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First names were most often used by childhood or school friends. If the friendship was made after school age, first names would only really be used by women. Men were far more likely to refer to their friends by their surnames, a mark of familiarity. — Documentation

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Emilia Wright for Jude Wright. Casually alienating offspring since 18882.
Separating was also not a great idea, though they weren't doing great at staying together anyway. If she were to volunteer to be the human sacrifice.. well... Hogsmeade had plenty of debutantes anyway...

Barnabas Skeeter in CYOA: Group D

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Complete threads set in ten different forum locations. Threads must have at least ten posts, and three must be your own. Character accounts cannot be combined.


Posting Wizard of the Month
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Posting Wizard of the Month

The Posting Wizard of the Month Contest is a program that counts all In Character posts posted during the course of one real life month. The people with the highest total posts win bragging rights as well as stamps for their stamp collection:


— For a person with multiple characters, each of your individual characters posts for the month will be added together for one total count. Only ten characters per player may be signed up.
— All accidental posts that are in the IC forums must be taken care of. i.e. posts under the wrong account, wrong forum, etc. or deleted.
— In order to register, post here as a reply with a list of all your characters that are participating via the template, please list characters alphabetically.
— There will be two winners per month. The first winner must be someone who hasn't won a competition yet or someone who hasn't won in 12+ months. The second winner can be a repeat winner. If everyone who signs up for that month has already competed, the highest post count wins.
— You can enter as many times as you'd like. If the winner has already won the contest once, they can use these winnings toward the 3, 6, or 12 times of winning Posting Wizard of the Month stamps.
— If you win one month, you cannot signup for the following two months. I.e: if you win January's competition, you cannot enter February's or March's, but you can enter April's.
Sign-Ups close on Activity Check Day. The competition will last throughout the entire month of competition and end with the following Activity Check.

Past Winners

January 2011: Mabs, with 64 posts.
February 2011: Kayte with 26 posts.
March 2011: Emily with 69 posts.
April 2011: Olive with 76 posts.
May 2011: No competition this month.
June 2011: MJ with 44 posts.
July 2011: Penny with 21 posts.
August 2011: Andy with 11 posts.
September 2011: Soph with 72 posts.
October 2011: Kat with 41 posts.
November 2011: Jen with 76 posts.
December 2011: Bee with 72 posts.

January 2012: Lynn with 104 posts.
February 2012: No competition this month.
March 2012: Beanie with 38 posts.
April 2012: No competition this month.
May 2012: No competition this month.
June 2012: No competition this month.
July 2012: No competition this month.
August 2012: Soph with 467 posts.
September 2012: Emily with 270 posts.
October 2012: Soph with 222 posts.
November 2012: Lynn with 475 posts.
December 2012: Emily with 513 posts.

January 2013: No competition this month.
February 2013: Emily with 479 posts.
March 2013: Bee with 307 posts, Janni with 234 posts.
April 2013: Olive with 209 posts, Anastasia with 306 posts.
May 2013: Soph with 194 posts, Bex with 58 posts.
June 013: Beanie with 82 posts, Lauren with 132 posts.
July 2013: Anastasia with 193 posts, Andy with 113.
August 2013: Soph with 200 posts, Mal with 5 posts.
September 2013: Kat with 141 posts, Roo with 2 posts.
October 2013: Soph with 110 posts.
November 2013: Beanie with 134 posts, and Stef with 47 posts.
December 2013: Kayte with 150 posts, Doodle with 17 posts.

January 2014: Bex with 46 posts, Miri with 23 posts.
February 2014: Soph with 162 posts, Rosa with 99 posts.
March 2014: Beanie with 117 posts, Jenny with 181 posts.
April 2014: Emily with 291 posts, Cait with 76 posts.
May 2014: Kayte with 88 posts, Emma with 30 posts.
June 2014: Emily with 215 posts.
July 2014: Soph with 192 posts, Bree with 144 posts.
August 2014: Jenny with 118 posts, Atlas with 57 posts.
September 2014: Soph with 113 posts.
October 2014: Emily with 119 posts.
November 2014: No competition this month.
December 2014: Emma with 94 posts.

January 2015: Bee with 84 posts, Val with 175 posts.
February 2015 : Emma with 596 and Hymn with 25.
March 2015 : Emily with 298 posts.
April 2015: Emma with 702 posts and Ori with 88 posts.
May 2015: Emily with 452 posts and Cait with 87 posts.
June 2015: Soph with 300 posts and Ladybug with 88 posts.
July 2015: Olive with 86 posts.
August 2015: Steph with 62 posts.
September 2015: Emily with 181 posts and with 71 posts.
October 2015: Emma with 394 posts.
November 2015: Bee with 120 posts and Beanie with 104 posts.
December 2015: Emily with 124 posts.

