Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    01.11 I've got a bit of a reputation...
    01.06 AC underway, and a puzzle to solve!
    01.01 Happy new year! Have some announcements of varying importance.
    12.31 Enter the Winter Labyrinth if you dare!
    12.23 Professional Quidditch things...
    12.21 New stamp!
    12.20 Concerning immortality
    12.16 A heads up that the Secret Swap deadline is fast approaching!
    12.14 Introducing our new Minister of Magic!
    12.13 On the first day of Charming, Kayte gave to me...
    12.11 Some quick reminders!
    12.08 Another peek at what's to come...
    12.05 It's election day! OOC, at least.
    12.04 We have our PW winners for November!
    12.02 New Skins! In less exciting news, the AC is underway.
    11.27 AC Saturday and election next week!
    11.21 A glimpse at post-move changes.
    11.13 This news is not at all big. Do not bother with it.
    Secret Swap Gifts 2K17
    Happy Holidays Everybody![Image: tumblr_oirlfr9HBv1v1p15bo1_500.gif]

    Without further ado, this year's Secret Swap Gifts!

    To Soph, From Kayte

    Sophia, my love, my angel! I have no graphical talent and minimal creative talent, so I hope these coupons will suffice in lieu of the masterpiece you deserve. Threw in some mail for Ellory for good measure ;)  

    Merry Christmas <333

    [Image: ZW9OlrN.png]
    [Image: MG0NSNU.png]
    [Image: 7JRMFlj.png]
    [Image: IdIGE42.png]
    [Image: SWgi9tl.png]

    January 4th, 1888
    Miss Ellory Pendergast,

    This is a note to inform you that your request to access advanced materials has been processed and granted in limited capacity. Please keep this letter on your person for access to the transfiguration wing on floor five between the hours of noon and three o’clock in the afternoon, on odd-numbered days. The last day for access will be February 29th, at which point this letter will spontaneously combust.

    A. A. Fogg

    Head, Department of Magical Education

    To Fallin, From Lynn

    Merry Christmas Fallin! I made you a set with a matching post template; if you're not into templates then feel free to ignore that last part and no hard feelings. ^^ I can also make changes to any of them if you want, just let me know!


    <center><img src=""></center>

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer tempor elit non ultricies iaculis. Nunc maximus, risus vitae blandit convallis, est massa aliquam quam, et elementum ex dolor vel nibh. Aenean porttitor hendrerit enim sed egestas. Mauris nulla purus, mollis quis sollicitudin id, pharetra nec augue. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Donec pharetra, est nec rutrum varius, sem sem commodo orci, in placerat ante felis in ante.

    "Maecenas aliquet sed lacus id mattis," Maecenas faucibus urna et mauris volutpat, eget scelerisque velit convallis. Vivamus at luctus eros. Quisque nec lectus sit amet ex lacinia volutpat. "Sed vitae ligula magna," Phasellus sit amet quam eget arcu congue lacinia eu in diam. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Fusce quis mollis mauris, ac ornare magna. Proin sed porttitor nisl. Quisque eget laoreet nisl.

    Date | Notes | Tag

    <div style="background-image:url(''); background-repeat:no-repeat; background-position:top; border-radius:150px 0px 0px 50px; border-right:10px double #4b4b49; width:500px;"><div style="background:linear-gradient(transparent, #dfe0de 190px); border-radius:150px 0px 0px 50px; padding:80px 10px 10px 20px; text-align:justify;"><div style="height:340px; width:168px; float:right; position:relative; top:-70px; right:-10px; opacity:0.8;"><img src=""></div>

    Post Here!

    <font style="color: #1a5276; font-weight:bold;">Dialogue Here!</font>

    <div style="color: #4b4b49; font-weight:bold; text-align:center; font-variant:small-caps;">Date | Notes | Tag</div></div></div>

    To Tiff, from Dante

    Hey Tiff! I am not as much of a magical graphical wizard as you are but I hope you enjoy your mode boards <3 Have a lovely and magical Christmas!  I hope your new year is blessed and your muses are bountiful!

    Lots of Love Dante

    [Image: whA5fUS.png][Image: GMBJhZa.png][Image: xFU7chT.png]
    [Image: DeWT9WL.png][Image: vjfpUgd.png][Image: 4LVydKt.png]
    [Image: C4sVVzb.png][Image: dFAIoVO.png][Image: 1dfcQsH.png]

    [Image: ENMkT2M.png][Image: bFtescn.png][Image: DPU6T0D.png]
    [Image: iL1MOf9.png][Image: MyZyyGS.png][Image: URsGudC.png]
    [Image: dPgl5VO.png][Image: DZVZxXU.png][Image: c7vFZ8t.png]

    To Stef, from MJ

    Stef! Happy holidays, hope you have a great one <3 I made you a set and a little extra thing for fun... I have all the .psds so can very easily make changes to any of the text or anything else, lmk!

