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Hey Sister, Missing Hogwarts Yet?
June 13, 1889
Dear Melly,
How has summer been for you so far? It feels weird being outside of Hogwarts. Some of my friends mentioned that Witch Weekly said that Hogwarts might only allow learning from books. Is that true? Do they even tell you if it is, or do only the heads of house and their bosses know?

If that's true, I hope they don't ban quidditch. What an awful thought. Especially since I just became captain. How would anyone learn potions anyway? Or wand movements, really, if you think about it.

Summer has been nice so far, though a bit dull. Still wondering what I want to do with my life. Next year will be my last year. How weird is that? Being an adult and all. It's hard to imagine.

Your Brother,

@Carmelina Cramming/@Elias Grimstone

Lady made Magic

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