Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    A Choir of Furies [Alex's Plotting]

    @Ivory Kamaria
    16 | UCPB | Betrothed | 6th Year Ravenclaw

    Friends/Classmates: Since the deaths of her parents, Ivy has been withdrawn, somber, and has a general apathy towards goings on at school. Friends for #emotionalsupport would be great. If any professors wanted to check in on her, that would be welcome as well. 

    Hurls: Her parents arranged a marriage before they died (if you would like your UCAB lad/gentleman to be the other party in this, let me know!) and she's still a student so nothing concrete for now. Crushes (mutual or otherwise) are definitely on the table. I’m flexible here. 

    @Zian Zhao
    36 | UCPB | Unattached | Chinese Liaison @ MoM

    Character's Friends/Co-workers:  Now that his sisters are married and have better things to do than harass him all the time, Zian needs friends to do things with! He also works at the Ministry so coworkers a thing as well. 

    Hurls: Zian is 36, unmarried, and without any children. He is also his parents' only son. Needless to say, there's a HUGE fuss over finding him a wife and producing heirs. Following his first wife's death in '81, he avoided anything to do with marriage like the plague, but now he's feeling pressured to settle down again. So he needs ALL THE HURLS. UCPB is what his family prefers but he's a romantic sap and wants to marry for ~love (or at least mutual affection) so class and blood aren't as much of a factor. Ladies must be in good standing, reputation wise. No racists (obvs) or purists.

    @Prudence Silvertree
    27 | UC”PB” | Widowed | High Society Lady

    Friends: UC ladies, primarily. Prue isn't concerned with blood status, but her father was an outspoken blood purist who worked at the Ministry so the family is somewhat known for that.

    Hurls: Prue avoids men like it's her job, but her stepmother is persistent in her efforts to her get her remarried. Also, she's a lesbian who is like ... not even in denial, just totally unaware that her lack of emotional/physical attraction to men isn't normal. She was told her whole life that she wouldn't be marrying for love and would be unfulfilled in her relationship with her husband, and she was, so she hasn't even considered her feelings might be due to another factor. I'm not closing off hurls from men because, realistically, she could court/marry again for the sake of her children's stability, but she's not going to ~fall in love with them. 

    SWP7: As per the family tree, Prue and her two full sisters are half-veela. Her half-siblings are 100% human and thus have nothing to worry about. Technically. People are free to have suspicions about Prue and her sisters specifically or the entire family. There are ways to secure definitive proof of her true nature, though it would be difficult. I'd be more than happy to facilitate this via plot though, if someone has a character bigoted and/or intrepid enough to do so.

    @Waffle Whitledge 
    15 | UCHB | Unattached | Gryffindor / Demon Child

    Friends: Other troublemakers or people he thinks are too interesting to torment.

    Enemies: Uh pretty much anyone he's ever met has something sideways to say about him and I'm sure there are many victims of his pranks who are still sore at him for whatever he did.

    Hurls: Too young for anything long term but, as with all my other students, crushes are possible. Anyone Waffle liked would probably have to deal with him pulling their pigtails (literal or figurative) because he can't express emotions like a normal person so yeah. 

    @Jacob Babineaux
    25 | MCPB | Unattached (?) | First String Seeker for Puddlemere

     Friends: Jacob can be a bit snobby at times, but is generally not very class conscious. Anyone with a decent reputation could be friendly with him. He's fond of drinking and revelry, so he'd gravitate to like-minded people. 

    Other Quidditch Players: Whether they're teammates or the competition, I'd like Jacob to have some Quidditch related interactions becauuuuse sports are fun. This extends to coaches/reporters/fans/whatever as well. 

    Hurls: Jacob is open to ACAB hurls and, as he's not getting any younger, his stepmother is trying to gently guide him towards properly courting someone. FYI: he does have some purist leanings, but those exist out of ignorance and not actual malice/beliefs in pureblood supremacy. Hurling with a HB/MB would come with complications re: him unlearning that mindset. Also he's bi as hell. 

    @Marceline Gillum
    36 | MCMB | Divorced | Coach for the Holyhead Harpies

    Friends: Will generally be MCAB or LCAB, non-purist, non-bigoted women. Probably eccentric/quirky types. Idk Marcie likes decent, down to earth sorts so those are the people who'd get along best with her. Former teammates (she played for the Harpies from 1869-1880) would probably be close friends. 

    Enemies/Rivals/General Animosity?: She has little patience for men, especially those who prove themselves to be less than progressive in any way. Marcie is also straightforward and honest even when it isn't the best move so it's very possible that she's rubbed quite a few people the wrong way in the past. People who judge her for her life and/or choices will be swiftly told to fuck themselves. She's a Muggleborn, so purists can kick rocks as far as she's concerned. Oh, and there are Quidditch rivalries too, both from when she was a player and now as a coach. 

    Hurls: LMAO. Someone could try. She’s open to both men and women here, but a woman would be easier to swing. 

    Tenants/Roommates: Marcie tends to collect strays (wayward women of decent rep/character) and offers them room and board for a bit of coin, help around the house, or other stuff.

