Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Elsbeth Gisella (M)
    In Character
    Full Name: Elsbeth Gisella. Her maiden name was Echelon-Arnost, and her married name had been del' Maliron, but she has recently adopted her middle name as her last.

    Nicknames: Els, Beth

    Birthdate: April 23rd, 1855

    Current Age: 28

    Occupation: None currently

    Hogwarts House: N/A

    Wand: N/A

    Blood Status: Pure

    Social Class: Lower

    Family: Father: Alix Arnost, Mother: Jena Echelon-Arnost, four older half siblings and six full blooded younger siblings. She also has a nephew a couple of years younger than herself who she is close with.

    Appearance: Elsbeth stands at a tall 5'7". She towers over most women and often sees eye-to-eye with men. A curvy figure with long slender legs lets her weigh in around 125 lbs. She has a fair complexion, unmarred by any pocks or signs of childhood disease. Between two pale blue eyes lies a straight nose, which brings focus to her full and pouty lips underneath. With a childhood nickname of "Goldilocks", Elsbeth's slightly arched blonde brows are neatly groomed, as well as her lighter blonde hair which holds a curl almost naturally. She often wears it in a bun when she sleeps at night and lets it loose in the morning to enhance the waves. She usually pins the top half of it up and lets the lower layers flow freely across her shoulders. The woman walks with grace and confidence, despite her fallen status.

    Once belonging to the upper class, Elsbeth possess dresses that were fashionable five years past. She had once tried to purchase ribbons and trim in order to keep her clothing current, but has since given up. Instead, she has chosen to lean toward more provocative attire to distract from her old-fashioned clothing. Her sleeves are often removed or pressed down past her shoulders in order to reveal her collarbone, shoulders and the swells of her breasts. She has been known to wear skirts that show off her slender ankles, to the shame of high class society. While her shoes had once been heeled, she has worn them down so much that they are now flat and gray in color, rather than white. Elsbeth adores richly colored fabrics and the three dresses she currently owns are purple, red and cerulean.

    Elsbeth's story starts back before she was even born. Her entire history revolves around purebloods and upper class society. The Arnost family can date their pureblood status back to medieval times and are prejudice against anyone who is less pure than they. Jena, her mother, had been wife to a man who had taken a mistress. He impregnated both of the women throughout the years, and each woman had four children with him. They were all roughly around the same age, separated by only a year or so. He disappeared one evening on a drunken binge and was never again heard of. Rumor had it that he was murdered, which was far from the truth of it - the man had created many enemies over the years.

    Jena, being the widow, received all of the money in his accounts. She banished the mistress from their estate and cut off all of the funding that went to feeding her and her four illegitimate children. Three years later, Jen remarried Alix. She kept her late husband's name and hyphenated it with Alix's surname in order to keep the same name that belonged to her four children. It was a love match, and Alix was happy to allow it.

    A year after their marriage, the two had their first child together, a daughter named Idelle. Another year after that, Elsbeth was born. Next was a son named August, and as the years followed the couple had two more girls and a boy. Elsbeth was greatly spoiled and became quite close to her eldest sister, Idelle. The two were nearly inseparable. They shared a Governess and were groomed and fawned over by their parents' friends. They were beautiful, it was often said, and would make wonderful pureblooded high society wives one day.

    It was paradise for the children of the family. They received whatever toys they wanted, whatever pets including several ponies, and were able to demand attention from servants, parents and strangers a like. When Idelle's Hogwarts letter came, Elsbeth was incredibly envious. She wanted more than anything to go with Idelle, but alas, she had to wait until her 11th birthday came around. It came and went, but no letter was received by owl or otherwise. Her parents wrote the school the day before term started, concerned that perhaps she'd been overlooked, only to be politely and regrettably informed that they had produced the very first squib in the Arnost family. She was not treated the same after that. Her siblings teased her and she was often left out of conversations regarding anything magical. The talk of whom would make a good match for her once she was old enough ceased. Whenever she entered a room, an awkward silence filled it.

    Her parents did not know what to do with her. They hired a private tutor for her so that she could be learned in the arts and languages so that she might still have a chance at an acceptable pureblood marriage. All hopes for a perfectly matched couple were gone - now they merely prayed that a pureblooded man would be willing to take her.

    It devastated Elsbeth to no end and she desperately tried to find a way to procure magic for herself. She read books and wrote letters. She eavesdropped for information. She even went to a wise old witch that lived near them for help. During this time, she found herself a close and dear friend in her nephew - the son of her eldest half-brother. He was only two years younger than herself and the two got on immensely. He assisted her in her research and even took several trips to Knockturn Alley in London on her behalf. Nothing could change who she was.

    As each of her younger sibling's eleventh birthdays came and went, they all received Hogwarts letters. Bitter from the treatment she received and the disappointment she was to her parents, she turned hateful toward her family members. Elsbeth began to act out and shunned her upper class status. Instead, she hung out at muggle brothels and purposely attracted the attention of other men. She loved the thrill in tempting men who were already married, but when the request that she become their mistress was made, she took great pleasure in making a great show of offense. Squib or not, she was after all, a beautiful and pureblooded upper class lady. Her nephew warned her against things, but he had become a bit of a womanizer himself since his third year at Hogwarts. Several parents complained of his being caught with their daughters in less than respectable situations and dress, but it didn't bother him any. He was just as stubborn as Elsbeth, who disapproved of his romantic trysts just as much as he disapproved of hers.