    [Image: ofB038.png]

    [Image: ofBN1O.png]

    [Image: ofBHSN.png]

    To Dante, from Hawke

    Dante! I hope you have (are having) an AMAZING holiday season! I tried my hand at graphic-ing again and came up with this lovely little set. Merry Christmas!
    [Image: okD4nq.png]
    [Image: okD1a8.png]

    To Bree, from Nolan

    [Image: oJRBl8.png]
    [Image: oJRbMq.png]
    Hey Bree! I hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

    To MJ, from Beanie

    HI MJ!! I was so excited to get you for SS this year. You're a lovely person and a lovely friend, and you're always the best to chat with. NEVER MIND what a talented writer you are.

    Anyways: I love you lots. I hope you have the best year!

    Your gift is a SPOTIFY PLAYLIST that is ostensibly JK because I am trash.  

    1. Shake the Sheets - Ted Leo & the Pharmacists
    And she said, "Roll out and make your mark. Pull on your boots and march.
    2. Revolution Radio - Green Day
    we are: revolution radio, operation no control
    3. Feel It Still - Portugal the Man
    we could fight a war for peace now // (ooh, I'm a rebel just for kicks now)
    4. Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley
    and I've seen your flag on the marble arch // and love is not a victory march
    5. Recovery - Frank Turner
    it's a long road out to recovery from here // a long way back to the light
    6. Miracle Mile - Cold War Kids
    get outside, get out over the world // a little love, what you can return
    7. Stardust - New Politics
    hold me close, let me go // i said that faith is all i know
    8. Hurricane - Panic! at the Disco
    drop our anchors in a storm, hey // they will never be the same
    9. Past Lives - Borns
    past lives couldn't ever hold me down
    10. Dear Mr. President - P!nk
    dear mr. president / you'll never take a walk with me
    11. Something to Believe In - Young the Giant
    i'll give you something to believe in // burn up a basement full of demons
    12. Glory - Bastille
    not everything had gone to plan // but we made the best of what we had, you know?
    13. Fluorescent Adolescent - Arctic Monkeys
    remember when the boys were all electric?
    14. Saint With a Fever - Patrick Park
    saint with a fever // you timid only son
    15. I Wanna Get Better - Bleachers
    calling my name and I follow just to find you

    To Olive, from Lynn

    Happy GenericHolidayGreeting, Olive!

    I have the .psds saved so holler if you want me to change anything, or if you have some better sig lyrics for him!

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    To Hawke, from Miri

    Dear Hawke,
    Merry Christmas! I know we’ve never interacted much or plotted very often, but I want you to know that I’ve always thought that you were a great person and a talented writer, and it’s been wonderful to know you all these years! <3

    My experience with graphics is fairly limited, but I hope that you’ll still enjoy this aesthetic board I made for Emmeline! I was just going off prior knowledge and posts I’ve read when I made it, but I would totally be willing to remake you a new one if you’re not satisfied! :)

    Additionally, I offer the gift of creating one of your wanteds in the new year! I’m not in a position to make new characters anytime soon, but definitely get at me on the new board. ;-)

    I hope you have a lovely holiday, and an equally fabulous New Year!


    [Image: ODbmHgx.jpg]

    To Kayte, from Lady

    A happiest of holidays and new year, dear one! Because I need more of a push to get back on Charming, please ALSO use this as 1 pass to get another additional set from me! Per my offered set guidelines, I'll get it to you as soon as I can, and you're first in line regardless of how many requests I have in my shop!

    <3 Lady

    [Image: JDOxjMw.jpg]

    [Image: JoBEX1D.jpg]

    To Lady, from Bree

    Merry Christmas! I hope your holidays are wonderful and the New Year brings happiness, prosperity, and good vibes!

    including ~options ~
    [Image: oPoxWY.jpg]

    [Image: oPoblA.jpg]


    [Image: oPoomf.jpg]

    [Image: oPovzp.jpg]

    To Lynn, from Emma

    [Image: oPb7w8.png]
    [Image: oPbzum.png]

    To Nolan, From Fallin

    Happy Holidays Nolan!

    Here is a short story to do as you will. Short story, new thread, ideas for a plot? Feel free to use as you'd like!


