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Maintenance - Charming - January 28, 2018


Need our staff team to move a thread around, bring something back from the dead, or sort out an issue with your account? You’ve come to the right place!

To have a completed thread archived, just post here with a clickable link to the URL and the year to which it should be archived.

To have an incomplete thread revived, post here with a clickable link to the URL. By default, all dead threads are revived to the Past forum. Please do not request to revive threads if you will not be able to reply to them within 48 hours. "Dead" threads are routinely archived.

If you've accidentally posted on the wrong character account in an IC forum, the account you posted it with should have the ability to delete it as well, or you can use the Polyjuice button to switch authorship to another account! If neither of these work, post below to let us know!

To reactivate or deactivate a character, request in this thread with or tagging the applicable account. Please remember that the CD, PB claims, past claims, etc. are your responsibility upon reactivation. Please do not reactivate more than five characters at a time.

If you have any other issues, feel free to post here for assistance!

RE: Maintenance - Aldous Crouch - June 16, 2019

Storage, plz!

[align=center][size=x-large][b]WINIFRED "FREDDIE" FUDGE NEE FISK[/b][/size]
[align=justify]<dd>Herbert's beloved wife&mdash;not even death could <i>really</i> do them part.  Freddie left school after completing her OWLs, and worked for a time for her father before eloping with Herbert. After all, the heart wants what it wants! A year later, their first child is born, mending fences with their family. A vacation <i>incident</i> prompts the couple to open the Sanditon, though Freddie still tinkers away as an amateur beautician&mdash;with mixed results. Herbert's death places their marital status in something of a limbo&mdash;an issue that the ghost wants to address ;) Also, the Fisks are Jewish, so so is she! She was <a href="">previously played</a>. The suggested PB is [b]Meghan Markle[/b]. [/align]

RE: Maintenance - Winifred Fudge - June 17, 2019

I made an oops and spelt the Sanditon wrong for her title. Can that please be corrected?