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First names were most often used by childhood or school friends. If the friendship was made after school age, first names would only really be used by women. Men were far more likely to refer to their friends by their surnames, a mark of familiarity. — Documentation

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Carson Bixby for Sloane Bixby. You can take the middle-aged man out of quidd—oh, apparently you can't.
Separating was also not a great idea, though they weren't doing great at staying together anyway. If she were to volunteer to be the human sacrifice.. well... Hogsmeade had plenty of debutantes anyway...

Barnabas Skeeter in CYOA: Group D

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Misery Loves Its Company | Bree's Networking | WIP

Hi, my name's Bree and I suck at networking. You can find my characters on the Character Directory or my (hopefully updated?) Post Logs if you're feeling more curious about what they've been up to. I rarely say know to threads and plots unless I already have too many threads with said character or if it wouldn't fit their personality. Otherwise, I'm usually game.

If you have any specific connection needs (e.g. a friend to name-drop, an excuse for your character to be in a certain location, etc.), this is a good place to ask for them. It's also a good place to leave threads you've made for me if we've discussed something!

I'm currently looking for things (anything, tbh) with the following characters:
Albert Pettigrew / Aria Belby / Eula Bonham / George Carmichael / Jossima Warbeck / Rhoda Edgecombe / Violetta Lestrange

Also I have students that will need ~school things once Hogwarts starts up in September. They're in order from youngest to oldest:
Carius Bulstrode / Flora Mulciber / Holly Scrimgeour / Cameron Gillenwater / Aria Belby / Frida Lestrange / Justice Rookwood / Leah Beauregard / Eldin Bones

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Post Log
updated 06.17.2018

SHIP SHEET | Post Logs

    The connections above are not all-inclusive; if you have a specific plot/relationship you're interested in, please let me know! As long as it's realistic for my characters, I'm usually down for almost anything!
    The easiest way to reach me is through skype, but PMing Edric Umbridge is the second-easiest way to contact me if you don't have that. If you don't have my skype username, PM me!

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SWP 8 is finally upon us, which means I'll obviously be wanting my fair share of action! I already have a number of thread and plot ideas for specific characters, which I'll lay out here in case anyone is interested!

Here are my characters currently inside the fog-zone:
Here are my characters currently outside the fog-zone:
Here are my characters who can come in and out of the fog-zone:
updated 07.30.2018

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I know my networking is still WIP, but I have needs and I'll never get them fulfilled if I wait to finish :P
    Eldin Bones needs friends! UCPB boys around his age (+2 years) is the best option, though UCHB, MCPBs, and maybe MCHB are other options. He's generally unprejudiced but sticks with his social circle because it's traditionally what's done. Other house quidditch players (Slytherin or not!) are also options.

    Holly Scrimgeour needs...everything, really. She doesn't have many friends and she doesn't have much going on as is goes into her second year!

    Leah Beauregard needs friends! Her BFF is Prudence Browne and she's acquainted with her friends, but she'd probably do well to have people who actually enjoy her presence rather than put up with it.

    Justice Rookwood needs friends! House quidditch players! History nerds! Other Ravenclaws around his age (+ 2 years), both male and female, are also options!

    Flora Mulciber needs people trapped at the Sanditon for the summer who aren't Paxton Fudge.

    Frida Lestrange is a PREFECT and I'm hyped. She's too nice to brag but I will be posting a shit load of prefect-related threads once Hogwarts starts up. I'd also like to establish some friends she could make once Hogwarts starts up again so I'm not harassing solely Kayte for threads with Blythe Fairchild.

    Cameron Gillenwater needs incoming third year male students. Make some plz. Alternatively, if you have an incoming second year female Gryffindor, hit me up because my goal is to have him thread w/ all of them.

    Aria Belby needs werewolf drama and/or friends. Maybe friends with werewolf drama—the choice is yours.

    Carius Bulstrode needs incoming first years to befriend and/or thread with when school starts.

    ....onto the non-students, I guess. >.>

    Eula Bonham is new and I'd like to friend!hurl her at all the WC women. Hit me up.

    Jossima Warbeck needs quidditch-industry friends/acquaintances/coworkers/etc.

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(July 30, 2018 – 2:15 PM)Edric Umbridge Wrote:
Eula Bonham is new and I'd like to friend!hurl her at all the WC women. Hit me up.

It's not friend-hurling, but hi~
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