Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Adella Beauregard
    In Character
    Full Name: Adella Alice Calendar née Beauregard
    Nicknames: Dell, Della    
    Birthdate: February 14th, 1863
    Current Age: 24
    Occupation: Seamstress @ House of Lytton
    Residence: Bartonburg
    Hogwarts House: former Hufflepuff
    Wand: 11¼" inches, rosewood, ashwinder ash core
    Blood Status: half
    Social Class: middle
    Vincent Beauregard: | [1834] father, trading company manager
    Stella Beauregard née Walsh | [1838] mother, Governess
    Shay Ross: [4.21.1861] Surrogate Brother (family ward), Werewolf Capture Unit
    Bentley Beauregard | [12.6.1861 - 10.2.1883] Brother, Craftsman
    Adella Beauregard | [2.14.1863] Sister, Seamstress
    Harvey Beauregard | [4.12.1867] Brother, Hufflepuff
    Charlotte Beauregard | [5.23.1871] Sister, Ravenclaw
    Owen Beauregard | [5.23.1871] Brother, Gryffindor

    Charles & Edna Beauregard née Quigley | Uncle and Aunt
    --Lucinda Cavanaugh née Beauregard | [8.23.1863] Cousin & family
    --Sebastian Beauregard | [4.30.1866] Cousin, Healer
    --Phoebe Beauregard | [6.28.1868] Cousin, Hufflepuff

    Maurice & Alice Beauregard née Endicott | Uncle and Aunt
    --Chester Beauregard | [1861] Cousin, Ministry Worker
    --Theodore Beauregard | [1864/65] Cousin
    --Emmett Beauregard | [1868] Cousin, Professional Quidditch Player
    --Leah Beauregard | [4.24.1872] Cousin, Slytherin
    Appearance: Seemingly very dissimilar in appearance from her siblings, Della has her father's fair features while many of her siblings have the darker features of their mother; the others are a mix of each. Della doesn't much mind, her blonde hair is something she likes about herself, but she doesn't always consider herself beautiful. She envies the way Elsie's hair curls naturally, while she has to take special care of hers to keep it smooth. She's slender, though fairly short, and her heart-shaped face is often smiling. Her eyes are a pale, watery blue, under long, light lashes. Adella tries to stick to the fashions of the day, but without the monetary means to, she only gets a new dress every so often. Most of her hand me downs go to Elsie, though she fears her sister may end up taller that she is.

    History: Vincent and Stella Beauregard have been blessed with six children. Vincent himself is one of six and Stella one of four. Both families have hovered in the middle class for a couple of generations, though two of Stella's sisters married up in society. Both families are of mixed blood, purebloods, half-bloods, even a couple of muggleborns, but it doesn't much matter. The parents believe that no matter your origin, you were born of magic for a reason and you should learn as much as you can about it and treasure it for what it is; a gift.

    The Beauregard children have neither been given nor denied much in their life. Things have never been particularly hard for the family, but nothing has ever been handed to them either. It was simple, middle-class life the family lead, in which both of their parents worked. There has never been much drama in the Beauregard household, until the entire wizarding world turned topsy-turvy.

    In the widespread fear of exposed magic, the Beauregard family relocated to Hogsmeade from Liverpool, purely for the peace of mind. While Vincent lost his job, he quickly found another with an all wizarding company. His affinity for working with numbers and money was a huge asset to many shipping companies on the coast; he turned his attention to wizarding companies of similar stock. Stella took the time to pack up her home and her children and made sure they were settled before she returned to her own occupation.

    Adella took the move rather harshly. She had friends and a life established in Liverpool. She had already been attending Hogwarts at the time and now she knew she would be closer, but still it was hard. Having her siblings around made it easier and she tried to focus on helping Elsie adjust to life at school, but she still missed their home. She gradually got used to Hogsmeade, but it still isn't feeling like home yet.

    Upon graduation, Adella was desperately looking forward to her Coming Out party. She wasn't sure her parents were going to be able to throw her one and they tried, but she took part in the school-sponsored one with her classmates. She knew that with two girls behind her, it would be unfair of her parents to be able to throw her one, but not Elsie and Charlie, so Della fully accepted their reasons for her to participate in the Hogwarts Coming Out. Della thoroughly enjoyed herself at the party and met some great guys, but nobody gave her that spark, that romantic feeling that was supposed to take you over when you've found that special somebody. She was mildly relieved that nothing came of those interactions, albeit a little disappointed. Della has always had many delusions about getting married, the biggest one that you will fall head over heels in love with your new betrothed, like her parents did. What she doesn't realize is that her parents relationship wasn't typical of their time either, they were just lucky. Her parents weren't going to push her into something she wasn't ready for, so she accepted the job as seamstress for the meantime. She could at least start saving to buy herself some new dresses and appear more like a lady when attending functions. It wasn't her first choice for an occupation if she had to have one, but she is good at it and she is saving, not to mention helping out her mother. She's hoping that if nothing comes on the marriage front that if she saves up enough, she can start looking for a governess job, or perhaps apply to teach at Hogwarts.

