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Thomas Montgomery vs. Beatrix Borgin
February 9th, 1889 — Hogwarts Great Hall

“Mr. Montgomery to start!” Nikolai informed the pair, the rules having been reviewed.

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@Thomas Montgomery/@Billie Farrow

set by soph!
Thomas started with the bat bogey hex. It amused him to no end and was the first spell that came to his mind.

@Beatrix Borgin

[Image: x8BBCc.png]
By the awesome MJ <3
Inclining her head the absolute bare minimum - really it was more of a eye-roll hidden by a nod - Trixie sent an immobulus as soon as she was able.

@Nikolai Sleptov @Aldous Crouch

[Image: bylal6.jpg]
Lady made me gratuitously sexy
Miss Borgin deftly immobilized her competition before he could finish his spell, earning her the first point. Nik directed her to begin the second pass.

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@Elladora Black

set by soph!
Pleased with herself Trixie send a full body bind.

@Thomas Montgomery @Billie Farrow

[Image: bylal6.jpg]
Lady made me gratuitously sexy
With a frown, Thomas responded with a simple shield spell.

@Nikolai Sleptov

[Image: x8BBCc.png]
By the awesome MJ <3
Nik watched as young Montgomery proved too slow. Releasing the fourth year from his magical bonds, the professor declared Miss Borgin the duel's winner.


set by soph!

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