Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Adult Clubs

    A gentlemen's club is a members-only private club of a type originally set up by and for British upper class men in the 18th century, and popularised by English upper-middle class men and women in the late 19th century and early 20th century. €œ Wikipedia

    On Charming, clubs serve as meeting places and even residences of the more affluent families - €since it was not always considered appropriate for the upper- and upper-middle class to frequent pubs. Players are encouraged to register their characters as club members if those characters would reasonably do so, with the following in mind:
    • No family or individual should spend more than one month's pay on a year's membership dues.
    • It is not the norm for all women to be in clubs. Save for The Lady Morgana, the only female characters who should register are those who genuinely wish to be there.
    • Most women in clubs would only belong to one club.
    • Men should not belong to more than three.
    • All members must be fifteen or older, and no longer be attending school.
    Please fill out the form appropriate to your club to register.  Please post back if your character dies, leaves the club(s), or your (female) character gets married.


    Black's is a gentlemen's club founded in London in 1693.  Enchanted to be invisible to muggles, it is located on St. James Street, right next to the muggle club White's. It has a door in Hogsmeade, found in Wellingtonshire. Black's is a particularly exclusive club - €it is almost impossible to get in unless your father was a member, and you can be asked to leave if you do anything particularly untoward.

    Black's boasts three dozen rooms, each spelled to be soundproof and with an adjoining small room for valets, that can be rented daily, weekly, or monthly by members. In addition to its London and Hogsmeade entry points, it also has doors in New York City, Paris, and Calcutta, though very few of its members are not British. It possesses two dining rooms, one for members only and one into which guests may be invited - €the only area that non-members have access to unless employed by a member. Save for the concierge, it is staffed exclusively with house elves. It also boasts a small library, a billiards room, a lounge, and a terrace overlooking a small rear garden.

    Dues are 50G annually.

    Members are:
    • Exclusively pureblooded.
    • Almost entirely upper class - €any middle class members come from families that were once upper class.
    • Not at all radical in their beliefs.
    • Of good reputation.

    [Image: Blacks.png]

      <tr><td></td><td>Last, First</td><td>Year Joined</td></tr>


    Atlantis is a gentlemen's club founded in London in 1828. It is less exclusive than Black's, though not as liberal as the Magical Equity Club. Like Black's, it is spelled not to be seen by muggles; in London, it can be found in Belgrave Square, with its Hogsmeade entry point located in Wellingtonshire.

    Atlantis boasts twenty rooms designed to muffle sounds, but not spelled to ensure complete privacy. The attic also hosts ten double-occupancy rooms for members' servants. Both may be rented by the day, week, or month. In addition to its London and Hogsmeade entry points, members may access it from Calcutta, though membership is exclusively British. It boasts one large dining room exclusive to members, save for lunch when guests may be brought.  In addition, it has a reading room, billiards room, and lounge. Its staff is entirely human, and its maids are hired for looks rather than brains.

    Dues are 50G annually.

    Members are:
    • Of any blood status.
    • Upper class or in the top two pay levels.
    • Of good reputation.

    [Image: atlantis.png]

      <tr><td></td><td>Last, First</td><td>Year Joined</td></tr>


    Young both in age and membership, Excalibur was founded in 1880 in reaction to the  "stodgy" image put forth by both Black's and Atlantis.  Most members are also members of Black's or Atlantis, or will be once their memberships to Excalibur expire. Excalibur can only be accessed via the High Street - €it has no other entry points. Most of its members socialize with their "“own kind".

    Excalibur is one of the larger club buildings in size, with fifty rooms available to rent weekly or monthly - €though it does not accommodate valets and the like. It boasts two dining rooms - one members-only and one admitting guests - €as well as a ballroom in which monthly dances are held that the gentlemen might interact more with the opposite sex. It is staffed entirely by house elves. Other amenities include a reading room, a lounge, two billiard rooms, a basement wrestling room, and a rooftop tennis court.

    Dues are 35G annually.

    Members are:
    • Pure- or half-blooded.
    • Upper class.
    • Between ages 17 and 29 - €members are ejected the day after their thirtieth birthday.
    • Not publically scandalous - €stay out of the papers!

    [Image: ex.png]

      <tr><td></td><td>Last, First</td><td>Year Joined</td></tr>


    The Magical Equity Club for gentlemen is known for its liberal perspective.  After Minister Spavin tried to get rid of muggles in 1881, the club was founded to promote equality. It is located on High Street and overlooks Padmore Park. They are the only group that is overtly political, and while members do not necessarily agree with all points of its agenda, they tend to support some or all of the following: universal suffrage (specifically for men, but some members do seek it for women as well), increased help for the poor, and, to varying levels, the cessation of mistreatment of non-humans such as vampires and werewolves. Often considered a club of dreamers, much of the population of Black's and Atlantis think them quite foolish.

    The club is small in size, with only a dozen rooms available to rent (daily and weekly). It boasts a public lecture hall, a dining room, a billiards room, a small rear garden, and a lounge. Its staff is exclusively human.

    Dues are 20G annually.

