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Anyway, Here's Wonderwall

Murdock Greyback vs. Trystan Selwyn
October 31st, 1891 — Padmore Park
Dueling Tournament

Now this, Fitz thought, would be an absolute delight. He bid Greyback to begin the first pass.
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Murdock greeted both Prewett and Selwyn with convivial words, and saluted Selwyn with his wand. 

He was afforded the first position and when told to commence he cast a charm that would cause Selwyns legs to form roots and a trunk, anchoring him to the spot and forcing his arms upwards like a bad school presentation of a tree. 

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This was all rather fun, Trystan thought, satisfied that the novelty of duelling never would wear off. So, with a grin, he inclined his head at the other former Gryffindor before they began; and then settled on a Confundus charm, in hopes that Greyback would be too muddled to manage a proper enchantment.
@Aldous Crouch

When skill was this advanced, it was often speed that won victories. In this case, Selwyn's spell was first to its mark, and the resulting effect from Greyback was a spurt of butterflies from the tip of his wand. This was, undoubtedly, not the department head's intention, and for everyone's sake (who didn't love a good show?), Fitz hoped that the mediwizard had done a good job of tidying up the charm's effects.

"Point, Selwyn!" Fitzroy declared. "He will now begin the second pass."
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This time, Trystan tried for a shrinking charm, to hopefully reduce Greyback to hilariously diminutive height.
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Murdock laughed heartily as the mediwizard's finished their work with him. 'Well played Selwyn.' he barked out as he resumed his spot and Prewett marked his opponent the winner.

Now in the defensive spot, he cast a counter hex, hoping to reverse the hex and send it back to it's owner.

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