Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Issue #142 - Lycanthropy: 7 Fangtastic Facts for the Furiously Fascinated
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       Odira Potter
    Side effects may include: itching, burning,
    rashes, hives, swelling, congestion, watery eyes, 13 consecutive days of hiccuping, and failure to repel particularly persistent and aggressive werewolves during the full moon.
    Recipe For Werewolf Repellent Serum!
    • 2½ oz. ground werewolf fang
    • 6 fl. oz. horned slug mucus
    • 10 oz. bat eyes
    • 2 diced rat tails
    • 13 fl.oz. dragon blood
    Add the ground up werewolf fang to your cauldron - it mustn't be any finer than caster sugar - and stir three times counter clockwise. Wait five minutes before proceeding. Then slowly stir in the horned slug mucus; the potion should turn a vivid indigo at this stage.

    Take the bat eyes and mash them with a pestle and mortar, then pour them into your cauldron. Stir swiftly in a counter clockwise motion until the potion turns purple. Let the potion sit for 24 hours over a low flame. Finally, pour the dragon blood in steadily, stirring counter clockwise. The potion should now be pale pink and very watery.

    For best effect, apply the serum to clean skin where you would perfume. While it doesn't render the serum ineffective, applying perfume before or after in the same place as the serum will diminish its effectiveness. The Werewolf Repellent Serum should protect you from werewolves during the full moon, as well as werewolves by day in their human form. It is advisable to top up the application every six to eight hours for maximum potency and protection.
    Lonely Hearts

    Looking for a man with a big heart and a big family, young children preferred. I am a painfully shy spinster with a longing for my own family, even though I am now thirty-two. I adore little babies in particular. My father died a few years ago but I am still deeply bereft and have yet to remove my mourning veil. I have sworn to wear it until the day I find happiness once more with a nice gentleman and his large young family.

    In Need of a Tall Pureblood

    Seeking a wealthy pureblood. He has to be tall (5'9'' or taller!) and fun loving. Individuals tied to the Lestrange family are preferred.

    Affable Gentleman Wanted

    Petite, young lady of middle class upbringing in search of a gentleman to enjoy mutual affection and companionship within the bonds of matrimony. Gentlemen of short stature preferred but appearance is unimportant should they be a compatible match. Must be capable of supporting a wife. The young lady would enjoy it very much if they were to enjoy social events and a respectably adventurous life full of travel.

    Black Widow

    Seeking: a gentleman. Pureblood. Between 45-69 years of age. Attractive. Imposing mien. Sharp intellect. Virile.
    For: Shrewd widow of pure blood and handsome features.
    Fools need not apply.

    Ink and Quill
    In response to Literary Lover

    To the one searching for a wordsmith, a sestina of ink and quill.

    I love the pen
    The smell of ink
    And a nice feather quill
    The rustle of parchment
    And the comfort of words
    With joy, do fill my heart

    And through the beating of my heart
    I hear words, too good for pen
    And words and words and words
    Flow through my ink
    And onto the darkened parchment
    Speak! Said man to the quill

    But silence fell over the quill
    As none could describe the power of heart
    And the rustling parchment
    falls eerily silent without a pen
    The clotting and thickened ink
    mangles and minces words

    But fear not! Dear words
    for though for some, the quill
    spits no ink
    I find deep in my heart
    my tool, the pen
    and raise it to parchment

    And when on my parchment
    we see the gentle words
    written neatly in strong pen
    as if with greatest quill
    I finally see the words of heart
    Written in fine ink

    So then I must put down the ink
    and put away the parchment
    that does contain words of heart
    for in those words
    reside secrets of quill
    and the gentle touch of pen

    Goodbye ink,
    With which I do write words

    Farewell lonely parchment,
    and quiet quill

    I do love with my heart
    To write the voice of pen.

    Seeking Vivacious

    Wealthy gentleman of twenty nine years of age and noble background seeking a vivacious young woman for matrimony. Young woman in question must be no older than twenty three and in possession of a kind heart and playful demeanor. A healthy sense of adventure and a willingness to provide amiable companionship is a must. Family must be of impeccable reputation and adequate wealth, and must also have no reservations about noble in-laws — family discord is not all that desirable.

    Lady of Liszt
    In response to Hands of a Pianist

    I believe I may be what you are looking for. I know almost every piece Liszt composed by heart and have often amused friends by playing with my eyes shut without a note wrong. My hands are not quite as dainty as the ideal pianist's hand, but I wouldn't say they are far off.