    The group of second year girls behind Sisse were anything but quiet in their studying. In fact their ‘hushed’ conversation was rather distracting to the first year who sat at a table behind their perch on one of the plush red couches. The first year was trying, trying, to focus on her magical theory text having put off the homework until much too late. Perhaps if the subject were a little less dull she wouldn’t have, but alas break was quickly approaching and she had yet to start the latest chapter in their next. This current predicament was only worsened by the fact that the girls behind her were actually working on their school work. Instead they were talking about a certain young Slytherin Chaser and giggling.

    “He’s so cute!” Clarissa admitted with a giggle. Sisse’s nose wrinkled, she’d never heard a boy described as cute - perhaps a baby one, but not one her brother’s age. What was cute about that?

    “You only think that because he’s the former minister’s son!” The red head with curls, Sisse never could remember her name, interjected.

    “No, you know it’s because he’s a chaser on the house team.” A third girl, Claire, teased from her seat on an armchair beside them.

    “Well I agree with Heather.” The fourth, (Sisse felt sure her name was Miss Bellam) added, “He is cute, no matter whose son he is or what team he’s on!”

    Claire snickered, “Sure. He’s also trouble.” She tossed her black hair over her shoulder as she gave the other two a sharp stare. “Remember how much mischief he got into last year!”

    “I don’t remember you minding when it got us out of History.” The redhead pointed out, her friend rolling her eyes at the comment.

    “Nevermind last year, did you see him smile at me today in Charms?” Clarissa pulled the conversation back to herself.

    Sisse internally sighed, it wasn’t that she was interested in their conversation that she was listening, it was simply because they weren’t exactly being quiet about the matter.

    Ever since the last quidditch match it had been Sebastian Urquart this, Sebastian Urquart that. Even though Slytherin had beat Gryffindor they still admired the second year chaser. Sisse supposed it had rather more to do with the election and news of his father stepping down that had thrust him in the spotlight than the actual game, but it seemed to matter little to the second years as they chattered on endlessly about him in the days that followed.

    “Yes Miss Thompsett? Did you have something to add?” The red head and turned to give Sisse a pointed look and the first year could feel her cheeks growing warm. No. She had absolutely nothing to say in this conversation.

    No.” She murmured quietly as the red head raised her eyebrows and the other three laughed.

    “Oh come on, surely you must agree with Heather and I.” Clarissa coaxed Sisse. Sisse just wanted to bolt. Where were the rest of the first years? Surely someone could interrupt this.

    She shrugged and the girls laughed. “Of course not, you’re too young to think of such things.” Clarissa added before they returned to their conversation, Sisse having been put in her place. Her cheeks burned red as her eyes remained glued to the page before her and the tittering of the girls behind her continued. She hated being considered so young, they were only a year a head of her, but she supposed they were right. She didn’t really know why a boy would be considered cute and it was impolite to eavesdrop even in the girls were being so loud.

    Behind her they had resumed their talking. Continuing on about Sebastian Urquart this and that. Sisse really did try to focus on her work in front of her, keeping her eyes glued to the page before her even when the second years voices quieted and a flurry of hushed whispers took its place. It wasn’t her fault that she heard the words, Christmas, maybe[/b], [i]should we?. It was her fault that she did not simply pack up her books and head to her dormroom.

    “Miss Thompsett?” This time it was Clarissa who had returned the conversation. Sisse looked up to see the four girls gazes’ settled on her.

    Yes?” Sisse directed her attention at Clarissa apprehensively, it was like when Matthew suddenly decided he wanted something from her.

    “Since you really have nothing to make you nervous, could you deliver our Christmas cards to Mr. Urquart?” Clarissa asked sweetly, holding out a stack of homemade Christmas cards for Sisse. Sisse’s cheeks felt warm.

    “I mean, after all you’re too young to be nervous around him.” The redhead put in, not entirely friendly.

    But she wasn’t acquainted with the second year chaser that alone seemed impolite to deliver cards of girls who clearly did seem to think a boy could be cute.

    “Samantha!” Heather hissed, clearly sensing Sisse’s hesitations. She turned to the second year, “Please? We’d be too worried to give them to him.”

    “He’s just another boy, just like your brother.” Clarissa put in, their eyes imploring Sisse. Sisse wanted to ask if he was just like her brother then why didn’t the girls just give him their cards, but it would be impolite to do so. Besides, he was just another boy, surely there was nothing to worry about.

    Sisse nodded in agreement and the girls squealed. “Oh thank you!” “Thank you!” They gushed putting their cards in Sisse’s hands before she could rethink their plan.