January 2016: Olive with 213 posts and Kayte with 183 posts.
February 2016: Soph with 165 posts and Hawke with 49 posts.
March 2016: Steph with 105 posts and Alex with 86 posts.
April 2016: Kayte with 117 posts and Eisande with 92 posts.
May 2016: Lady with 96 posts and Kerp with 75 posts.
June 2016: Emma with 133 posts and Dante with 103 posts.
August 2016: Olive with 93 posts.
September 2016: Té with 79 posts.
October 2016: Ocean with 50 posts.
November 2016: Olive with 120 posts.
December 2016: Emma with holy shit Bee forgot, sorry!

January 2017: Lauren with 61 posts.
February 2017: Olive with 59 posts.
March 2017: Kayte: with 112 posts.
April 2017: Emma with 53 posts.
May 2017: Lynn with 329 posts.
June 2017: Dante with 97 posts.
July 2017: Soph with 399 posts and Beanie with 170 posts.
August 2017: Lynn with 278 posts and Bree with 206 posts.
September 2017: Olive with 136 posts and Miri with 12 posts.
October 2017: Beanie with 132 posts and Kelly with 74 posts.
November 2017: Bree with 59 posts and Alex with 41 posts.
December 2017: Olive with 57 posts.

January 2018: No competition due to move.
February 2018: No competition due to move.
March 2018: No competition due to move.
April 2018: Bree with 193 posts and Kayte with 85 posts.
May 2018: Fallin with 77 posts and Lauren with 57 posts.
June 2018: Beanie with 164 posts and MJ with 98 posts.
July 2018: Hawke with 336 posts and Bee with 156 posts.
August 2018: Bree with 230 posts and Kit with 20 posts.

PMs on this account will not be checked.
Instead, please contact Ursula Black, Aldous Crouch, Cassius Lestrange, Elias Grimstone, Elladora Black, or Elsie Beauregard with any questions, issues, or concerns.

September Entrants:
Kelly Acacia Ruskin
Ace Lukeson
Camille Scrimgeour
Claire Bénet
Goodluck Warbeck
Henrietta Davis
Hestia Fairchild
Jeremiah Tatting
Regina Lacey
Sweetie Whitledge

PMs on this account will not be checked.
Instead, please contact Ursula Black, Aldous Crouch, Cassius Lestrange, Elias Grimstone, Elladora Black, or Elsie Beauregard with any questions, issues, or concerns.

Sign-ups for October Posting Wizard are now CLOSED!

PMs on this account will not be checked.
Instead, please contact Ursula Black, Aldous Crouch, Cassius Lestrange, Elias Grimstone, Elladora Black, or Elsie Beauregard with any questions, issues, or concerns.


Abraxas Crabbe
Blythe Fairchild
Cyrus Westerman
Desdemona Pettigrew
Elinor Goyle
George Waterford
Gervaise Ollivander
Ines Valentine
Maeve Connolly
Virginia Carmichael

— Aldous walks with a cane and pronounced limp as the result of a splinching accident. —

— graphics by mj ❤ —
Alice Said

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Adelia Lovegood
Antigone Lestrange
Charles Macmillan
Hesper Gamp
Petra Sleptova
Questor Spryly
Theodoric Jameshill
Ursula Black

Ooh, count me in!

Eleanor Rigby
Arabella Wood
Orinda Ruskin
Abigail Langley
Lydia Lockhart
Jeremiah Hamilton
October is already looking to be a bit better, so I'll join in to at least try!

Billie Farrow
Fleur Rey
Archer Belby
Thomas Montgomery
Gilbert Whitechapel
Ava Gedge
Leo Lupin

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Awesome signature by MJ!  Thank yoooou!
I think I can enter again? May as well give it a shot!
Felicity Adlard
Fletcher Langley
Fortuna Lockhart
Harrison Vance
James MacFusty
Louisa Lupin
Magdalena Byrne
Monet Brown
Shawn Delaney
Tansy Tatting

Un-BEElievable Bee Set
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Fallin with

Caroline Delaney
Lucille Flint
Nimiane Bellchant
Percival Adlard Jr.
Rufus Bixby
Sisse Thompsett
Somersby Fudge
Sybille Lukeson
Hudson Woodcroft
Ellsworth Ruskin

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An amazing signature from Bee <3

Alex with:
Audrey Balthrop
Ivory Kamaria
Jacob Babineaux
Souri Corcoran

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