    Personality: Adella is by far the most outgoing of her siblings. She doesn't mind approaching people and making them talk to her. She had quite a few friends in school and is still close with some of them. Dell has few aspirations in life other than to find somebody she loves and have kids of her own. Basically she wants a happily ever after and her prince charming. She looks up to her mother and the life she built with her father. They did not have any form of an arranged marriage. They met and fell in love the right way and they seem to be so happy, even though her father spends so much time away. Della is a hopeless romantic, but can also be a realist. All that aside, she knows she needs to work in order to help her family, so she took on a part time position at a local tailoring shop.

    Sample Roleplay Post: added first post :
    Things always got so quiet when her younger siblings went back to school in the autumn. Her father was off traveling and everyone at home spent their days at work. Her mother always got home first and Bentley last. Sometimes it was nice to have her mother all to herself, but sometimes it would even be nice to have the house to herself. Dell liked the controlled chaos of their whole family under one roof, but every now and then the quiet was just as nice. A lot of thinking had gone on lately and she wondered seriously about the direction of her own life.

    Della looked at her parent's romance, their strong foundation of love and she wanted it so badly for herself. Sure, her father traveled a lot, but it was clear on both her mother's and father's faces when they saw one another just how in love they were. They were always near one another, smiling and just enjoying one another when they were all home. Adella always admired her parent's bond and was holding out for one of her own.

    The problem was, she didn't know how long it would take.

    While she enjoyed her job, she wasn't exactly sure she could live her whole life as a spinster. It would be hard for her to watch all of her friends find what they wanted when she couldn't do the same. It was such a pity that a good guy, with his head on straight and a big heart, was so hard to find. She really wasn't asking all that much, was she?

    Instead of heading straight home after her day at the store, she meandered toward the park. She knew she should go home and help her mother make dinner, but she just couldn't find the energy to rush home. The weather was turning chilly, but she enjoyed the crisp feeling to the breeze. It reminded her of life's inevitable changes and how she could either stand her ground or go with the flow. The problem was; she wasn't sure what to do. She honestly expected her Coming Out to go more smoothly, but none of the gentlemen she'd met there were what she was looking for. Bentley kept telling her that she was being too picky. Elsie had little to say on the matter. That girl was too level-headed for her own good. She was far too mature for fifteen. At eighteen Dell was supposed to be the one with everything figured out, but it wasn't that way and she didn't know what to do to change it.

    These thoughts filled her head as she wandered through the park, just a short distance from Bentley's shop. She knew she should wait for him to escort her home and he often reminded her of this, but she never knew when he would be leaving work and it was still light out. She wasn't overly worried and she wanted some time to herself to think. If she had been thinking she would have brought her journal with her so she could keep track of her thoughts and ideas on the day. When she last reviewed her own journal everything seemed to be about her future. It was a constant worry in her head, though she hardly ever expressed the thoughts. She was a good girl, attending the parties she was invited to, working to help out, she even got a new dress recently for all of her hard work at the shop. A lovely, deep blue one that brought out her eyes; she couldn't wait to wear it to an event, but nothing seemed to come of her good behavior. She heard so many stories, include those going on at Hogwarts through the town gossip and then in the Prophet. She momentarily worried about her siblings, but realized she had little to actually worry about. She and Bentley were the most outspoken in their family, though Owen could certainly get there one day.

    Pausing in her walk to sit for a minute, she arranged her skirts to keep her legs warm, eyes on the water of the lake as she watched the ducks swim by her. Everything was fine, she kept telling herself, though she couldn't help but focus on her situation. It was disheartening and her mind wandered on its own accord. It wasn't until she heard a voice pulling her from her reverie that she looked up with a, "Hmmm?" Not the best answer, but she honestly hadn't been paying attention.

    Out of Character
    Name: Bee
    Age: 30
    Contact: @Elsie Beauregard
    [Image: IfBUeY.png]
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