    When she was nineteen and Idelle, twenty, her once favorite sister was married off to a wealthy wizard in colonial America. Elsbeth did not attend the wedding and has not heard from her sister since. Instead, she traipsed off to a pub in the nearby town. In an act of desperation and loneliness, she gave her virginity away to a handsome stranger. Regret filled her immediately and she told not a single soul of it. Despite this, she continued to frequent such places late at night, to the dislike of her parents, nephew and society. Her frequenting such places besmirched her reputation entirely, and her parents canceled the coming out ball that they had been planning. She was considered a waste of a beautiful and pureblooded young woman and all hopes to marriage her off were tastefully forgotten.

    When she was twenty, she met yet another handsome man. He was a muggle who acted dark and mysterious. The foreign accent he possessed drew her in and only intensified the cloak of mystery about him. He did not question her motives for spending time in such a place, nor did he pry into her home life. He adored her for her beauty and grace and hadn't a clue that she was often considered as a broken piece of jewelry by her family. The two struck up a romance that would have been no more than a fling of a few months in length, had Elsbeth not discovered that she was pregnant.

    It was a day after this news was discovered that she received a letter from her nephew. He had heard of her fallen reputation and encouraged her to try to make amends with her family. Elsbeth ignored the letter. Feeling as if she were backed into a corner and with no one to turn to, she ordered that the man marry her. Luckily for her, he'd fallen in love with her and eagerly agreed to it. The two were quick to marry and, due to his muggle and middle class status, she was disowned by her parents. They were never told of her pregnancy, and to this day they are unaware that they had become grandparents. Her nephew was the only person informed of her expectancy, and he was not at all pleased about it.

    The marriage was sweet at the beginning. So enamored by her beauty, Elsbeth's husband waited on her hand and foot. Soon enough, she gave birth to twins - a girl and a boy, whom she named Liesel and Ziven. They were beautiful and looked exactly like their parents. The babes did not reach a year of age, however, before they were met with an ill-fated death.

    After their birth, money was tight. Elsbeth's husband could not afford to feed all four of them. He began to gamble more and more often. Along with the gambling came the liquor. He drank every night and often was in an angry stupor by the end of it. He blamed her for ruining his life and spending all of his hard earned money on clothes, rather food for their children. She was beaten on several occasions, but she refused to leave. Her nephew saw the bruises and swollen lips and encouraged her to leave. He often came to visit to make sure that she was alright. Usually, he brought food for them and clothing and toys for the twins. Her husband was jealous of the time alone that they spend together, and accused them of having an incestuous relationship. The claim was denied, but he did not believe them. The two men ended up in a brawl - her nephew defending her honor. In a rage, her husband picked the twins up from their cradles and threw them against the stone wall. Their cries were silenced by sickening cracks.

    As Elsbeth cradled the broken bodies of her children, she was unaware that the fight had continued with fervor. With her nephew's back turned, her husband took a stew pot and hit the younger man as hard as he could in the head. Her nephew crumpled to the floor. Moments later, her husband forced himself on her. When he finally passed out from the excess of alcohol, she slit his throat. She took care of her nephew until he regained his consciousness and then sent for his carriage to take him home. As the sun rose, he helped her bury the bodies of her children in the village's graveyard.

    Her nephew offered to take her home with him, that perhaps they'd be able to sort it all out, but she refused. Elsbeth confessed of the murder she had committed and did not want to get him involved in it. She would be a fugitive running from the law in a matter of hours. She gathered her few possessions from her home and left. She hitchhiked and moved around as a loner. Elsbeth did whatever it took to get food in her belly and a place to sleep at night. She took her middle name, Gisella, as her last name rather than have her late husband's.

    Slowly, she began to make her way north from London. She had had no direction for at least a year before she ran into the witch that used to live down the street from Elsbeth's parent. The witch had completely lost her mind since then and had chosen to live on the streets. She spun tales about squibs stealing magic from wizards as well as a town that had sprung up near Hogwarts, solely for wizards. Despite having tried everything to get her own magic, Elsbeth had not tried the method that the witch suggested. The next morning, the woman was on her way to Hogsmeade. It was hard to find, given the fact that she was not a witch, but finally, at the beginning of February in her 25th year of life, she finally stumbled upon it, ragged, starving, and slightly mad - but determined nonetheless.

    Personality: Dramatic, bitter, incredibly jealous and possessive, competitive, vain and proud, ignorant, selfish and often manipulative. She can hold a grudge for an infinite amount of time. Her morals are horribly skewed and has become difficult for her to determine what is right and what is wrong.

    Patronus: N/A

    Boggart: The ghost of her ex-husband.

    Amortentia: Vanilla, the cologne of her nephew, and roses.

    Sample Roleplay Post: They're all over the board. ^^
    Out of Character
    Name: Lola

    Age: 21

    Contact: AIM or PM

    Other Characters: Violet Ollivander, Roderick Elkins, Declan Wood and Timothy Benton

    How did you hear about us?: I'm the admin. ^^
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    Daisypath Happy Birthday tickers
    I always feel weird accepting my own characters. >.>; Just a bit of a fun fact for those reading, Elsbeth has been a character I've played for over three years. She originally started out as a wolf and I've transformed her into a human to fit into Charming so that I can continue to play her. ^^