Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Ottilie Pine
    In Character
    Full Name: Ottilie June Pine
    Nicknames: Tillie, Till, Tootsie (mostly by her grandfather)
    Birthdate: April 24th, 1864
    Current Age: 22
    Occupation: Mediwitch @ Hogsmeade Hospital
    Reputation: 5
    Residence: Hogsmeade
    Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
    Wand: 10” unicorn hair, pine
    Blood Status: halfblood
    Social Class: lower
    Almon Pine | [1837-1885] Father
    Margery Pine née Billings, formerly Birch | [1840-1884] Mother
    Hiram Birch | [1856] Half-Brother
    Orpha Pine | [1864] Twin Sister
    Solomon Pine | [1869] Brother
    Hudson Pine | [1871] Brother
    Zadie Pine | [1874] Sister, Slytherin

    Francis Billings | [1804] Grandfather
    Minnie Billings née --- | [1815-1884] Grandmother

    Appearance: Standing at 5’1” Tillie is average in height, though a little on the skinny side. She’s bony and gangly with long limbs and a slim figure. She has no curves to speak of, even with a corset. Her honey blonde hair falls straight well past her shoulders and refuses to hold much of a curl even with charms, which is fine, as she keeps it back and out of her face most of the time for work. Blue eyes sit below dark brows set in an oval face. Tillie dresses on the conservative side, but comfortably and practically for work. She tends to wear softer colors, though she carries herself confidently, she’s not overly outgoing. Till is left-handed for wandwork and writing.

    History: April 24th, 1864 | Margery and Almon welcome twin girls into the world. Tillie comes out first and proves to be the easier of the babes, quiet and content to amuse herself.

    1867 | In a hilarious display of accidental magic, Tillie turns the family owl a violent shade of green.

    1868 | Hiram leaves for school and Tillie is a little put out. She’s never quite sure how he feels about having siblings, but she absolutely adores him, from afar.  

    1869 | Solomon is born. Tillie is over the moon about it and dotes upon him frequently. Having a younger sibling instills a desire to take care of people at a  young age.

    1871 | Hudson joins the family and Tillie is thrilled to have somebody else to look after.

    1873 | After sitting his OWLs Hiram leaves school and takes up a gardening position through a friend of their grandfather’s.

    1874 | Zadie is born, as per usual, Tillie is excited. She is quickly besotted with the babe. She spends a lot of time entertaining and looking after Zadie. Solomon is also protective of her, though pretty much everybody is as she ends up being the last Pine to join the family.

    School Year 1875-76 | Tillie and Orpha head to Hogwarts and are separated by the sorting! Tillie would be lying if she said she was surprised. Twins they may be, she and Orpha are definitely two different people! The Sorting Hat’s choice of Ravenclaw strikes Till as a little odd and it takes her a whole term to really find herself comfortable.

    School Year 1876-77 | Returning to school finds Tillie getting into the groove. In her first year she worried about being able to keep up. Sure she could read and write, but not as well as some of her peers and certainly not up to snuff for a Ravenclaw. Second year brings a boost in confidence both academically and socially. Being the only one in Ravenclaw at the time, she is able to spread her wings and make her friends. She quickly finds herself falling in love with Charms and Potions, though also does well in Herbology. Transfiguration puzzles her but she powers through it.

    The family moves to Hogsmeade after its expansion.

    School Year 1877-78 | Tillie adds Care of Magical Creatures and Earth Magic as her electives. She loves creatures, but isn’t sure what exactly she would do beyond school with them.

    Hiram moves home unexpectedly and mute. Something fishy happened, Tillie just knows it, but nobody ever really gives a proper explanation as to why her half-brother’s tongue is missing. It’s all very curious, but out of respect for her half-brother, Till never pushes the subject.

    School Year 1878-79 | In her fourth year, hitting her stride right out of the gate, it is this year that Tillie gets the bright idea to pursue healing in some way after completing school. She isn’t sure she’ll make all seven years, but learns that being a mediwitch is possible with only her OWLs. Till buckles down and hits the books hard to prepare herself for the following year.

    School Year 1879-80 | Tillie sits her OWLs and decides to follow through on her idea to train as a mediwitch. She busts her butt, falling off any kind of social bandwagon, to get the necessary scores to be accepted into the training program. All of her hard work pays off and with a tutor for Transfiguration, she scrapes by with the necessary grades in the classes she struggles in and even an Outstanding in Charms!

    Hiram starts working at a local florist. Till had gone to school with one of the daughters of his new employer, but the girl is a year younger and Tillie never really got the chance to talk to her.

    Her apprenticeship starts as soon as school is out and Till knows she has to train at least until her 17th birthday so that she can use magic on the job.

    Solomon goes to Hogwarts in the fall.

    April 1881 | With her 17th birthday passed and her extra training complete, Tillie is promoted to mediwitch!

    1882 | Hudson heads to Hogwarts. Tillie is thoroughly enjoying her job. It’s engaging and keeps her on her toes and she is never bored, which is a plus in her book!

    1884 | Plague and doom! Tillie has never worked so hard in her life through the plague and subsequent fire. Unfortunately there is nothing she can do for her mother and grandmother. The loss rocks through the family and Tillie is especially devastated, riddled with guilt for not being able to do anything.

    1885 | Tragedy strikes again when her father is killed in an explosion at the ministry. Tillie throws herself into her work, taking as many shifts as she can to keep her mind busy. She later regrets this as Zadie starts acting out. Tillie had withdrawn into what made kept her occupied and she lost sight of her siblings’ needs in the process. Unsure of what to do, she doesn’t protest when her baby sister is sent to live with their grandfather in London. She just hopes it helps her sister in the long run, though she wishes she could be there with her.

    1886 | Zadie heads off to Hogwarts and is sorted into Slytherin. Tillie sincerely hopes that school is a good, healthy environment for her baby sister to thrive in, though she worries about her moods. Orpha decides to take some steps forward with the family bakery and Tillie is extremely excited for her. Sometimes she feels like she and Oh have fallen out of sync, but they both are passionate about their respective careers and it’s hard to find time to do anything outside of work!

    Currently | Tillie continues to work hard as a mediwitch, though she finds herself distracted by a healer at the hospital whenever she is there. She’s only spoken to him a handful of times, but in his presence, the sure, confident mediwitch becomes a bumbling, inarticulate mess and she hates that she’s like that, so she tries to avoid him even though she wishes she could just have a normal conversation and not get tongue-tied!

    Personality: Maternal. Driven. Stubborn. Loyal. Tillie is two entirely different people in and out of work. On the job she is capable, assured, confident and able to handle both the stress and quick decision making required for her demanding job. Outside of work she is awkward and a little bit of a social mess. She’s sweet and sensitive, she takes a lot to heart at work and in her personal life. At work she manages to keep up a calm facade, but outside of it she is explosively emotional, though mostly in private. She worries she is never doing enough or is good enough and is constantly concerned for her siblings. It can come across as overbearing and obnoxious, but it’s coming from a need to see everybody happy and well-taken care of.  
    Sample Roleplay Post:  [Image: tumblr_ofzbn3Xjeh1uwikfyo1_500.gif]
    Out of Character
    Name: Beeeee
    Age: 30
    Contact: @Elsie Beauregard

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    if I could marry Bee I would but I can't so I ship our characters instead.

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