bring Hope back home, she insisted that she stay there claiming that, "They understand her better there." He did as she wished, though begrudgingly. At this point, he felt that it was time to begin looking for a wife. His mother assisted him in pressuring him to marry a young girl, just out of school. When he was twenty, his mother found a pretty upper class girl through correspondence of a dear friend that she thought would be a suitable wife. Granted, she was of the more wealthy society, but the woman had heard that she was a muggleborn and her father wanted her married off to be rid of her. Her dowry was also a rather nice incentive.

    With some skillful arranging, the two were introduced. Woodrow thought her a nice and pretty young lady and was pleased when she allowed him to court her. After a short engagement, the two were wed. Only a year later, his mother passed away from a bad case of pneumonia.

    There were more miscarriages than Woodrow wanted to keep track of. Each seemed to take a bit of sanity away from Vivian and each left Woodrow doubting that he would ever have a child of his own. With these doubts along with the loneliness he felt at no longer having a companion in her right mind, he found himself turning toward the fresh and pretty eighteen year old maid, Polly. He managed to impregnate her only months into his wife's first successful pregnancy.

    His first son was born and named Benjamin Luther. The first few months were a struggle and by the time his son by Polly was born, he wasn't quite sure the boy would make it to his first birthday. In a rather dark place, he noticed how similar in appearance the two boys were. With some convincing, he had Polly also name her son Benjamin Luther. Should his legitimate son die, as Woodrow was certain he would, he had a replacement who would then be claimed as he and Vivian's. She was not quite right in the head and he doubted that she would even be aware of the switch. This however, did not happen and both boys were healthy to Woodrow's happiness.

    When the Head of Office retired, Woodrow was given the position. He had many years of experience, including surviving several mishaps and broken networks of which he's acquired several scars, though has managed to avoid any serious injuries. He is also forced to defend Polly and Benji repeatedly as Vivian has figured out the truth of the boy's parentage.

    Not long after the village of Hogsmeade is created, he is offered the same position but with a promise of a raise if he were to take it. Take it he did, bringing along with him Polly and Benji much to his wife's disgust. Woodrow leaves the home in the city to his brother Fenton and purchases a new home for his family in Bartonburg. While he no longer has a relationship with Polly and hasn't for years, he can't find it in himself to complete dissuade her allusions of his affection for her. He does however, want to keep Benji close as he loves the boy and it would pain him to send him away. He also can't even think of turning her out on the streets after all of the time that she has spent with them. It is an awkward balance that he has struck, though he isn't willing to tip it in either direction.

    Recently, the boys have received their Hogwarts letters. Woodrow is cherishing the last few months he has with them over the summer before he must send them off to the school - and be left with the women alone. His mind has begun to wander and he has recently decided (without informing his wife) that he wants to bring his sister to Hogsmeade to live in their guest bedroom. It was time that she were with her real family (and perhaps to act as an unwilling buffer between Vivian and Polly.)

    Personality: Stern but affectionate, chivalrous, confident, loyal, once playful but now usually very serious and rarely smiles - and only does so in the company of his sons.

    Sample Roleplay Post: They're everywhere.
    Out of Character
    Name: Lola

    Age: 22

    Contact: PM or AIM at mysingalong.

    Other Characters: Violet Ollivander, Declan Wood, Elsbeth Gisella & Grady Hurst

    How did you hear about us?: :3
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