Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Lucas Park
    In Character
    Full Name: Lucas Conor Park
    Nicknames: Luke, Mr. P, Big Bad Wolf
    Birthdate: July 3, 1859
    Current Age: 27
    Occupation: Gentleman of Leisure/Crime Boss
    Reputation: 5
    Residence: London
    Hogwarts House: None, attended Casabruxa
    Wand: Ipe (Brazilian Walnut), 10.5", sturdy, basilisk scale
    Blood Status: Half
    Social Class: Upper
    Abel Silva Father Uncle, b.1800 d.1880
    Maureen Haversham-Smith Mother, b.1822

    Zita Park neé Silva Adoptive “mother,” b.1815 d.1883

    Carlota Silva neé --- “aunt,” b.1819 d.1885
    Ricardo Silva “cousin,” b.1837
    -and family
    Nicolau Silva “cousin,” b.1839
    -and family
    Telmo Silva “cousin,” b.1842
    -and family
    Adelina --- neé Silva “cousin,” b.1845
    -and family
    Zerefino Silva “cousin,” b.1849
    -and family
    Gilda --- neé Silva “cousin,” b.1850
    -and family
    Giselda --- neé Silva “cousin,” b.1850
    -and family

    Appearance: While tall and slender may not be the most of intimidating features, Lucas is not a man to be taken lightly. What he lacks in stature he surely makes up for in wit and intelligence. His hair is dark, such a dark brown most would just assume it is black. The sides are kept trimmed close with the top being a bit longer. It can often be found styled straight back when he isn’t seen with a hat on. His once bronzed complexion has lessened some due to hi move to London. His eyes are a pale, gray blue and often deemed his most startling feature. Those who are subject to a focused glare from Lucas often claim to feel as though he were reading deep into their soul. His gaze can be quite disconcerting to some and he clearly uses it to his advantage on many occasions. His face is typically always kept clean shaven and show a few distinct moles on his face. His clothing is always immaculate and tailored specifically for him. He avoids wizarding robes, feeling they aren’t imposing enough, not the way a well tailored suit is. He sticks to darker colors and even avoids white undershirts, feeling white is too innocent of a hue. He wields his wand in his right hand. He can always be seen with a silver pocketwatch, the chain clasped within a vest pocket and a simple silver cross connected by a chain on his wrist.
    Pre-birth: Settling on being a spinster, Maureen met a Brazilian ambassador in London. Abel was a married man with children of his own when he met Maureen. The two shared in a handful of dalliances while he was in London before he went back to his home in Brazil. It wasn’t long after Abel had left that Maureen found herself with child. Making excuses for herself about traveling abroad, she went to Brazil to tell Abel of her “condition.” He dismissed her, telling his widowed sister to deal with the problem however they decided to.
    1859: Maureen gave birth in the home of Zita Park, a lonely widow whose husband had died rather suddenly before the two could conceive. Maureen held her son just briefly before handing him off to Zita, believing he would be adopted out. Zita chose to keep him as her ward instead in the hopes he would help with her loneliness. She named him Lucas for her father and gave him the middle name of Conor for her deceased husband. Maureen left not long after she recovered but not before leaving a letter with Zita meant for Lucas when he was old enough.
    1863: Lucas shows his first sign of magic when he is reprimanded for inspecting Zita’s jewelry box on top of her mantle. He’d been told before not to get into the jewelry box, mainly due to the climbing involved. The silent anger results in fire in the fireplace below the mantle to erupt into ridiculous amounts of fire, eventually claiming the jewelry box and anything else upon the mantle.
    1866: Lucas begins showing quite the affection for animals, though ones a mother would rather not have their child fascinated in. The more dangerous the animal, the more intrigued Lucas is. It often results in him having to all but flee for his life but he always ends up with an excited grin on his face following.
    1870: Lucas is finally able to leave for school and not without his own battle wounds from his encounters with animals.
    1877: Lucas graduates from school with relatively good marks across the board, with some areas exceeding the others. Classes having to do with animals and plants/poisons seem to have been his favorite and boast the highest scores there. Zita gives Lucas quite the hefty allowances as he is, for all intents and purposes, her only son. He’s well aware he will surely inherit her fortunes when she dies. In his idle time when he isn’t gambling or partaking of brothels, he works on learning to become an animagus.
    1879: Abel introduces Lucas to a business partner, a gentleman who seems to walk the line between right and wrong. Donato quickly becomes a mentor of sorts to Lucas, the man easily noticing the cunning and cold nature Lucas truly has.
    1880: Lucas soon learns that Donato is something of a criminal mastermind. The man runs many a ponzi scheme and had been known to kill at a whim for those who don’t pay up. He ends up having his hands in several different pots and makes a good deal of money with it all. Donato happily takes Lucas under his wing and names him his second hand when Lucas proves to be cold enough to watch as a man is killed for late payment. Lucas doesn’t flinch and instead watches with cold, interested eyes. A small smirk even seemed to have formed, being the deal sealer for Donato.
    1882: Lucas succeeds in becoming an animagus. He takes the form of a maned wolf, a wolf common to the Brazil area. His right foreleg bares a simple thin white band just above the paw, an indication of the cross bracelet he’s always seen wearing. Donato urges him not to register, however, feeling it is a secret best kept underwraps. Lucas agrees, knowing it can be used to his advantage in the future.
    1883: Zita dies after a long battle with a bout of yellow fever. She tells Lucas of his true heritage, that his father was actually Abel and that his mother had left him in her care. She gives him the letter his mother had left behind, one explaining her reasons for leaving him with Zita. He’s angry at first and feels Abel is lucky he died just years before or he’d have probably killed him himself. After Zita passes, however, he realizes how lucky he may have been. Had his mother kept him, he doubted he’d have been able to reach the status he had. Being a bastard was a disgusting prospect.
    1884: Donato dies suddenly. There is some suspicion as to the cause but nothing is ever proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. Lucas steps into the role of crime boss. He’d stewed on the letter from his mother for long enough and decides then is the best time to expand his Brazilian crime syndicate into London. Before the year is out, he’d purchased a nice London flat and made his move to the town.
    1885: It isn’t long before he’s established himself in London. Most don’t know who the face is of the newly established syndicate in the area but see plenty of his minions working about. Meanwhile, he’s more focused on tracking down his errant mother, determined to make her life hell for so willingly giving him up even if it was for his betterment. He doesn't take to betrayal lightly and the abandoning of a child is the ultimate betrayal in his opinion.
    1886: Lucas finally manages to track down his mother, a long time if not permanent resident of the Sanditon Resort. He has some of his henchmen follow the woman for a time, tracking her movements and the like. Come the beginning of July, he begins to send her letters. They’re polite, if not creepy, at first. But when they continue to go unanswered, his cold anger begins to show itself. It is then he established the penname of Big Bad Wolf. Her once comfortable and pleasant life is soon to be disrupted.

    Personality: Cold. Distant. Conniving. Cynical. Ruthless. Strong. Independent. Cunning.
    Sample Roleplay Post: [Image: GIF--Nope-No-way-Nah-crying-no-Seth-Rogen-GIF.gif]
    Out of Character
    Name: Hawke
    Age: 28
    Contact: PM
    Other Characters: See CML

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