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Ancelin - Naeva's Diary
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Naeva's diary is a small leather-bound book kept either at the bottom of her school trunk or in her bedside table at home. Third location to be added.

24 April, 1888

The end of the school year approaches, and with it, the end of my time at Hogwarts. I'm not sure how to feel about it. The future is a mystery to be unfolded; I suppose that's the real reason I've stuck with Divination. But what I'm really quite nervous about is what comes after finishing school. Last week's article on society wives to avoid, it made me nervous. I hope that the future doesn't hold such slander for me.

I feel that finishing school will be the right path to finding my place in society. It is better to be educated in elegant graces than to experience things firsthand and flounder.
13 May, 1888
— Ancelin —

Exams begin tomorrow. I will be sitting for Defense Against the Dark Arts on Tuesday, Potions on Friday, Transfiguration next Monday, Astronomy next Tuesday, and...I'm not entirely certain what day I'll be sitting for Divination, but that'll be either Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday of next week. I hope that I find myself successful.

I hope that my exams do not hold me back from attending finishing school.
25 July, 1888
— Ancelin —

My world is filled with one thing - uncertainty. Hogsmeade and Irvingly are blanketed in a magic-dampening fog. All that is certain is that I will not be debuted until Pendergast's School reopens its doors, free from this accursed fog and its accompanying bestial threat, and I have attended at least two years. Hopefully that is all I require.

This damned fog. My hair hasn't been right in weeks, and on top of that, Father's lessons came to an immediate halt upon its arrival in Hogsmeade. I fear to leave my own home, out of concern that a vampire might find me a delicious snack, or worse!

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