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Auror Training Program

The Auror Training Program is one of the most rigorous courses of study available to an adult witch or wizard. Becoming an Auror in Training (AIT) is difficult; becoming a full-fledged Auror more challenging still.


In order to even be considered for the Auror Training Program (ATP), the potential trainee must have no fewer than 5 E-rated NEWTS, which must include Defence Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Charms, and Potions. Most students enter training following completion of their seventh year at Hogwarts, however older characters may apply (with staff approval). In any given year, the program admits a maximum of six students, however they usually admit fewer and sometimes admit none at all.

Students who meet the academic criteria are then given physical and psychological assessments that determine whether or not they are suited for the work. Just because an applicant qualifies does not mean they will be admitted: only the best applicants in a given year are accepted. Trainees are usually male, but occasionally female.

Applications are accepted from July 31st (the day NEWT scores are released) until the end of the second week of August. In addition to NEWT scores, applicants will submit a personal essay and at least one letter of reference. Successful first-round applicants will then undergo other assessment, and may not know until the day before training begins whether or not they have been accepted.

Applicants with criminal histories are not permitted to enter the program.

~Program & Courses

Like Hogwarts, an AIT’s “school year” runs from September through May, however the vast majority do the work of a departmental intern through the summer months (those who do not do not get paid for twelve weeks).

For the first two years, AITs take seven courses:
Stealth & Tracking
Concealment & Disguise
Poisons & Antidotes
Field Medicine
Combative Magic
Paperwork & Drudgery

In addition to examinations, second year trainees will have three controlled “field tests”, wherein they will be presented with a scenario that requires the use of all the skills they have required so far. They may remain in the program if they do poorly on their field test, however a poor performance will hinder their ability to find a mentor.

Year three differs slightly—most notably, only three days are spent in class each week, and three are spent with a mentor (Sundays are left free for study or personal concerns). It also sees a reduced course load as Paperwork & Drudgery, Field Medicine, and Law are removed from the lineup.

A trainee does not choose their mentor; the mentor chooses the trainee. A mentor is a fully qualified auror who has been practicing for at least five years. Aurors may mentor one AIT at a time, but don’t have to mentor any if none are to their liking. Under the guidance of their mentor, trainees will see real field experience for the first time—how it’s structured varies from auror to auror.

~Graduation & Dismissal

In order to graduate from the program and become a full auror, the AIT must not only pass all of their exams, but must be approved by the Head Auror—who gets feedback from instructors and the trainee’s mentor. After graduation, fledgling aurors get a two-week holiday before beginning regular duty.

Of course, not everyone has a happy ending. There are numerous ways to leave the program without completing it successfully. Trainees will be ejected from the program if:

— They fail, at any point, one of their examinations.
— They are, at any point, deemed mentally unfit for service.
— They display unsavoury conduct.
— They fail to find a mentor before September 1st of their third year.

Trainees may willingly leave the program for personal reasons if they have already completed their first year. These students will be allowed to return the following year, provided they have the approval of the Head Auror and restart the program from the beginning.

~Misc. Policies

  • From an OOC perspective, the only auror spaces available are those listed on the Occupations List. If the list is full, completing the program is the only way for a new character to become an auror.
  • Characters may enter the program after graduation as they like, however staff reserves the right to deem them psychologically or physically unfit.

Documentation written by Kayte exclusively for Charming.
Many thanks to the following sources:
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The Charming Community