Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    10.16 Kayte's changed her (Charming) face!
    10.10 Congrats to September's PW winners Olive and Miri!
    10.03 An update on the Hogwarts ban...
    10.01 It's now October~
    09.30 The AC Approaches
    09.24 We have new Wenches!
    09.24 A wild election deadline appears!
    09.14 Witch Weekly needs more Wenches!
    09.10 Hags have hired!
    09.05 Hags are Hiring & Update your CML Entries
    09.04 Congratulations to Lynn and Bree for winning August's PW!
    09.02 The AC is underway, and the results are in for Camp Charming...
    Absence List
    If you're going to be absent for a few days, post here! We ask that you try to give us a return date as well as a list of characters that you play. Absences over a month long may not be exempt from inactivity removal.

    If you do not post with your characters for 2 months in a row, they will be inactivated even if there is an absence posted. Notices with no return date or a date more than a month in the future will be removed after one month.

    Please use the form below so that no important information is excluded. Remember that you can post partial (posting notably slow or a break from one specific character) or full absences here!

    [b]Status:[/b] Scarce or Absent
    [b]Characters Affected:[/b]
    [b]Date Leaving:[/b]
    [b]Date Returning:[/b]
    [b]About the Absence:[/b] Optional.

    What’s the difference between scarce and absent?
    • An absent player, for whatever reason, can’t get on much—if at all—to post or chat. They might be travelling, spawning, hosting company, or particularly buried by work/school. They might need an LOA for personal or health reasons. If you’re absent, we might see you in the box occasionally, and you probably won’t be posting much. Absences can exempt a player from one Activity Check, but absent players may not create new characters as long as the notice is posted.

      A scarce player is still likely to be around, but not as frequently or as long as usual. Posts will be slower but not altogether gone. They might be wrapping up school things but (like Kayte) still around off and on, they might be under the weather but still well enough to internet, or they might just be adjusting to a change in work hours. If you’re scarce, we’ll see you less, but it won’t be so much that we’ll cry ourselves to sleep missing you. Scarce players may still make new characters, but making more than one will nullify your AC absence.
    Name: Tiffany
    Status: Absent Scarce
    Characters Affected: All
    Date Leaving: lbr like two weeks ago
    Date Returning: September 9th November 1st
    About the Absence: band started up again + work is hellish with last minute vacationers. will return asap but I'm like emotionally/creatively tapped

    Edit/Update: September 3rd: Will be around when I can (Sunday evenings/Monday mornings/all day Tuesday). Things are balancing out with some good news coming to me. This means good news for threads/graphics. There is a possibility I could drop off the face of the earth unexpectedly, but as always get Nolan to yell at me.

    [-] The following 1 user Likes Valeria Greengrass's post:
       Ophelia Dippet
    [Image: oGpxmp.png]
    Lilypie First Birthday tickers
    Name: Momo
    Status: Scarce
    Characters Affected: Roman Crouch and Cupcake Whitledge
    Date Leaving: Today
    Date Returning: November 16.
    About the Absence: My school moved my thesis due date up by an entire month. *cries* I will still be around and posting (probably on weekends), but expect super slowness. ;_; I'll update this if by some miracle I finish early.
    Roman wears glasses now... sometimes.
    [Image: JgNYjgx.jpg]
    [Image: IdWXZx.png]

    Name: DAnte
    Status: Scabsent
    Characters Affected: all of mine
    Date Leaving: probably last week
    Date Returning: mid october
    About the Absence: idiots got themselves in legal trouble and im working 80 hour weeks to try and deal with it - people suck, people are idiots - dont become a lawyer
    [Image: mzYDJY.jpg]
    Thanks to Emma for banner recovery!! She found it in the depths of the interwebs
    Name: Kayte
    Status: Absent -> Scarce
    Characters Affected: All of them
    Date Leaving: October 6th
    Date Returning: October 23rd
    About the Absence: Roadtripping to New Hampshire from the 6th-15th (get at me, friends) during which I'll probably be absent unless I bring my laptop (undecided). Once I get back I'll be scarce for a week, as I've got a full week of subbing already booked!
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Odira Potter's post:
       Elsie Beauregard
    — Kayte isn't awesome at networking. Get in touch if you'd like a thread! —

    set by the unparalleled lady
    Name: Bee
    Status: Absent AF
    Characters Affected: everybody
    Date Leaving: 9/30/17
    Date Returning: TBA
    About the Absence:

    I apologize profusely to everyone I'm threadding with, but I've got some major life changes coming up that require my full focus on my family. I know I'm going to leave a lot of people hanging and it pains me to leave on such short notice, but I'm not in a good place now and I have absolutely no extra energy to devote to RP. I won't be gone forever, but I will be MIA for a while. I may pop in to say hi, but probably will only be phone lurking for the foreseeable future.

