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During the Victorian era, knitting became a staple of a well-bred woman. Queen Victoria is even reported to have been a fan of knitting herself. It was during this time that knitting wasn’t just restricted to plain yarn fabrics, but changed to involve bead and lace knitting. — Fallin
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Whisk and Wine
November 21st, 1891 — The Ivy Leaf Tearoom & Bakery Kitchen
@Meredith Edgecombe

Small delicate taps could be heard throughout The Ivy Leaf Tearoom & Bakery as Imane gracefully added a few quick hops to her stride as she excitedly rounded the store's corners on the tips of her toes. In one hand she was cradling a bottle of wine and with the other she was carefully holding two wine glasses by their stems, each wedged between different fingers. The Ivy Leaf had just been closed for the evening, and while the other employee’s had already said their goodbyes and headed home it was actually just the beginning of a night full of brainstorming and possible experiments for Meri and herself in the bakeries kitchen. So what better way to help get the creativity flowing than with a nice bottle of red colored inspiration itself?

As she reentered the belly of the baking beast, Imane began to playfully wag the bottle of wine back and forth as a giant grin started to overtake her face. “For added inspiration!” She joked before placing each of their glasses down before them and humming as she poured a generous glassful for Meri and then herself. “So I have something I want you to taste and give me your thoughts and ideas on.” The eagerness in Imane’s voice was very evident and she only paused for a moment to take a large swig from her glass of wine. “I brought in some honey from my family’s farm that I think could add a little something special to some of our desserts.” The bees were honestly one of Imanes favorite things on the Tuttle farm, and with to her lack of fear towards them they had quickly became her babies to look after.

Stepping away from the counter they were stationed at, Imane turned and grabbed the two jars she’d tucked away earlier in the day for this very moment of grand reveal. “We currently have two areas with hives going but the array of flowers is so different around each that it changes how the honey tastes on the palette.” Two gentle thuds could be heard as Imane placed each of the containers in front of Meri, with one jar being clearly labelled ‘flower’ while the other had ‘fruit’ scrawled across it. “I’m sure you can guess what kinds of hints each of them brings.” The sarcastic sentence was sprinkled with a bit of laughter as Imane beamed over at Meri. “Oh! Almost forgot!” With a few light footed steps Imane hurriedly crossed the kitchen and scooped up a handful of small tasting spoons before returning to the honey display. “Kind of need these.” She rolled her eyes at herself as she cheerfully leaned across the counter to lay the spoons down for them.

“I actually made a small test batch of lemon cakes the other day with the fruit one,” Still bent forward in an almost childish manner, Imane popped open each of the jars for the girls to easily access the contents before dipping one of tiny spoons into the jar marked ‘fruit’. “it really added to the sweetness and amped up the citrus hints, but since I kept the amount of honey equal to the sugar substituted out they were definitely a bit gooier then either of us would prefer.” The words were slightly muffled as Imane had placed her spoon into her mouth so that she could thoughtfully decipher the honey's notes again before pulling it out. “But I really do think there is something here.” Her now honeyless spoon was being mindlessly twirled between her fingers as she used her free hand to lift her wine up to her lips again. The idea of what ‘could be’ capturing her thoughts for a brief moment before she finally took a small sip from her glass.

Imane smiled over at Meri as she set her wine glass back down onto the counter. “What do you think?” Genuine curiosity laced her voice as Imane wondered just what the other girl would think of the idea.
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