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Rosie Binns
Full Name: Rosie Binns née Mills
Nicknames: Most people can feel free to call her Rosie... unless her husband or parents are around. Than only gal-pals.
Birthdate: May 15, 1852
Current Age: 36
Occupation: Wife of Hugo Binns
Reputation: 8
Respectable and coming from a respectable family, her only known negative light is that her husband is ambitious enough to aim for working up to one day be of an upper class. She does not share his ambition. It might also be seen as odd that her husband is only two years older than she is.
Residence: Hogsmeade
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Wand: Walnut, 9", slightly rigid, silky hair
Blood Status: Halfblood
Social Class: Middle Class
Husband: Hugo Binns (1850)
Son: Albin Binns (1872)
Daughter: Isolda Binns (1874)
Daughter: Emma Binns (1876)

Father: Jacob Mills (1825)
Mother: Regina Mills (1832)
Brother: Henry Mills (1856)

Father-in-Law: Meriwether Binns (1828)
Mother-in-Law: Agnes Binns (1832)
Brother-in-Law: Zachariah Binns (1854)
Sister-in-Law: Juliana Binns (1862)

You know that canon family? Yeah, no relation.
Eyes: Grey

Hair: Blonde

Height: 5'1"

Clothing: Prefers the average clothing for those of her status

Dominant Hand: Right

PB ~ Yvonne Strahovski

1852: Born to Mr. and Mrs. Mills, she is the first child of the couple.

1856: A son is born and named Henry.

1857: Rosie is introduced to Regina's friend's child, Hugo. They are constantly paired as playmates as their mothers chat. Rosie finds Hugo to be too wild.

1861: The constant companion is off to Hogwarts, and Rosie is relieved to no longer have to be constantly sent off to play with him. She does, however, find his younger brother to be a nice companion. Insisting that she continue to be taken with her mother to the Binns home when her mother visits her friend, she finds Zachariah to be a more preferable companion.

1863: Off to Hogwarts, she is sorted into Slytherin. Now considered more of a young lady than a child, time with the Binns boys is far less common when summer comes around.

1867-1868: Rosie becomes Slytherin prefect. Her family is delighted by the news. Her OWLs scores are also brilliant.

1869-1870: First Head Girl, than impressive NEWTs scores. Rain falls on her parade when she is informed by her parents that she is not permitted to go looking for a job. While it was never encouraged to begin with, her ambition had given her hope.

1871: After an unsuccessful season - more on Rosie's bitterness towards her parents, and therefor reluctance to really try at finding a husband - her parents decide to arrange a marriage between Hugo and Rosie. While Rosie is not a fan of the idea, her parents make it clear that her opinion doesn't matter and that she is to act as though she is happy about it. The pair are married by early-summer.

1872: Their first child, a son, is born and named Albin. Hugo insists that Rosie start trying to make some richer friends. Establish herself more with the Upper Class wives of society. She reluctantly obeys. Perhaps some new friends wouldn't be too bad.

1874: A daughter is born and named Isolda. Rosie adores her children, and tries her best to act as the happy wife for their sake.

1876: Another daughter is born and named Emma.

1882: Little Emma seems to insist more and more upon having visits with her uncle at the shop. Their love for books and similarities in personality leave them to have constant conversations. Rosie typically escorts her daughter on these visits. It takes a few visits for Rosie to realize that she has feelings for Zachariah. But she also knows that she could never act on said feelings. The nanny becomes the main person to take Emma to visit Zachariah.

1883: Albin goes off to Hogwarts. Sorted into Gryffindor, Rosie is not surprised. Though she is a bit disappointed.

1884: Rosie becomes ill from the laughing plague. Luckily she survives.

1885: Now Isolda is off to Hogwarts.

1887: Emma is off to Hogwarts. The house is far more quite.
Amortentia: She doesn't care to remember, and tries as much as possible to avoid the stuff

Patronus: Has never cast one

Boggart: Herself, dressed in very fancy clothing with a lost look in her eyes

Star Sign: Taurus

Hobbies: Knitting, reading, and playing the harp

Pets: An owl named William
Name: Kelly
Age: 20
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