    Happiness is just an owl away! Send a letter in with your personal advertisement or response to have it printed in the next issue. Address your letters to: Lonely Hearts, Witch Weekly.
    Lycanthropy: 7 Fangtastic Facts for the Furociously Fascinated
    We here at Witch Weekly have consulted with Thucydides Gray, a former healer widely regarded as the country's leading expert on magical epidemiology. Lycanthropy is just one of his areas of particular expertise. Here is what Mr. Gray listed as the ten most useful things to know about werewolves:

    1. Muggles lack the sufficient durability of wizardkind to survive a werewolf bite and will invariably die. It is currently unknown what would happen if a squib were to be bitten by a werewolf, such an incident has never been recorded or studied, but the present belief is that squibs would share the same fate as the muggles whom they so closely resemble.

    2. The number of werewolves suspected to be living in Britain at this time is over 20 times the number of currently known werewolves. There are presently only four confirmed werewolves in the country: Hubertus Alden, Byron Drummond, Gerda Phelps of Cheltenham, and now the Minister's very own daughter, Miss Topaz Urquart.

    3. It's not just the night of the full moon one has to be wary of werewolf attacks, the night either side of it are almost equally dangerous. The risk will always be at its greatest on the night of a full moon when the sky is particularly clear and the moon at its highest point in the sky.

    4. The average werewolf has a lifespan twenty-five years shorter than the established average for their economic group.

    5. Female werewolves cannot have children, however, male werewolves are capable of reproduction. As known werewolves seldom ever wed, little is known about the children of a union between a werewolf and a normal human. Mr. Gray believes that children born to werewolf and human parents will almost certainly be affected negatively by the lycanthropic taint carried in the blood.

    6. There is no known cure or temporary suppressant for the effects of the infection during the full moon; once turned, the werewolf will be incapable of all else besides indiscriminately leaving a trail of death and destruction in its wake.

    7. A werewolf should never be trusted and should never be allowed into your home. If you are unsure why, revisit number 6. Werewolves are inclined towards secrecy and deceit, a fact made clear by the ratio of identified to unidentified werewolves.
    Hubertus Alden, co-owner of Alden & Sons butcher shop, Kent.

    Gerda Phelps of Cheltenham. A woman known almost as well for her delusional campaigning for the advancement of "Werewomen" as for her lycanthropy

    Miss Topaz Urquart of Irvingly. Even having the Minister of Magic for her father doesn't change the reality of her life-ruining affliction.
    Witch Weekly received a good deal of correspondence after the news of Miss Topaz Urquart's misfortunes broke this Sunday! Letters From Our Readers!
              Dear Witch Weekly,
    I was very touched by Minister Urquart's statement regarding the attack, and I think it's admirable that he wants to stand by his daughter, but I do wonder whether it's wise to continue allowing a werewolf to live in Irvingly. The magical-Muggle relationship is still a new and relatively tender one, and I can't imagine anyone will want to live next door to someone so dangerous! What will happen to the state of the town if she attacks and kills a Muggle?
              The Only One, Apparently, Who Is Thinking of the Muggles

              Dear Witch Weekly,
    I heard from my aunt, who lives in Irvingly, that the Minister might be sending Miss Topaz to school in Irvingly, with the Muggle children there! I can't imagine anything good will come of that. Obviously she can't be sent to Hogwarts, but it seems to me that if we've agreed halfbreeds are too dangerous and distracting to be around normal school children, werewolves are a good deal more dangerous than any half-goblin ever was! She ought not to be allowed near other children, magical or not! My cousin is a squib--that's why my aunt lives in Irvingly in the first place--and I shutter to think of her being forced to socialize with a known werewolf! It will entirely ruin her prospects in life, if she even survives schooling long enough to have prospects!
              A Concerned Cousin

              Dear Witch Weekly,
    I quite agreed with the letter in the Prophet a few days ago. I can't believe the Minister, who is supposed to be the head of the entire legal body in Wizarding England, was so willing to flout the rules, just to make things a little more comfortable for a werewolf. She may be his daughter, but that won't make her any less dangerous on a full moon, and he really ought to be ashamed of himself. The decision not to tell anyone was selfish and short sighted, as he would have been putting not just the rest of the residents of Irvingly in danger by keeping quiet, but also the rest of his children! I stand with the source who originally told the Prophet, no matter what the consequences might be for the child--we have a responsibility, first and foremost, to our own, human friends and family and the Minister would do well to remember that!
          In Solidarity,
              Hold The Hypocrisy
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Witch Weekly's post:
       Odira Potter

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