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Adoptable Plots - Charming - January 28, 2018

Adoptable Plots

Do you have an idea for a plot but no characters to carry it out with? Are you looking to shake things up with your crew, but struggling for ideas? Dump your ideas here, however vague, and maybe someone will give them the loving home they deserve!

RE: Adoptable Plots - Ophelia Devine - February 18, 2018

For reasons of their own, Character A convinces Character B that they are not who they think they are — they are actually the long-lost/disowned/bastard/whatever child of some prestigious wizarding family line, like the Lestranges or Pendergasts. This creates quite the family drama for Character B (the larger their played family tree, the better!) as they come to terms with their new "identity," and that's before we even get in to whatever Character A's scheme is!

hybrid ideas from A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder and Anastasia #noshame

RE: Adoptable Plots - Bella Scrimgeour - March 6, 2018

I am not responsible for what my mind comes up with after midnight.

Borrowing from HP: PoA with a ~romantic twist
    A young woman (Character A) gets trapped in her ~domestic animal~ animagus form and ends up as a pet for another struggling young woman (Character B). After noticing romance starting to bloom between Character B and a potential suitor, Character A goes out of her way to make the two cross paths whenever in public together. Would work great if the animagus form was something small so she could be a stowaway.

    Character A falls in love with Character B and enlists their animagus or metamorphagus friend (Character C) to spy on Character B to see if their feelings are returned. All the better if Character C is really suspicious, very straightforward, or gets caught way too easily to where it makes things #awkward.

RE: Adoptable Plots - Bella Scrimgeour - March 12, 2018

Inspired by my Grandma's tale of The Scandal Of The 1960s here in the small town I'm in:
    A somewhat respectable (or at least respectable enough to where people would believe her) woman who's been lover to multiple gentleman stands up in a crowded room while under the influence and proclaims that she has "sinned" with three-four gentleman who are either married, engaged, courting, or otherwise unblemished from a reputation standpoint. Whether these claims are true or not are up to the players, but they definitely cause drama all around!

RE: Adoptable Plots - Aldous Crouch - March 25, 2018

An Emperor's New Clothes-style situation where someone turns up naked/outlandishly clothed for a function ;)

RE: Adoptable Plots - Ophelia Devine - April 6, 2018

Have your character take up genealogy as a hobby with the fervor of your aunt who just discovered Have them make ridiculous comments or claims in threads relating to their new "expertise," such as telling a WC man he's the last living descendent of a deposed foreign Duke, or writing a short treatise for the DP on how [powerful pureblood family] are all descended from a very Muggle Knight of Arthur's round table and cause a scandal. At some point, this character should relate an ancestral crime as an amusing anecdote ("did you know, the only reason your last name has that French prefix is because your great great grandfather kidnapped, raped, and married a Frenchwoman? It was a family secret until it became vogue to have French blood.") and be challenged to a duel by the offended party, who wants to defend their family's honor.

At least 60% of the claims this character makes should be bullshit.

RE: Adoptable Plots - Ophelia Devine - April 8, 2018

Have a character send in Daily Prophet articles about the adventures (or misadventures) of another magical society figure. This could be anyone from a dragon tamer to a plucky but downtrodden debutante. They start out semi-anonymous and rely on pseudonyms, but with context clues it's easy for readers to piece together who they're really about. The adventures keeps getting published and readers start to be invested in the ongoing series and waiting for the next installment. Little do they know, the columnist is actually the same person the columns are supposedly written about, and most of the adventures are either entirely faked or greatly embellished in a bid to increase their social capital/get famous.

Obviously it all comes out sooner or later for scandal and drama purposes, but so much threadding potential in the meantime (and so many DP articles for us to run~)

RE: Adoptable Plots - Finnian Byrne - April 9, 2018

Have a character fall so deeply in love until they realize their lover's patronus is an animal that they're allergic to or otherwise tried to attack them at some point in their life. Have them side-eye their lover and then reconsider the entire relationship simply because of that. Stupid assumptions and over-thinking are the best sorts of plots lbr.