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Leila Scott
Full Name: Leila Xue Scott
Nicknames: Her mother always liked to call her Lei, which means flower bud. So much for that.
Birthdate: 27th December, 1864
Current Age: 23 Years
Occupation: Maid at The Hog’s Head
Reputation: 3
On top of being a publicly known werewolf and having been disowned from her family, most of the work Leila manages to get is in shady establishments, which doesn’t help her reputation either. It’s a shitty spiral.
Residence: Just returned to Hogsmeade, but: anywhere that’ll have her, The Slums.
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Wand: Blackthorn, 11 1/2”, phoenix feather, unyielding.
Blood Status: Halfblood
Social Class: Working, disowned from middle

Mei Li Scott née Chang | Mother | Halfblood | 1843
David Scott | Father | Muggleborn | 1838
Jade Scott | Sister | 1863
Daniel Scott | Brother | 1866

Appearance: At 5’ nothing, she does not, in theory, strike a particularly intimidating figure. In the last five years, she has become noticeably leaner and more lithe than she once was, although pale skin - even more pallid than usual, depending on the time of the month - is often marked visibly with bruises and scratches. Those are nothing, of course, to the scars slashed across her face, claw marks that descend from her forehead diagonally down to her cheek. Nothing can be done for them, though she could powder over them and style her hair better over her face if she were trying expressly to hide them; as it is, not even large hazel eyes or smooth black hair - she was once thought reasonably pretty - can diminish their disconcerting effect. She is right-handed, and her clothes are worn and shabby.


1864 | Leila is born close to the end of December, the second child to Mei Li and David Scott, of London. Like her siblings, she is given a Western first name and a Chinese middle name thanks to their mother. Otherwise, there is nothing particularly unusual about the Scotts: the family live an aspiring middle class life, and strive to be as ordinary as anyone.

1866 | A younger brother, Daniel, is born. Leila is more interested in being a nuisance of a child, quick-witted and stubborn, determined to achieve anything she sets her sights on. Her elder sister, Jade, is, meanwhile, the most placid, well-behaved child imaginable.

1870 | One of the most stark memories of her childhood is of getting lost somewhere in the city, separated from the family and the nanny, a rare occasion when she hasn’t meant to slip away. She finds herself in gloomy streets and alleys she knows are out-of-bounds, places she instinctively knows are Bad - but, just as she is beginning to panic, she spots an arrow on a sign, one she swears wasn’t there before. She follows it, and then spots another, and another, and soon enough she is back to get yelled at in relief by her parents. It takes a few years before she looks back and realises that may have been a sign of magic.

1876 | Ladylike Jade has already gone off to Hogwarts - her mother is always a little more short-tempered without the Family Favourite to dote on - but now it is Leila’s turn, and she is sorted into Slytherin. She loves Hogwarts, loves the freedoms it brings and loves learning and loves dreaming about her future, convinced that someday she might change the world, somehow.

1877 | The muggle riots mean the year is tense, but the Scotts are saved from being overly exposed by David’s muggle ties.

1879 | In her third year, Leila chooses Care of Magical Creatures, Earth Magic and Arithmancy.

1882 | By her sixth year, Leila is already set on having a career, and pronounces to her parents that she wants to be a healer. They are not enthused, but that doesn’t stop Leila taking all the classes she might need for it, and more.

1883 |  She suspects her parents have only softened their position on Leila’s dreams of having a Proper Career, Immediately, because Jade has recently made an advantageous match. (And Leila suspects her mother is grateful not to have to waste too much attention on her lesser daughter, because Leila knows that’s what she is, and she doesn’t care.) So she graduates and takes up as an intern in the Creature-Induced Injuries ward at St. Mungo’s, under healer Mr. Belby. She comes in confident and ambitious, knows she’ll love the hard work, is ready for the challenge.

Or she isn’t as ready as she thinks, because what she never factored in was the werewolf attack in the hospital that comes in mid-September. Two healers died. Leila got mauled pretty badly, but while the scarring was bad, it was the bite out of her shoulder that changed her life. Healer Belby was bitten too, so the papers said; Leila can’t remember much of the aftermath, given the weeks she spent recovering in a hospital bed, delirious and unconscious half the time. She remembers waking up and finding herself wearing restraints.

