Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Temperance Fairchild
    In Character

    Full Name: Temperance Emmeline Fairchild. and Smith, but stfu about that

    Nicknames: No one would dare.

    Birthdate: 22nd March, 1845.

    Current Age: Forty-two.

    Occupation: Churchwarden.

    Reputation: Five.

    Residence: Irvingly.

    Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw.

    Wand: Willow. 12 inches. Sturdy. Dragon heartstring core.

    Blood Status: Pureblood.

    Social Class: Middle Class.

    Mother and Father | XXXX-XXXX

    Mayfield Fairchild | Bother | 1840-
    Henrietta Fairchild née Bulstrode | Sister-in-law | 1852-1875
    Adeline Fairchild and family | Niece | 1868-
    Blythe Fairchild | Niece | 1871-

    Davinder Patil | Who fucking knows? but she really hopes its not that | 1876-

    Mr. ______ Smith | Ex-husband | 1821- - Temperance presents herself exclusively as a spinster. If you are an upper class woman of about the same age you'll probably remember her. Otherwise she'll deny everything.

    Appearance: 5’3. Long black hair that curls at the ends and is her one vanity. Grey-blue eyes. Things that were once slender are now filling out and things that were once plump are becoming thin. She uses her right hand and is not averse to practical work when the need arises.

    1845-1851: Temperance is the second child and only daughter born to Mr & Mrs _____ Fairchild. Her older brother Mayfield barely notices her arrival, too engrossed in his childish concerns and were their roles reversed Temperance would not blame him – babies are, after all, godawful. Raised in an evangelical household Temperance has certain beliefs drilled into her at a young age and never forgets them. Her brother is marginally less obedient than she is but at such a young age she barely notices and their nannies think it only right that the Fairchild daughter should pay the most heed. She is after all, the one more likely to cause trouble and bring shame upon the family.

    1851-1856: Performing her first act of magic in response to her only playmate being taken away her parents are torn between praise for the act and chastisement for the inappropriate sign of emotions. The next few years are spent in the schoolroom with few interactions beyond her governess and the holidays with her brother.

    1856-1863: Temperance is sorted into Ravenclaw and the introspective nature of most of her peers, coupled with her own shyness, do not lead her to making friends easily. In fact she can scarcely count her friends on one hand by the end of her seven years but she does receive results that turn out to be superior to her brother - she doesn't mention it much and instead agrees to do the season, despite her reservations.

    1863: Having spent her youth living by rigid standards and then her schoolyears under strict rules Temperance unexpectedly loses her head and her heart to Mr _____ Smith, a wealthy, pureblood man several years her senior who she meets at an antiques fair. They marry by Christmas and Temperance is unconcerned by his material possessions, hates having to do anything with the upper class women she now finds herself part of as they are far too given to indulgence though she does make some friends amongst the more purist of society. She doesn’t agree with their extremes but at least they’re halfway towards the right ideas.

    1866-67: Despite praying everyday (fanatically within the last year) after three years of marriage Temperance begins to accept the sad reality that they will never have children. She is still relatively young of course, though old to be a first time mother by the standards of the day, so she does not entirely lose hope until the fourth year of their marriage. Mr ____ Smith, having decided to take matters into his own hands, begins drugging her with a tincture of his own making, cobbled together from the various books on dark magic he has been keeping in his study without her knowledge in the misguided belief that it will lead to a child.

    1867: It leads to sterility. Fuck you Mr Smith. Doubly so when he promptly divorces her, determined to continue his line and already with a second, inevitably younger Mrs Smith lined up. Temperance moves in with her brother, eternally grateful that his reserved nature means he will never ask too many questions and moves them to Godric's Hollow, and that all he has not told his new bride is that she has been travelling.

    1868: Adeline is born to much joy in the family, though for Temperance it is overshadowed by the news that her estranged husband has remarried.

    1871: Blythe is born and Temperance still thinks Henrietta is mostly useless but she does make acceptable children. For now.

    1875: Henrietta dies of sickness which Temperance considers to be typical of someone with such am unstructured attitude towards life. Blythe performs magic which is a cause of great joy and she waits patiently for Adeline to do the same, privately concerned though she and her brother are far too used to never talking about problems to voice the worry.

    [1877: Mayfield goes to India on unspecified business and Temperance becomes the girls’ guardian. Though she writes to her brother frequently, updating him on their progress and achievements (and how much they miss him) he does not reply half as often as she would expect.

    1879: Adeline’s Hogwarts letter fails to arrive and Temperance is furious with whatever it is her brother has been doing in India that has resulted in this! The notion that it might be her fault does cross her mind but she doubts her own misdemeanours, much atoned for, would warrant this. She forces the girls into deep, contemplative prayer in the hopes that their sins will not cripple Blythe too and she resolves to dye her younger niece’s hair to further distinguish her from Adeline in the eyes of God. In the Autumn Mayfield returns home and Temperance is furiously sure this is his doing. His silence speaks for itself.

    1882: She reads in the Prophet that Mr ___ Smith has remarried yet again. Bastard.

    1883: Blythe departs for Hogwarts and Temperance ensures she is well-prepared to work hard. She tries her best to keep looking after Adeline as she always did but the elephant in the room is sometimes suffocating and other than a few emotionally unguarded moments she rarely shows Adeline anymore affection than she did before though the girl is clearly crying out for it.

    1884: In June Mayfield returns home and immediately takes Adeline away. He informs Temperance that she is now married to a muggle and is unable to contact Blythe ever again unless she wishes to drop dead. Temperance does not comment and knows better than to ask whether this blanket ban extends to her as well. He moves them to Irvingly, a small town near to Hogsmeade where they can begin again, without anyone asking where Adeline went. Very quickly Temperance muscles in on Mr Dursley’s church and becomes a churchwarden, sure the muggles are probably doing it wrong.

    1886: Blythe returns for her fourth year at Hogwarts. Mayfield returns for Christmas without warning and Temperance is somewhat torn: on the one hand it is, of course, wonderful to see him and it is good for Blythe to see him, but on the other he dumps an Indian boy at her house and promptly buggers off again. Thanks bro.

    Personality:Austere. Authoritative. Highly devout. Secretive. Dependable. Fiercely devoted to her family. Irritable. Conservative. The glimmerings of a sense of humour. Immovable in the belief that:
    *Wizards are closer to God’s image than muggles.
    *If a wizard is made non-human, it’s because they have sinned deeply. If a wizard is made squib, it is because their family has sinned deeply.
    *Muggles are to be guided and protected, but never considered equals.
    *Muggleborns were chosen by the Lord himself and so are likely to have bright futures if they don’t squander all their potential.
    *Ghosts are the spirits of sinners to cowardly to go to Hell.
    *For best results, church is to be attended daily.

    (Stolen from Kayte’s ad to save me rewording it all unnecessarily!)

    Sample Roleplay Post: Kayte made me.

    Out of Character
    Name: Lauren
    Age: 27
    [Image: Temp_SIG_by_Nolan_1.png]
    glorious set by Nolan

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