    @Eleanora Brownhill 
    31 | MCHB | Married | Author/Charity Organizer

    Friends: Though Ellie isn't always the warmest, most approachable person, she's still very sociable and easy to befriend on a casual level. She put herself out there in school and would have a decent number of acquaintances/friends from that time, especially among the Gryffindors. She's a feminist and espouses a great deal of liberal causes in her personal and professional life, so good friends will share those qualities as well. In general, she'd like any lady of decent reputation with ambitions beyond being a wife and mother. 

    Work: Within the past decade, Ellie has become a well known author. She's written dozens and dozens of essays as well as three full length books. They're all well researched and provide ~brilliant social commentary. I'd like to have fans/critics of her work because she's passionate about it and would love to talk about it forever. In addition to writing, she lectures/holds talks on various topics and organizes for a number of different charities. She ALSO recently ran for minister (didn't win, got third most votes tho) and was in the paper/ hosted a ton of campaign events that people could've met her at. What I'm saying is Ellie is everywhere and it's likely your character knows her by reputation, if not personally. 

    Other: No specifics right now, but I love Ellie so give me all the ideas. All of them. 

    @Samson Jane 
    35 | MCHB | Unattached | Member of the Werewolf Capture Unit

    Friends: Sam has issues with emotional attachment due to his personal history and tends to be ~sassy. He's not the easiest to befriend right off the bat, but he tends to open up with time. One befriended, he's loyal and will be with you till the end of time. Friends are likely to be fellow Ministry workers or people from school, but friends outside of that are welcome, too. 

    Work/Werewolves: Up until fairly recently, Sam was an auror. He transferred to the Werewolf Capture Unit following his sister's death (she committed suicide after being bit by a werewolf) and had a history of losing people to werewolves even before that (specifically, his best friend/partner who's not actually dead, but he doesn't know that. It's a whole thing.). Generally, he finds the unit's management - and the management of the department as a whole - to be lacking and has been increasingly frustrated by their lack of progress in apprehending the werewolves that have been serially terrorizing Britain. He's doing his best to be a one man army and is very dedicated to his job. There are plenty of plots to be had here, so just let know if you've got any ideas!

    Hurls: Sam is an eligible bachelor looking for a wife. However, he's only doing this to make his family happy and have children as he's expected to. He's gay (not openly, of course) and while he isn't in denial or particularly conflicted about it, he thinks his obligation to his family is more important than finding what happiness he can. With women, he'd be as perfect of a gentlemen he could be and there's nothing to say that he couldn't come to care deeply for one in a platonic sense, but like. That won't change his sexuality. In terms of men, he's sort of emotionally unavailable, but has had brief relationships/flings in the past and I'd say he's open to them now. So yes. Lots of plotting that can go on here as well. 

    @Laura Darrow 
    28 | MCHB | Married | Amazing Wife / Socialite

    Friends: ALL OF THEM. Laura loves people and parties and Everything Ever. She's nosy and likes prying (in many ways, including playing matchmaker) and gossiping. Any MCAB ladies automatically have her attention. Then, if they prove to be boring/otherwise unappealing to her Laura will back off. Otherwise, Laura is There with her bright, sunny disposition.

    Frenemies: Laura isn't the type to have an out and out rivalry with someone, but there are certainly people who she doesn't like (or who don't like her) who she's "friends" with because of convenience or some other bs reason. 

    Other: Laura wants very badly to have children with her husband and they've been trying for years, but nothing has come of it. In the future, she may be desperate enough to do something drastic about it soooo I'll just put the groundwork for that out there.

    @Time Day
    13 | MCHB | Unattached | 3rd Year Slytherin

    Friends: Time already has a group of friends on board, but he could (and should!) have connections outside of that. He's pretty sickly and hates anything that involves even the most remote possibility of danger so friends would most likely be safe ~intellectuals or something lol. Other third years/Slytherins would be easiest to work out, but others are welcome, too.

    Enemies: He can be a little shit and is ambitious enough about grades to strike up academic rivalries. 

    Hurls: Too young for proper hurling, but crushes could be cute!

    @Young-Jae Choi
    24 | MCHB | Unattached | Earth Magic Professor

    Homg okay, so Jae has a lot going on to start with. As a metamorphmagus, he lives a double life (well, triple, if you consider all his current faces separately) and has ties with each. 

    Young-Jae: Hogwarts' newest Earth Magic professor. Jae is the epitome of the Cool And Hip Young Teacher, so I imagine he's got good relationships with his students. He likes making lessons fun and genuinely wants all his students to succeed, so he works hard to ensure everyone taking his class can pass with high marks. He'd be friendly with fellow staff members and students outside his classes. Beyond work, Jae's family is known for being eccentric so people might be able to recognize him because of that. He'll befriend anyone and is open for hurls of all sorts. He's very easy going and flexible. *It's important to note that he was the research assistant of a prominent scholar in Earth Magic theory before becoming a professor and his career was ended after an incident that left his leg permanently damaged. 