And then she remembers wondering why her family aren’t there for her. She tries going home, but gets turned away at the door. She tries her all the relatives she has, tries coming back to the house at night and again and again. Eventually, her parents let her in for long enough to tell her that she can’t stay. It’s the only thing they can do, for the family’s sake, they tell her. Jade’s fiancé has already cancelled their engagement. They have to do what is safe, do what they can to provide for their other children. They don’t know how to help her, they say, and they’re sorry, but. Leila knew she was never the favourite, but she can hardly comprehend this, that their love is so conditional, that they would bow so to society and to their own fear and prejudice. They let her collect her things - her father gives her a little money to get on her feet - but that’s all. That’s it.

By October, they have closed up the house and moved away from London, and left a letter for her telling her not to follow. So, that’s it. She’s a monster now.

1884 | The money from her parents doesn’t last long, especially because, in spite of her pleas, the hospital won’t let her back to work. They frame it nicely, at first: she hadn’t even finished her internship; perhaps, after such an ordeal, it would benefit her to seek out a position somewhere else. When she tries to insist otherwise, she gets bombarded with warnings.

So the hospital’s out, and everything steadily goes to hell. She has good NEWTs and brains enough that she might’ve managed disownment, in any other circumstance, but no one cares about her attitude or her aptitude or anything but the scars on her face or what will happen three nights every month from now on. She tries to keep up her healing education, herself - but the only one she gets to work on is herself, patching up her own wounds. Soon, she is living in the bowels of the city, places she would have been afraid to go as a child, and she is on guard everywhere: not because she’s a young lady anymore, but because she’s a werewolf, known and branded by it. She picks up jobs here and there, however she can make money, but nothing is getting easier.

In fact, it is only getting worse. When her brother Daniel graduates, the parents force him - Leila knows they’re behind it; would Daniel really have chosen that on his own? - into working for the Werewolf Capture Unit, use him as a public statement of their stance on werewolves, as if that will help them snatch up the family’s reputation before Leila’s shadow leaves it in tatters, all the same.

1885 | In the end, she can’t take it anymore, and thinks it might be for the best that she leaves Britain. Quite abruptly, she leaves London, not entirely certain of where she is going.

She spends the best part of the next three years in Germany, as it happens. Rather than turn herself into the German Ministry and exist the same way she has been in London, she takes the anonymity as a blessing, and keeps to muggle towns, tells a lie about her scars. She picks up some basics of the language, and finds menial work in bars and with laundresses and on farms, moving on whenever her strange habits earn her a second look. For a while, she ducks into the forests and just roams free, thinking that if she buries herself deep enough in the wilderness there will be no one to hurt and no one else to hate her.

1888 | But she can’t live like that forever. She’s come more to terms with the wolf, now, doesn’t begrudge it so much for ruining her life as everyone who turned her away afterwards. Perhaps it’s been long enough that she’s forgotten how exhausting it is, being open in the magical world, but Leila’s suddenly had enough of hiding, and being sorry for herself all the time (and having to apologise to other people for just existing). If her family - if the world - don’t like it, that’s on them. If Leila has to live with this, she decides, well so do they. In September, near the fifth anniversary of the attack, she trudges into Hogsmeade where she knows her family now live, renting out the first shoddy room in the slums she can find where the landlord will take her, begging for a miserable job at the grottiest place in town, presenting herself at the Ministry for all their scrutiny and the Monthly Lock-Ups, and deciding that she will get by, damnit, if it’s the last thing she does.

Personality: She was always stubborn, ambitious and outspoken, rambunctious and talkative and quarrelsome as a teen, but only because she knew what she wanted and trouble seemed fun, at the time. However, she was fairly optimistic back then, and perfectly able to follow directions when she wanted to, could knuckle down and get to work, was not inclined to give up about anything. She had a softer streak too, something that has eroded in years since, but she could be affectionate and bright, generous and even starry-eyed, sometimes. These days Leila has lost a lot of that: is not so talkative as she was once, keeps her head down for self-preservation, bites her tongue when she has to. When she doesn’t though, she’s all sharp edges and angry defiance.  

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