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Naima Mokani
Full Name: Naima Elizabeth Mokani
Nicknames: Sisi - derived from her middle name, only her siblings and mother are currently allowed to call her this
Birthdate: June 18, 1876
Current Age: 15
Occupation: Fifth Year Student
Reputation: 9
Naima and immediate family are of stellar reputation — extended family, not so much.
Residence: London
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Wand: Silver lime, Augury tail feather, 11¼”, solid
Blood Status: Pureblood
Social Class: Upper
Dhiren Mokani, father, -1884
Echo Lowe née Rookwood, formerly Mokani, mother, b. 1853

Ambrose Mokani, brother, 1877-1884
Kalyani Mokani, sister, b. 1880
Ekavir Mokani, brother, b. 1882

Rufus Lowe, stepfather, b. 1827
Eliza Lowe, step-sister, b. 1871
Julia Lowe, step-sister, b. 1874
Mary Lowe, step-sister, b. 1877

Charles Lowe, half-brother, b. 1888
Angelique Lowe, half-sister, b. 1890
General | A petite young woman of only four feet, eleven inches, Naima more than makes up for her small stature with fashion. With terra-cotta skin, thick eyebrows, warm brown eyes, and rich, dark brown hair that, when unbound, flows almost to her hips, she has a beauty to her that no English Rose can muster. She is right-handed.

Expressions | She tries desperately to control her expressions as much as possible. However, especially around the eyes and the corners of her mouth, her emotions can be clearly read on her face if one merely knows what to look for. Still, sometimes an unrestrained smile will slip through, if something truly brings her joy.

Deportment | She carries herself with all the self-importance of the first-born daughter of a pureblood family, and is one of those women who doesn't seem to know how to properly relax. Her friends might blame it on the corset, but it's not the corset.

Fashion | She would love to dress in the fashion of her father's culture. Unfortunately, at the moment, she is her mother's daughter, and finds herself dressed in English muggle clothing, outside of her school robes at least. Her favorite color is yellow.

Accessories | Her accessories are nearly always of Indian origin. Especially her earrings, which she always wears a pair of. Her collection is extensive, and brings her closer, in her mind, to her father.

Scent | Naima uses a cleansing water recipe devised by her mother, which incorporates lavender, mint, and rosemary. These fragrances linger with her throughout the day.

Face Claim | Alia Bhatt
1876 Naima Elizabeth Mokani is born, the first child of a Gujarati father and an English mother. Her father gets his way in naming her. He names her after his late mother.

1877 Muggles riot and Hogsmeade expands. Little Naima isn’t old enough to care much, if at all, except when the scenery changes and she’s got a new house. Ambrose Mokani, the heir, is born.

1880 A little sister, Kalyani, is born. Naima shows her first signs of magic, and her father pays for her ears to be pierced, without her mother’s knowledge or initial consent.

1882 Another brother, Ekavir, is born. Now old enough to understand that her brothers will inherit before she will, Naima takes more of an interest in horseback riding and archery than music and art. She was never good at those things, anyway.

1884 The Laughing Plague strikes, and it strikes hard, stealing away both Ambrose and Father. Naima is eight years old, and also finds herself stricken ill. Somehow, she survives, though no one is entirely sure how that happens.

1887 It is time for Naima to attend Hogwarts. She takes with her an owl she names Bartleby, and finds herself surprised to be sorted to Gryffindor. And then, much to her surprise, Mother remarries. Naima refuses to call her new stepfather “Father,” instead referring to him only as “Mr. Lowe,” even in public. She is old enough to not have needed a new father, and does not take kindly when anyone suggests he is her father now. She begins ordering earrings made in India. Exact origin doesn’t quite matter to her.

1889 Upon learning she must now choose classes to add to her course list (the first real, meaningful choice in her life), Naima selects Arithmancy and Divination. Though she finds the former not to be entirely to her liking, and the latter to be entirely too nebulous for her to get much grasp of! Not that she says this to anyone. Mother gives birth to Mr. Lowe’s firstborn son, Charles, during the year.

1890 A half-sister, Angelique, joins the family. The only truly meaningful thing that happens to them during this time.

1891 Naima has learned that her mother might be pulling her from Hogwarts after her OWLs to attend finishing school! This is unpleasant news to the eager student, who wants to continue forward with Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, and Transfiguration, depending upon her testing scores. But if her mother (and stepfather, though she privately refuses to acknowledge that he has any influence over her life) decides to send her to finishing school, she’ll go. Begrudgingly, but she will.
Confident, energetic, well-organized, strong-willed, impatient

  • Naima’s Boggart is simple — an old man at a wedding altar, facial features bland, extending his hand to her in wait. To put it plainly, Naima’s biggest fear is being forced to marry a man as significantly senior to her as her stepfather is to her mother.
  • Naima has encountered Amortentia only once, and she rather disliked the experience, as at the time the potion smelled overwhelmingly of clove. She’s fairly certain it was made incorrectly.
  • She is the shortest member of her immediate family, young half-siblings excluded — courtesy of her father’s side of the family.
  • In addition to Bartleby the barn owl, Naima has a favorite horse, a chestnut mare rather unimaginatively named Duchess.
Name: Elaine
Age: 27

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