    Members are:
    • Of any blood status.
    • Upper class or middle class with pay level four or better.
    • Liberal.

    [Image: eq.png]

      <tr><td></td><td>Last, First</td><td>Year Joined</td></tr>


    Merlin's is a much a members-only pub as it is a gentlemen's club. Founded in 1878, it caters primarily to the upper middle class. It can be found both in the unfashionable end of Belgrave Park and in the middle of Hogsmeade's High Street. It is not a place for the idle rich, but for the working man of class and character who needs a place to unwind.

    Merlin's has two-dozen rooms available for members to rent weekly or monthly, with six additional rooms reserved for stays of three days or less. Though it lacks a formal dining room, its lounge does offer table service and light meals. It also has a billiards room, a reading room, and a tennis court in the basement. It is staffed by humans only.

    Dues are 20G annually.

    Members are:
    • Of any blood status.
    • Middle class and pay level four or better.
    • Of good reputation.

    [Image: Merlin.png]

      <tr><td></td><td>Last, First</td><td>Year Joined</td></tr>


    The Lady Morgana caters to the wives and daughters of the elite. Founded in 1837, its London premises is located beside Black's; its Hogsmeade entrance can be found in Wellingtonshire. The club members form three distinct social groups based upon age, but often come together for social and charity functions.

    The Lady Morgana offers separate dining and tea rooms. It is spelled so that non-members (save for lady's maids and club employees) cannot enter under any circumstances. It also offers a small reading room, a rear garden for croquet and badminton, a meeting room, an on-site dressmaker, and a sewing room for the lady's maids of members to wait and drink tea (served by house elves). Waiters and the house matron are human, with the rest of the club staffed by house elves. The club does not offer rooms to members, but has a small apartment for the house matron, who sees to the running of the house. It has an entry point in Paris as well.

    Dues are 50G annually.

    Members are:
    • Pureblooded.
    • The wife or daughter of a Black's member.
    • Of spotless reputation.
    • Unemployed, excepting healers.

    [Image: Morgana.png]

    <tr><td></td><td>Last, First</td><td>Supporting Man</td></tr>


    The Rose & Thistle is the newest magical ladies' club, having only been founded in the spring of 1883. It was established when some members of the Daughters of Demeter decided that they were sick of the "“riff raff" in the older club, but did not meet the membership criteria for The Lady Morgana. The Rose & Thistle is located in Wellingtonshire.

    The building hosts a large dining room, a smaller tea room open to guests of members, a sewing room, a reading room, and a music room. It is staffed exclusively by females. There are no rooms available.

    Dues are 35G annually.

    Members are:
    • Of any blood status.
    • Upper class or reputable middle class and sponsored by an upper-class member.
    • Unemployed, except as healers/mediwitches, shop employees - €not inns/pubs, €secretaries, welcome witches, or public information employees.
    • Of good reputation.
    • Were not lower class within the last ten years.

    [Image: rt.png]

    <tr><td></td><td>Last, First</td><td>Supporting Man/Club Sponsor (middle class)</td></tr>


    Daughters of Demeter was founded in 1880 so that ladies who didn't qualify for the Lady Morgana might have a place to congregate. It is situated in Bartonburg, with no other entry point.

    The club is modest in size, with a tea room, reading room, and sewing room - €but no other meeting area, nor rooms to rent.  It is staffed by three house elves who are quite happy to do the bidding of any of the club's members, but who do not like to leave the house.

    Dues are 20G annually.

    Members are:
    • Of any blood status.
    • The wife, widow, or daughter of someone pay level four or better.
    • Unemployed, except as healers/mediwitches, shop employees' €not inns/pubs, €secretaries, welcome witches, or public information employees.
    • Of good reputation.
    • Were not lower class within the last ten years.

    [Image: daughters.png]

    <tr><td></td><td>Last, First</td><td>Supporting Man</td></tr>

    [Image: RlYf65H.jpg]

    MembersNameYear Joined
    Alden, Bentley1876
    Avery, Augustus1868
    Beaumont, Mathias1876
    Black, Phineas1866
    Crouch, Aldous1873
    Dawlish, Herschel1813
    Devine, Roberto1873
    Echelon-Arnost, August1874
    Favreau, Adrien1883
    Flint, Stephen1870
    Lestrange, Cassius1884
    Lestrange, Claudius1877
    Lestrange, Lucius1846
    Lestrange, Tiberius1883
    Lukeson, Ryder 1861
    Macmillan, Charles1878
    Macmillan, Edward1875
    Macmillan, Killian1873
    Malfoy, Barnabas1832
    Malfoy, Gaius1874
    Montague, Jasper1874
    Parkinson, Felix1885
    Parkinson, Orpheus1875
    Pendergast, William1883
    Pettigrew, Albert1876
    Pettigrew, Thom1874
    Power, Conrí1880
    Prewett, Felix1878
    Prewett, Fitzroy1880
    Scrimgeour, Julius1880