    Jung-Ah: The first face he 'wore' consistently. He established her identity in 1882 while abroad doing research. Jung-Ah is presented as an upper class woman who was privately educated by her insular family. She's done some traveling to connect with her roots, but is otherwise reclusive. She likes to keep an air of mystery about her and is vague when questioned about history, family, etc. She's flirtatious and enjoys the attention of well-bred gentlemen. Friends/acquaintances would be UCAB and hurls would be so so fun. Pls give them to me. FYI she looks like this

    Diana: She's his most recent creation, made in 1886 to cope with the injury that ended his first career. She's a bubbly, outgoing, and charming middle class lady who Jae uses to run errands and do all sorts of fun things with. She would definitely have friends and they could be from anywhere because neither Jae nor the Diana persona are picky. Anything else is up for discussion!! FYI she looks like this

    TL;DR: Pls let me to fun shape shifting things with Young-Jae, I beg you. 


    @Souri Avninder
    21 | LCHB | Unattached | Ravenclaw | Cook

    Friends: Souri's fairly practical and doesn't usually tolerate shenanigans, but is generally friendly. Most friends would be LCAB from Hogsmeade and the surrounding areas, but she's not restricted to that. 

    Former Classmates: Souri was a Ravenclaw from 1877-82 and I'd like to have her connect with people from that time. Most friends would be women from her house but anything's possible! 

    Hog's Head Patrons: As the cook at The Hog's Head, Souri is there from open to closing all week. When she isn't busy, she chats up the patrons to avoid boredom so anyone who frequents the place would know her. Relationships can be friendly or not! 

    Hurls: In an effort to make up for being an absent parent, Souri's dad is not so secretly trying to find her someone to marry. He's looking for LCAB gentlemen of decent standing and has a preference for Irish lads. He has not been subtle and this has caused Souri a great deal of embarrassment. Even if nothing comes of it, I would love to have some threads wherein she is made to interact with some man her father's roped into his scheme. Other than that, she's open to anything. ALSO Souri has a more than passing interest in other women and it'd be amazing to actually do something with that! Pls give her a lady to be infatuated with, even if it's one-sided.

    @Justus Pilliwickle 
    25 | LCHB | Unattached | Lawyer @ DMLE

    Friends: Justus doesn't have many friends, but the ones he does have would be liberals/leftists like himself. He's very good at talking about politics, but very bad at most other kinds of conversation and can be terribly awkward. Have pity on him and befriend him pls.

    Work: He's a lawyer for the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. I'm sure his work takes him all sorts of interesting places, but I have no set plot there yet. So. This is basically an FYI.

    Hurls: Justus has never liked anyone in a romantic sense, ever. He's capable, but his life thus far and dedication to his work have stunted anything where hurling is concerned. Still, he's at the age where he's starting to think about marriage/love in a more concrete, serious way and I'd like for him to have some prospects here. 

    @Winifred Whiteley 
    25 | LCHB | Unattached | Midwife / Lowkey Abortionist

    Friends: Winnie is a lady of ill repute due to her living situation (lives with 2 men and she's not related or married to either) and the company she keeps (some of her best friends are prostitutes) so her friends won't be like paragons of virtue. Good people with mediocre-bad reputations are the best bet for her. Also, she's tied into to the Revs so if you're a rev, you're her friend.

    Work: She's a midwife for LC women who can't afford anyone else, women who wouldn't be able to see a more reputable person, or women who want a nobody who will be discrete about things . This is not to say that she's not a good midwife (she's really good, actually!), her clientele is just limited by her rep. She's also an abortionist, something that people would know only if they heard it through those who've paid for the service. At the moment, she only provides potions for women who are early-ish in their pregnancy because they'd have the least complications and she's not trying to kill anyone.

    Hurls: She's up for whatever! I have no specific ideas rn, but I think Winnie's a romantic, so I'd be down to plot things here.

    [Image: mLK8um.png]
    tag souri avninder in your replies.
    I think it would be amusing for Yeong-Choi and Storm Vesper to meet since they are alike in that they are metas that change gender based on how they feel. Storm is genderfluid and uses they/them pronouns and will be coming back eventually! I personally would get a kick out of it if they met one another "for the first time" repeatedly in their different alias's, of which Storm has a multitude due to their "career". XD
    [Image: oicvlM.png]
    For Ivory, I have...
    • @Augusta Selwyn — We already have a thread going on with them, but I wouldn't at all be opposed to continuing and developing their friendship! Augusta would not at all be opposed to being a close friend of hers and even might consider her a mentor.
    For Zian, I have...
    • @George Livesey — Could be a potential friend? He's more closed-off than some gentleman, but isn't antisocial at all. He definitely needs some bros!
    For Waffle, I have...
    • @Handsome Whitledge — Obviously.
    • @Tripper Jameson — In his year and house! Not as much of a troublemaker, but a slacker and would probably find some amusement in Waffle's antics. Definitely wouldn't scold him.
      @Ernie Nuffer — In his year and likely 120% done with his antics.
    For Ellie, I have...
    For Laura, I have...
      @Tessa Darrow — Her husband's cousin? I think? She could totally be friendly with Laura!
    For Justus, I have...
    • @Dionisia Tweedy — I haven't exactly been quiet about them so I'm pretty sure you can see where I'm going.
    For Winnifred, I have...

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