Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Nathan Blackwall

    Full Name: Nathan Michael Blackwall
    Birthdate: January, 1, 1876
    Current Age: ElevenYears
    Occupation: Student
    Residence: London, England
    Hogwarts House: Unknown (Gryffindor)
    Wand: Cherry 15”, supple, Dragon Heartstring
    Blood Status: Muggleborn
    Social Class: Upper
    Family: Richard Blackwall (43)
    Mary Blackwall (30)
    Appearance: Nathan stands at 5'3, and maintains superb posture. He is quite agile, and while left handed, is practically ambidextrous. When not in school robes he is well dressed in ome of his several fine suits. His medium length brown hair on occasion covers his deep blue eyes.
    History: Nathan was born to wealthy parents, Richard and Mary Blackwall on the cold morning of January the first of 1876, bringing new light to his family's New Year's celebration. His family being muggles sent him off to a mundane school in which he achieved high marks in his studies. This past New Year was marked by a strange invitation. Though confused by the contents, his parents acquiesced to sending him to this boarding school.
    Personality: Nathan is a quiet but exuberant young man, always curious to learn about new things. He tends to be polite whenever possible.
    Sample Roleplay Post: Nathan opened the letter that had arrived that morning and read it over, the contents were… rather odd. It was an invitation to a boarding school, but it claimed to teach witchcraft. Confounded by this, he took it to his parents. After several days a representative had contacted them, and after much discussion his parents, though only half believing what they were told agreed to send him. The cost of tuition was no issue, but they wished him to write weekly to keep them appraised.

    Out of Character

    Name: Joseph
    Age: 20
    Contact: (Hangouts)
    Other Characters: Jalek Dronul, Alora Bennet, Damen Thornton, James Dronul.
    How did you hear about us?: Returning Member
    Application Approved!

    Your character is now all set for play! If you’re a new member, Nolan (@Theseus Greengrass) will assign you a buddy—they should contact you within 48 hours. If you’re not (or while you wait!), be sure to…
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