Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Cassandra Trelawney
    In Character

    Full Name: Cassandra Rose Trelawney.

    Nicknames: Sometimes Cassie by her sisters.

    Birthdate: 28th May, 1958.

    Current Age: 28 years old.

    Occupation: Manager at Chance L’Amour

    Reputation: Three. Several people have deduced that she gave birth and frankly with a family like hers three is generous.

    Residence: Irvingly.

    Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw.

    Wand: Oak. Unicorn hair core. 13 inches. Flexible.

    Blood Status: Half-blood.

    Social Class: Lower.

    Family: Complicated.

    Appearance: By rights the poorness of her childhood diet should not have left Cassandra nearly as well-developed as she has turned out to be. She is 5’3, strong of bone and slight of hip, and she has always found that clothes hang rather well on her. She has blue eyes like her mother and inherited dark, silky hair from her father (or at least she assumes so), marking her as being different from her fairer siblings. When in a trance she becomes rigid and her eyes glaze over and as a result of the loss of control she is usually in possession of a number of bruises on her pale skin. Luckily they are easily covered!


    1857: Freya Trelawney gives birth to her first illegitimate child, Sarah, fathered by Jonathan Abbott.

    1858: Cassandra is the second child born to Freya, fathered by Cassander Ross, whom she will never know. Freya only knew him fairly briefly.

    1862: Miriam is born, fathered by a muggle, who promptly scarpers. Cassandra begins to find it curious that sometimes the things that happen in her dreams happen in real life.

    1865: Leopold is born after Jonathan briefly returns. He dies very soon afterwards, unbeknownst to the family, and for years the Turnbull heir takes his place. By this point Cassandra is aware that she is somehow different, however Sarah and Miriam, and now her new brother, make her feel normal despite the odd images that pop into her head sometimes.

    1866: Freya is set to marry Abraham Scott, shortly after she had given birth yet again to a girl, however Sarah accidentally kills him with a broken wand, an incident Cassandra sees coming. Oops. As a result the family are disowned by Freya’s heretofore very forgiving family.

    1867-1869: Freya works her fingers to the bone at various occupations to keep the family afloat and Sarah and Cassandra do everything they can to help, though they are not always successful. However when first Sarah and then Cassie are sent to Hogwarts despite their circumstances, Cassie is determined to do whatever she can for their mother.

    1869: Cassie goes to Hogwarts for the first time and is sorted into Ravenclaw. Despite having second hard books and shabby clothes she is glad to be there for practical reasons, however she misses her mother and younger siblings terribly.

    During this time she begins to learn about her strange visions, recognising them for what they are and learning when to keep her mouth shut less she be overheard and upset somebody with the knowledge of their future. She tries to ignore the occasional glimpse she gets of the castle’s future, though she sometimes cannot help but hope she is wrong. Despite trying her hardest to keep it to herself Cassie often finds herself being asked by other students to see their future for them and when one of them gives her some money at the end of her third year she sees an opportunity. During that summer she comes home with a pocket half full with knuts and sickles and does so each and every time she comes home from now on.

    1874: After completing her OWLs Cassandra leaves school, with exceptional marks in Divination (unsurprisingly), Astronomy, Arithmancy (which is surprising) and Charms. She finds herself work where she can and considers joining a travelling sideshow as a seer, before deciding against it. Steady-ish work it might be but Cassie would rather keep her dignity.

    1876: Her mother falls pregnant because of course she does. Still, Cassie is deeply sympathetic when she loses the baby, though secretly mostly relieved that she still has work.

    1877: Her mother moves the whole family to the Slums of the recently settled Hogsmeade and Cassie is only too happy to go somewhere there might be better opportunities. After arriving in Hogsmeade she immediately seeks out wealthy ladies who are after the novelty of their fortunes being told.

    1878: Cassie begins working at the Three Broomsticks, enjoying honest, regular work for the first time. She still takes private customers on the side though she begins to find it upsetting to see so much horror in people’s future and be torn over what to tell them.

    1882: Jonathan Abbott reenters their lives and soon enough Freya is pregnant. Cassie is heard to remark to many people that one wouldn’t have needed her talents to see that coming. He fakes his own death to get away from his wife and marries Freya. For once her mother is happy and content and Cassie tries to pretend she doesn’t know about his cousin in the cellar.

    Leopold, sadly, is revealed to be his true personage and Cassie is deeply saddened.

    1883: Jonathan is killed in an accident a short time later and Cassie grieves along with the rest of the family. Later in the year Abe gets married to a middle class man, and Freya absconds with the twins. Suffice to say Cassie, Sarah and Miriam are hugely concerned.

    In November she is arrested, with only twins rather than triplets in tow and a new daughter, and though Cassie tries to help by the time Freya is declared innocent the twins and Jonathan are taken away. Though she gets the twins back Freya never sees Jonathan again.

    Once everything is settled with her mother, as much as anything ever is settled with Freya, Cassie goes to work in Irvingly, where she is not so well known and she takes up employment as the Manageress of Chance L’Amour.

    November 1884: Her mother is murdered and in her grief Cassie has a moment of madness and goes to bed with an old school friend @Micajah Vablatsky falling pregnant because she is her mother’s daughter and her ovaries were just waiting for the opportunity really. She conceals her pregnancy as best she can and hopes people will put her tiredness down to grief.

    June 1885: Gave birth to her son, Theodore. In September of this year her employer is taken away and becomes a portrait. Cassie wishes her ability to see the future was more specific sometimes as this, she did not see coming.

    1886: As of now Cassie is secretly raising her son, though she is determined she will do anything for him, and is still managing the cafe.

    Personality: Dreamy and quiet, Cassie is a good friend and loyal, loving daughter, sister and mother. Hard nosed enough to know her gifts can earn her a living is need be she does prefer to work normally if she can, finding it unnerving when she sees things unpleasant and has to face the choice of keeping it to herself or seeing someone’s face fall. Charming as her mother, Cassie is much more sensible though she does has her moments of madness.  

    Sample Roleplay Post: omg I haven’t made a new character in ages I’d forgotten this was even here...

    Out of Character

    Name: Lauren.
    Age: 27.
    Contact: PM Helena MacMillan.
    [Image: Cassie_SIG_by_MJ.jpg]
    glorious pretties by MJ

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