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Pumpkin Whitledge vs. James Baird
9th February, 1889 — Great Hall
It had been far too long since she'd had the chance to oversee a student duel and Connie was as excited for them as she was regretting every twist of fate that had led to her drawing Professor Darrow in the staff competition tomorrow. She went over the rules, though she doubted students studying their NEWTs really needed a reminder. 

"Miss Whitledge, please begin."

@Pumpkin Whitledge 
@James Baird

[Image: Connie_SIG_by_MJ.png]
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Pumpkin was happy to be the first one to start. It was great. She started off with a basic jelly-leg jinx.
@Roberto Devine
The girl with the silly name as all Whitledges seemed to have was a damn hottie. Woah. He did his best to protect himself with a shield spell, all the same.

@Elladora Black / @Constance Sykes
Please tag Roberto

The hormones very nearly made her roll her eyes but Connie was nothing if not used to concealing her feelings. It was just as well because the urge to laugh very nearly took her when Miss Whitledge's jinx broke through Mr Baird's shield and the young man wobbled on the spot for a moment before Connie removed the spell.

"Miss Whitledge takes the first round. Mr Baird, if you would begin the next."

Pumpkin: 11
James: 9

@Pumpkin Whitledge @Chrysanta Ruskin
@James Baird @Roberto Devine

[Image: Connie_SIG_by_MJ.png]
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Not much fussed about having lost the first round, he decided to go with a stunning spell next. "Stupefy."

@Pumpkin Whitledge @Chrysanta Ruskin
Please only tag Roberto

Pumpkin decided to try an use a shield charm instead of trying to do both offensive and defensive at the same time.
It was a close run thing but the young man's spell was absorbed adequately by the girl's shield. Connie called for Miss Whitledge to begin the deciding round.

Pumpkin: 14
James: 13

@Pumpkin Whitledge

[Image: Connie_SIG_by_MJ.png]
magnificent set by MJ
For the final round, Pumpkin decided to use Aguamenti on Mr. Baird

@Roberto Devine

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