    Get Featured in Witch Weekly!
    [Image: rb7FoHm.png]
    stunning set by Lady ♥
    [Image: 2emz8zq.png]
    Name: Jenny
    Status: Absent
    Characters Affected:All
    Date Leaving: Like 2 weeks ago
    Date Returning: TBC
    About the Absence: Third year arch is kicking my butt!
    [Image: LVt7zaV.jpg]
    I owe MJ all my love <3
    Jenny has sold her soul to gods of architecture and is most likely absent to some degree unless otherwise said. If you need me, various people have non-charming ways of throwing stones at me
    Name: Hawke
    Status: Absent
    Characters Affected: All
    Date Leaving: October 1st
    Date Returning: October 15th
    About the Absence: Little sister in law is getting married so we'll be going out of town and have lots of prep going on. October will be scarce in general as well due to our anniversary and other things. I'll try to bulk post when hubs is working though!
    COMC, Muggle Studies, Ghoul Studies
    Another Godlike Nolan Set!

    [Image: IM9BIN.jpg]
    Name: Miri
    Status: Scabsent
    Characters Affected: See CML, please!
    Date Leaving: 10/6/17 - though if I'm being honest, it was about 2 weeks ago...
    Date Returning: Tentative date of 11/1/17
    About the Absence:
    I'm not in the head space for RPing at the moment! RL has been taking priority lately, which means less focus on Charming. Considering that, there's definitely going to be some character cuts come the AC - I think I've spoken to everyone I'm considering dropping - but I'm sorry to everyone I owe things to, I know I've been slacking, and I feel bad. <3
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Imogen MacFusty's post:
       Ellory Pendergast
    I'm currently very scarce, I'm sorry to everyone I owe things to. <3
    Please send all alerts to @Imogen MacFusty, thank you!
    [Image: 6ipiXdu.jpg]
    signature and avatar created by the talented ladybug
    Lilypie Maternity tickers
    Name: Bree
    Status: Scarce
    Characters Affected: All of them.
    Date Leaving: October 16
    Date Returning: October 20
    About the Absence:
    This is more of a warning, really. I have midterms for my College Algebra and Intro to Literature class that week, which means I'll be studying. I can't totally get rid of Charming for that week, though, because it's my stress-reliever and I'll definitely need something to relieve my stress. Hopefully it won't affect much!

    Bella was publicly disowned on September 11, 1887 after running away from home and currently lives with Coraline Cattermole in Southampton.

    Name: Olive
    Status: Absent
    Characters Affected: EVERYONE
    Date Leaving: October 16th
    Date Returning: October 19th

    Status: Scarce
    Date Leaving: October 23rd
    Date Returning: December 23rd

    About the Absence: I got a 9 week job in Cambridge which is great I guess but I start Monday. MONDAY. I don’t have a place to live and I’m gonna be all out of whack with schedule. I've fixed the no computer thing now, I finally bit the bullet and invested in a proper tablet/laptop replacement so I should be good to go on that front mid-week.
    Rune keeps spoiling me unexpectedly with graphical wonders

    Daisypath Anniversary tickers
    Name: Beanie
    Status: Absent
    Characters Affected: CML
    Date Leaving: 10/13
    Date Returning: 10/16
    About the Absence: Brb in London, not bringing laptop, etc.
    I just moved to a new country! [Image: mThvFq.png]
    set by MJ!

    [Image: 11shy53.gif][Image: 16204dv.gif]
    Name: Nichole
    Status: Scarce
    Characters Affected: all
    Date Leaving: 10/12
    Date Returning: 10/16
    About the Absence: I signed up for to much stuff and that means all my limited free time this weekend will be spend homeworking and sleeping

    Name: Nichole
    Status: Absent
    Characters Affected: all
    Date Leaving: 10/16
    Date Returning: 1/5
    About the Absence: Week before finals, finals, and senior trip. I'll likely be in cbox but I'm trying to not post because my grades are dying.
    Name: valxyries
    Status: absent!
    Characters Affected: all
    Date Leaving: right now tbh
    Date Returning: in December, right around Christmas.
    About the Absence: this is awful because I just came back from an absence, and then I was scarce but until everything school and exams are out of the way I won’t be able to post (or really do much). But, after Christmas/New Year everything should be back to normal!

    [Image: muHxLN.png]
    photoset by the darling MJ <3
    On my phone sorry no code!

    But! Hurricane @Ophelia Dippet is hitting Ireland tomorrow power and network outages are expected. I'll possibly be offline a few days Beanies area is going to be hit badly too as an FYI -worst storm since 1961.
    [Image: mzYDJY.jpg]
    Thanks to Emma for banner recovery!! She found it in the depths of the interwebs

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