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28 August, 1874
— The Selwyns —
After thorough observation, there is no doubt in my mind that the Selwyn family thus far is undeserving of my sister's presense. Perhaps Daphne would have been a better match for such a misfortune. These are the findings I have observed thus far.

Trystan Selwyn - A man whore, without a doubt. I doubt Liliana was his first, nor last bastard. I fail to see any reason to get to know him more, as I cannot see my opinion swaying. I feel immense sympathy for Ambrosia, yet also concern for what this may mean for my own future.

Liliana Selwyn - I do not believe it to be unfair to wish that the nanny drops her. No one outside of Trystan could possibly blame the woman. What a noisy baby. I've never heard a baby cry so much. Perhaps she will die from lack of breath.

Emrys Selwyn - Possibly the best Selwyn brother, though the bar is abundantly low. Artsy, eccentric. Still, has a personality that is memorable enough to not be instantly dismissed. Merlin help me, I do hope to not be married off to any of the Selwyn brothers, but he would likely be the most tolerable.

Daniel Selwyn - He avoids everyone like we're the plague. I suppose that is fine. Preferably, I can avoid him just as much. I pity any poor wife that will have to manage his antisocial skills.

Tanwen Selwyn - This poor woman seems reasonably normal compared to the rest, though a bit dull. Who knows.

Anthea Selwyn - A know-it-all that needs to remember that she is not a man.
3 December, 1875
— Married Life —
Being a married woman isn't as worrisome as I had originally foreseen. This is a positive. My husband is without scandal - for which, I thank my lucky stars every day - and of respectable family. No bastards thus far. I honestly could not care less if several remain permanently in the shadows, but nothing more will be accepted if I can help it.

Both he and I have no delusions. Romance is but a fantasy. We live in the real world, with real problems. His work and my socialite attendings are our main priorities. One hopes that I may give him both an heir and a spare before I am done producing children. I certainly do not wish for many.
7 April, 1879
— The Selwyns Revisited —
Life has progressed, times have changed. Not much has changed with it. Though, some additions have been added to our family.

Trystan Selwyn - My opinion of this man will never change. Especially as the rumors continue to circulate.

Liliana Selwyn - Can this child please get thrown off of a horse or something? Sweet Merlin, this child will be lucky to make it to Hogwarts.

Emrys Selwyn - Still eccentric. As things are, I'm glad we weren't paired off. I doubt I would have had patience for his personality. Though I don't despise him.

Daniel Selwyn - I don't really care.

Tanwen Selwyn - Not worth much attention.

Anthea Selwyn - A lost cause, no doubt.

The Twins - Only gender seperates these two, from what I see. Who thought it smart to name them so similarly?

Cadawalader Selwyn - That boy unsettles me. I hope more for his sister.
3 September, 1884
— Widowed Life —
My husband is dead. As is Ambrose. My son's death feels to be more of a loss. Still, it is quite inconvenient. A husband would be the most ideal for further support in the raising of my children - and maintaining our lifestyle and status. When out of mourning, I shall need to remarry. For now, I must hope that my second son will live to his brightest potential.
16 December, 1886
— The Newest Notable Selwyn —
Daniel Selwyn actually managed to find a wife. She's pretty, sweet, though seems rather naive. Her mother doesn't seem to like the arrangement. Who could blame her? Honestly, perhaps Mrs. Benwick is the more notable addition, in being the most reasonable. Though her dramatics make that hard to stand by. I feel pity for the newest Mrs. Selwyn. She'll probably be miserable by the first decade of her marriage.

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