    And so it was that the evening before they returned home for break Sisse sought out the second year Slytherin chaser. Sisse hadn’t wanted to give him the cards before class and then have Sebastian notice her or the other girls during classes that day and she hadn’t wanted to wait until breakfast the next morning in case she missed him. It would be terribly rude to agree to do something and then to neglect to do so.

    She sat in a group of Gryffindor first years, laughing at a joke Sloane had made when she spotted Sebastian standing up from the Slytherin table. It was time to go. Sisse grabbed her school bag, the cards tucked safely inside, and stood up with a smile at Maddy who looked at her questioningly. “I’ll be right back.” She assured her friends and then made her way down the length of the table, hoping she was moving at a respectable and graceful pace. It wouldn’t do good to appear as eager as the second years would have.

    Mr. Urquart? Excuse me.” Sisse caught up to Sebastian as he left the Great Hall. He turned to her and she smiled - after all she loved to meet new people and she was a Gryffindor. She wasn’t afraid of doing something nice for people she knew, right? Fighting down the nerves she held out the bundle of Christmas cards for him to take. She had tied the bundle with a red ribbon and had even made him a card - after all she had felt it would be wrong to deliver him Christmas cards and neglect to include one of her own. “Some of the girls wanted me to deliver these to you.” She admitted truthfully. “Merry Christmas!” She piped cheerfully as he took the cards, turning on her heel and starting to head back into the hall to her own friends. [/i]

    To Beanie, from Alex

    Merry Christmas! I hope you like your set and have a great holiday <3

    [Image: oP240A.png]
    [Image: oLBmnP.png]


    To Lauren, from Stefanie

    Happy Holidays Lauren!!! I was super busy this season so I was only able to make one set before the deadline, but I'd love for you to PM with some ideas for that Elladora set you mentioned her so desperately needing. :) For the set I made you I was trying something new so the sig and table are actually both gifs! Its just some small subtle snow falling but if you'd rather them not be gifs don't be afraid to pm me! Also pm me if you'd like some text added as I just left it blank for now. <3

    [Image: qvEMBoB.png]
    [Image: 3zN3JZt.gif]

    Word Count: 1000 | Tag: @'Lauren!'

    Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here.

    <center><div style='width:500px;border:none;background-image:url("");background-position:top;background-repeat:no-repeat;padding-top:200px;  padding-bottom: 5px; background-color:#fbfbff;'>
    <div style='text-align:justify;margin:45px;font-family:georgia;font-size:11px;'>
    <font color="#8b445e">
    <center><b>Word Count:</b> 1000 | <b>Tag:</b> @'Lauren!'</center>
    Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here. Words Go Here.

    To Miri, from Lauren

    Mr Lovefield is coming...

    Merry Christmas Miri! <3 <3

    To Kelly, from Tiff

    My deepest apologies that you don't get a pretty coupon that says this, time caught up with me after starting my new job D:

    However! All this means is that you get me writing to you instead! So the contents of your coupon are as follows:

    1/1 Adoptable OR Plottable Character.
    3/3 Sets INCLUDING Moodboards please make sure when you redeem you fill out both forms!
    1/1 Custom character blend. Blends are not included in sets or moodboard & set combo. A number #3 if you will.
    As always, Happy Christmas and Happy New Year! Hope you enjoy and let me know if you have any questions! Happy plotting! I can't wait.

    To Alex, from Olive

    Merry Christmas, Alex!

    All of your sets are too lovely to replace so I was relieved to see Laura didn't have one. I hope you like it! If you want anything changed, I keep all of my psds so feel free to ask :3

    [Image: oTbSJn.png]

    [Image: oTbg3s.png]



    To Logan, from Bee

    Happy Holidays! I hope this is alright, I had a hard time finding pictures, but I love working with black and white images and I have the .psd saved if you'd like to add lyrics or make any changes. I hope you have a lovely holiday season and a happy new year!

    [Image: oTbtX5.png]

    [Image: oTbn3D.png]

    To Emma, From Beanie

    Hi Emma,

    Happy holidays! You're a talented writer and character-developer and I'm so glad to know you!

    [Image: oTAKUN.jpg]
    here is the direct link



    To Beanie, Lynn & Hawke, from Bee

    For offering to be my SS elves, you are entitled to 2 priority sets each, redeemable any time, to jump to the top of the list, this includes sets and moodboards or an aesthetic board!