    MembersNameYear Joined
    Cadwallader, Llewellyn1868
    Carmichael, Brandon1848
    Carmichael, Elliot1877
    Carmichael, Gawain1877
    Cavanaugh, Wesley1879
    Gallivan, Nathaniel1880
    Herondale, James1875
    Livesey, George1872
    Lupin, Leon1882
    Lytton, Marcus1885
    Rourke, Roland1886
    Sabilline, Nathaniel1887
    Simpson, Bernard1883
    Sleptov, Nikolai1878
    Urquart, Balthazar1875
    Wallingford, Garrett1877

    MembersNameYear Joined
    Alden, Bentley1880
    Carmichael, Elliot1880
    Crouch, Reuben1884
    Echelon, Alexander1880
    Favreau, Adrien1883
    Humphrey-Mavis, Frederick1880
    Humphrey-Mavis, John1886
    Lestrange, Cassius1884
    Macmillan, Edward1880
    Pendergast, William1883
    Pettigrew, Percy1884
    Prewett, Fitzroy1880
    Sabilline, Nathaniel1887
    Scrimgeour, Julius1880

    MembersNameYear Joined
    Beamish, Oswald1881
    Brownhill, Walt1882
    Cadwallader, Llewellyn1881
    Carmichael, Gawain1881
    Echelon-Arnost, August1881
    Gallivan, Nathaniel1882
    Lukeson, Ryder1881
    Scamander, Eugene1881
    Urquart, Balthazar1881

    MembersNameYear Joined
    Adlard, Percival1878
    Brownhill, Walt1879
    Calathes, Dionysus1879
    Calendar, Philip1882
    Fisk, Ari1881
    Fisk, Julian1882
    Fisk, Leonid1879
    Grimm, Edmund1880
    Hatchitt, Gabe1880
    Honeyduke, Quincey1877
    Keene, Baxter1883
    Littimer, Linus1864
    Ollivander, Gervaise1878
    Shacklebolt, Kingston1882
    Slughorn, Salazar1879
    Sterling, Benedict1880
    Weasley, Catigern1879
    Webster, Jonathan1881
    [Image: RlYf65H.jpg]

    Abercrombie, EvelynElwin Abercrombie
    Baudelaire, LigeiaJerome Baudelaire
    Beaumont, Cassandra (the late) Mathias Beaumont III
    Beaumont, OceaneMathias Beaumont IV
    Black, ElladoraPhineas Black
    Black, UrsulaPhineas Black
    Bones, AnnabelleHenry Bones
    Callum, Margaret(The Late) William Callum
    Crabbe, FrancesAmariah Crabbe
    Darby, LoveRudolph Darby
    Dawlish, BellamiraJoseph Dawlish
    Favreau, OlivieRainier Favreau
    Flint, GeorgianaOrson Flint
    Flint, Josephina(The late) Bernadus Flint
    Greengrass, ValeriaTheseus Greengrass
    Lestrange, AntigoneTiberius Lestrange
    Lestrange, TatianaTiberius Lestrange
    Lestrange, ViolettaAurelius Lestrange
    Lukeson, GuinevereRyder Lukeson
    Macmillan, HelenaJohn MacMillan
    Malfoy, NovemberGaius Malfoy
    Mulciber, EtanaVinzent Mulciber
    Mulciber, RufinaErnest Mulciber
    Pendergast, Atalanta Reuben Pendergast
    Pendergast, Ellory(the late) Philip Pendergast
    Pendergast, MinnieReuben Pendergast
    Pettigrew, LucyThom Pettigrew
    Prewett, Fiona(The late) Gideon Prewett
    Prewett, Harriet(The late) Gideon Prewett
    Runcorn, Sibella(the late) Roderick Runcorn
    Travers, DrusillaZachariah Travers
    Vaisey, PrunellaFlitterbloom Vaisey
    Vaisey, WilfriedaFlitterbloom Vaisey
    Winthrop, CarolineVincent Winthrop
    Young, HarmonyConrad Young

    Antonova, ElizavettaDmitry Antonov
    Carmichael, GwendaJames Carmichael
    Carmichael, VirginiaBrandon Carmichael
    Cattermole, CoralineMortimer Whitledge
    Cavanaugh, LucindaWesley Cavanaugh
    Greyback, AntoniaAngus Greyback
    Lacey, ReginaKillian Tabiner
    MacFusty, VioletHamish MacFusty
    Morzolla, SocelliaFiorenziano Morzolla I
    Parkinson, AndromedaAstrid Parkinson
    Riley, Calliope(the late) Daniel Riley
    Scamander, PolymniaEugene Scamander
    Silvertree, Prudence(the late) Caesar Silvertree
    Sleptova, EvaNikolai Sleptov
    Sleptova, UstinyaNikolai Sleptov
    Wallingford, AureliaGarrett Wallingford

    Greene, FlorenceCory Greene
    Huddleston, LilyTerrence Huddleston
    Mohr, ThrenodyEdward Mohr
    Skeeter, MarthaMaxwell Skeeter
    Weasley, CatherineCaradog Weasley
    Weasley, MarcellaCatigern Weasley
    [Image: RlYf65H.jpg]

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