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Petra Sleptova vs. Konstantin Fisk
February 2nd, 1889 - Howlers Stadium

Eugene was nothing if not amused by now. He was looking over his shoulder for Maeve though. This next round was an interesting pair, though Eugene was wise enough not to say anything other than the make sure everybody understood the rules and then motioned for Miss Sleptova to begin.

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Her delight at having won her first duel was short lived. It had died an abrupt death the moment she realized her next opponent was not only much older, but also a member of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. If anyone in that department was magically average in that department, it would probably be the secretary but unless she was very much mistaken, Mr. Fisk was not a secretary.

At least she couldn't be embarrassed if she lost this round.

Pet pointed her wand at the floor just in front of her opponent. "Expulso!" Hopefully he'd be swept clean off his feet.

@Konstantin Fisk @Elladora Black

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It seemed he was fated to duel young ladies in this tournament but, without having any ill-thought whatsoever towards her previous opponent, this one was quite a different kettle of fish. She was, to put it mildly, startlingly attractive and Konstantin needed a moment to recover his senses before he cast a knock-back jinx to throw her off kilter.

@Elsie Beauregard
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Though he hadn't any idea how this was going to go, he knew next to nothing about Miss Sleptova and more than he probably wanted to about Fisk. As such was the way of the ministry, he supposed.

"Mr. Fisk takes the round." Though just barely, which caused Eugene to snicker a little "You may begin the next." He added as he motioned to his co-worker.

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@Petra Sleptova - 6 | @Konstantin Fisk - 7

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Oh Merlin, had he hurt her? She didn't seem injured but he would have hated to be the cause, even if it was quite justified in the context of the match. He didn't particularly object to ladies duelling but he certainly felt more hesitancy than he might have done were he not looking upon the face of an angel.

Twisting his wand he attempted something a little trickier, attempting to transfigure her into an ice statue.

@Petra Sleptova @Ursula Black

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Pet was dismayed but not wholly surprised to have lost the first round, what surprised her more was what she thought was the concern she thought she sensed from her opponent. Did that mean he was holding back? That would be embarrassing if he was and she lost to him. If he was holding back though, she might still be in with a chance. Hoping to best him with speed if nothing else, she attempted to quickly disarm him (expelliarmus) before his spell could see her safely out of the tournament.

@Elsie Beauregard @Eugene Scamander

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Eugene had to give Fisk points for creativity. Miss Sleptova made a pretty ice sculpture.

After he righted the lady, Eugene announced, "Mr. Fisk is the winner, well played." So much for that one, quick and easy!

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@Petra Sleptova - 3 | @Konstantin Fisk - 5

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