    Thank you for all your help!
    words cannot describe this set by Stef ♥
    [Image: oTMsdz.gif]
    [Image: 2emz8zq.png]
    @Aurelia Wallingford YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE <3 Thanks so much dearest, and Merry Christmas!
    after a splinching incident in july 1884, aldous walks with a cane and pronounced limp.
    [Image: xndky8.jpg]
    set by bree
    THANKS SO MUCH ALEX I LOVE IT!!! Everything’s so pretty and great omg ;;
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Cassius Lestrange's post:
       Souri Avninder
    I just moved to a new country! [Image: mThvFq.png]
    set by MJ!

    [Image: 11shy53.gif][Image: 16204dv.gif]
    @Imogen MacFusty Oh Miri you are such a sweetheart! I love the board for Emmy, it suits perfectly! Wishing you a happy holidays and new year!
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Emmeline Woodcroft's post:
       Imogen MacFusty
    [Image: psFZTN.png]
    @Helena MacMillan - Ahhhh Lauren, I love you! I know I said it once, but I'll say it again - thank you!<3
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Imogen MacFusty's post:
       Helena MacMillan
    Scarce, but still around! <3
    Please send all alerts to @Imogen MacFusty, thank you!
    [Image: 6ipiXdu.jpg]
    signature and avatar created by the talented ladybug

    [-] The following 1 user Likes Souri Avninder's post:
       Ursula Black
    [Image: mLK8um.png]
    tag souri avninder in your replies.
    Dante! The boards are lovely! Thank you so much!

    Idk what account to tag lol
    [Image: oGpxmp.png]
    Lilypie First Birthday tickers
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Ursula Black's post:
       Ophelia Dippet
    Rune keeps spoiling me unexpectedly with graphical wonders

    Daisypath Anniversary tickers
    @Cassius Lestrange BEANS I LOVE THE PLAYLIST AND YOU <33333333 thank you so much, it's wonderful and all those songs are jams and i will be listening on repeat.

    Also 99% sure that if I'd gotten you I also would have ended up jk playlisting so THANKS FOR KNOWING THE TRASH I AM AND EXACTLY WHAT I WANT ;D

    And happy hols to everyone, love you all <3
    [-] The following 3 users Like Elias Grimstone's post:
       Cassius Lestrange, Elsie Beauregard, Ophelia Dippet
    [Image: RlYf65H.jpg]
    @Sisse Thompsett Fallin!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE GIFT! I love the story and Bash is certainly blushing right now XD We should definitely plan something at some point!!

    Hope you have a happy holiday!!
    Last year of undergrad + internship + lack of muse = a very inactive Nolan. If you need anything, please send me a PM on this account or Skype me!
    Have a character who would like a pseudonym, wouldn't like to be featured, or has no issues with being mentioned in Witch Weekly? Check out this thread!
    [Image: INGAcQ.png]

    @Cassius Lestrange mwahaha, I love it. It reminds me of those covers you see on period romantic drama films.
    [-] The following 3 users Like Clarissa Cosgrove's post:
       Cassius Lestrange, Elsie Beauregard, Ophelia Dippet
    [Image: oicvlM.png]
    omg Stef she's SO super beautiful I love it <3 <3 <3 <3
    The snow effect is perfect and the whole thing is just so gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love it!!! Also I have never ever had a template before on here so I'm really excited to get one at long last :D

    [-] The following 1 user Likes Helena MacMillan's post:
       August Lynch
    Helena SIG by Bex
    gorgeous set by Bex
    Oh em gee, everything is so amazing!

    @Clarissa Cosgrove I love the moodboard and I will absolutely cash in on my coupon >D

    @Cassius Lestrange I am also absconding with the link to Emma's gift for my sig because THIS IS LIKE GETTING A SECOND CHRISTMAS PRESENT IT'S FANTASTIC.

    @Bee ;)
    [-] The following 2 users Like Ophelia Dippet's post:
       Cassius Lestrange, Elsie Beauregard
    I already thanked you in the cbox but once wasn't enough! THANK YOU SO MUCH MJ!!! <3 Your attention to detail is amazing!
    [-] The following 1 user Likes August Lynch's post:
       Elias Grimstone
    August is currently recovering from amnesia. For the past year and seven months he's been living under the name "Peter" as a LC muggle. He is very slowly remembering bits and pieces of his old life, and thusly will probably not recall your character at all as of right now.

    Set by the amazing MJ<3

    Omg thank you so much, @Theseus Greengrass!
    I needed a set for Tessie and this one is PERF <33
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Annabelle Scrimgeour's post:
       Theseus Greengrass

    @Ophelia Dippet Lynn, this is amazing! Truly! Thank you so so much!
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Sisse Thompsett's post:
       Ophelia Dippet
    [Image: Z5k5ZI1.jpg]