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Affiliate with Charming - Charming - 06-08-2010

Affiliate Instructions

— Reply here with your 88x31 button HTML code.
— Our button must already be up on your site before we place your button on Charming.
— Our button must be in a static position on your forums. If you place it in a scrollbox or on your website, we will not affiliate with you.
— We only affiliate with active, visually pleasing sites. We will not affiliate with a board that has gone inactive or is hard to read/painful to the eyes. An active site is defined as having at least 10 posts in an in character forum within the last month. Sites that are deemed inactive by these standards will have their button removed without notice.
Your site must have been open for at least 3 months, have a total member/character count of 100+ and have at least 3,000 total posts with advertising forum posts excluded.
— We reserve the right to pick and choose who we affiliate with for the benefit of Charming. Historical, Fantasy and Harry Potter (Pre-Potter preferably) are the only kind of sites we will affiliate with.

88x31 buttons:

<a href="" target=_blank><img src="" /></a>

RE: Affiliate with Charming - Andrew Weston - 07-09-2017

Hi there!  Sorry from posting from a user account, I've been trying to post as a Guest for the last few days, but keep getting an HTTP 500 error, so I wasn't sure if logging in would help.  Anywayyy...

I'm Corinne from Finite Incantatem.  We're a modern OC Potterverse site, and we'd love to affiliate with you!  Here's our button:

<a href=""><img src="" width="88" height="31" title="Finite Incantatem | Modern OC

Yours is on our static sidebar, under the "Links" tab, beneath the "Static Affiliates" header. <333

RE: Affiliate with Charming - Andrew Weston - 09-03-2017

Hi there! just following up on this aff request. We've had your button on our site for three months now but I don't see ours on yours. We've recently had an error with our button, so I'm updating our image with you guys! If you could please add it, we'd appreciate it and would love to affiliate with you. <3

<a href=""><img src="" width="88" height="31" title="Finite Incantatem | Modern OC HP"></a>