Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Hannah Echelon
    In Character
    Full Name: Hannah Aurelia Echelon

    Birthdate: December 13th, 1864

    Current Age: 21 Years

    Occupation: Debutante, former Pendergast Rose

    Reputation: 4, due to her late father's transgressions.

    Residence: Wellingtonshire, with Uncle August.

    Hogwarts House: Slytherin Alumna

    Wand: Ash, 11", peacock feather, rigid.

    Blood Status: Pureblood

    Social Class: Upper Class

    Thom Pettigrew, fiance, 1855 and family

    Sebastian Echelon, father, 1842 - 1885
    Violet Echelon nee Wolfram, mother, 1845
    Alexander Echelon, brother, 1862
    Tomas Echelon, brother, 1863 - 1885
    Rolf Echelon, twin brother, 1864

    Hector, pet

    and countless others

    Hannah possesses golden hair that is usually pinned up in some braided fashion, and bright blue eyes that nearly always hold a mischievous sparkle. She stands at 5’ 5” tall, inheriting the genes for relative gianthood from the rest of the Echelons, with an attractive hourglass figure. She strives to keep on the cutting edge of fashion, and loves to wear blues and golds to emphasize her eyes. Hannah is right-handed.
    1864 | Hannah and Rolf are born.

    1868 | Hannah and Rolf never got along particularly well. In fact, Hannah's first act of magic was to set fire to Rolf's favorite rocking horse. While her father was simply glad to see she hadn't turned out a squib like her disgraced aunt Elsbeth, her mother was rather put out with the unladylike display.

    1871 | Hannah enters a temperamental phase that lasts until her third year at Hogwarts begins, mostly in an attempt to get attention from her father. It doesn't work.

    1876 | Hannah and Rolf are sent to Hogwarts without much fanfare from their father, but Hannah is excited to get out of the boring house and away from her insufferable twin and her idiotic older brothers. She is sorted into Slytherin and is quite pleased with herself. She quickly becomes even closer to Carrie Winthrop, her cousin, despite the Gryffindor/Slytherin house rivalry.

    1878 | Hannah throws a formidable fit when her father forbids her from playing Quidditch. Though she does enjoy the sport in its own right, this was mostly yet another bid to get some attention from Sebastian. When he simply forbids it and continues to ignore her, she stops trying and simply begins ignorning him in return.

    1881 | As Hannah grows older, it begins to strike her as odd that she hasn't a clue what her father does for a living; it became quite annoying to her that she can't humble-brag about her family's success with the rest of the upper class girls. After her father stonewalls her inquiries even more so than usual, she becomes quite suspicious indeed of his activities. Tomas shares her suspicions, but unlike him she sees no reason to lose sleep over it -- particularly while she is still dependent on Mr. Echelon for a dowry!
    1883 | Hannah graduates Hogwarts with a respectable number of NEWTs, but dreads returning to her impossibly dull home. She spends the following year at every social event she can manage, hoping to get married off quickly to avoid any unpleasantness that might arise from her father's activities. Though she catches the attention of a few suitors, she finds some reason to break it off with each of them before things progress to courting. Though she doesn't admit it until much later on, she secretly fears ending up in a cold, miserable marriage (like that of her parents) more than anything, and is holding out for something more, though she can't quite pin down what that is.

    September 1884 | When the Pendergast School opens in Irvingly, Hannah jumps at the chance to improve her marriageability and get away from home, and begs to be enrolled. Sebastian, not really giving a shit one way or another, acquiesces in short order and sends her off to get her out of his hair.

    Late 1884 - Early 1885 | Hannah becomes acquainted with a friend of her Uncle August's, Mr. Thomas Pettigrew, and quickly grows infatuated with him despite the fact that he is still mourning his first wife.

    1885 | Sebastian forbids Hannah from seeing Thom. She soon learns that he attempted to extort a bride price from Thom when he asked to court her, and any scrap of filial love she might have had for her father is destroyed. They continue to write secretly, and despite a series of unfortunate events (including a failed attempt at elopement), infatuation grows into love.

    At the end of April, however, disaster strikes again when Sebastian is murdered, the Echelon home is burned to the ground (killing Tomas in the blaze), and Sebastian's human trafficking business is discovered during the investigation. The Ministry seizes his estate, leaving his widow and children with nothing. Hannah is subsequently dismissed from PSYR, and moves in with her uncle, August Echelon-Arnost. Thom and Hannah agree to continue their relationship in secret until her mourning period is over, and though this is some comfort, she cannot help but feel lost.

    Maintaining a secret courtship proves to have its own challenges, with Thom's mother attempting to matchmake for him and a rouge veela roaming about Hogsmeade, but the two manage to make it work. Secretly, Hannah joins up with a underground ladies' dueling club on a rage-filled impulse, and actually finds it to be rather liberating, though she never says as much to anyone else, not even Thom.

    1886 | Hannah's frustration at her newfound social status and unwanted mourning period is only exacerbated by her former PSYR roommate, Ophelia Dippet, and her attempts to further ruin her socially. After Ophelia smears her in the Daily Prophet in January, Hannah does her best to ride out her last few months of mourning without attracting any unwanted attention, and for the most part succeeds. Things finally look to be improving for her -- until Thom has to go away to America for business for several months, further delaying their engagement. The two exchange letters during their separation, and Thom promises in no uncertain terms to sweep her off her feet with a grand marriage proposal as soon as he returns.

    In August, Thom finally does propose, and Hannah gleefully accepts. Though he had given her an awful fright the week before, hinting that perhaps something else had come up to delay their union, Hannah decides to put it out of her mind, and trust that everything would be fine. He wouldn't have proposed otherwise, would he?
    Brightly cheerful. Clever. Witty. Proud. Manipulative. Scheming. Self-centered. Fun-loving. Easily provoked to anger.

    Out of Character
    Name: Ori
    Age: 23
    last updated August 26, 2016
    [Image: RTPnycC.jpg]
     Pregnancy Ticker

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    Rune's set skills are phantasmagorical <3

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