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But then Miss Dempsey paid her so great a compliment that she wanted to hurl herself over the edge of the theater balcony in delight.
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The Room Where It Happens [Lynn's Plots]
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this is just to say...
I'm open for new threads and new plots with everyone! Here are a few vague premise ideas but I am very open to other suggestions as well!

Alfred - is OFFICIALLY ENGAGED as of June 2nd & intends to marry in August. Available for any interactions with Fisks & co. who might have any kind of feelings about that or want to be involved in wedding planning. SOMEONE TELL HIM ABOUT CIRCUMCISION PLEASE. This doesn't necessarily need to be a Fisk if anyone else would have the requisite knowledge to bring it up and feel comfortable doing so (Fudge relative maybe? Pablo at a stretch?) Also available for any/all Sanditon things so hit me up for your fun summer catastrophe threads <3 If you want to crash a sailboat or anything I am happy to cameo in your meetcute ;)

Ben - could use a little push on any or all of his ongoing plot things (looking at Dio, Art, Aldous, etc). I also want another Ben/Angie thread but I need a concrete premise for it so that I know where his head is at so stay tuned :)

Bellamy - open for literally anything. I still want to find a teen female for his plot. He's also up for romance-y things though I'm not sure of his sexuality yet and he's not old enough to actually marry. Could also use some new friends with anyone in roughly the same age group/life position as him!

Domitian - mostly prioritizing his existing family threads but if anyone has a hook for him please let me know! Could be involved in ~law enforcement type things, political drama, general UC male shenanigans, whatever.

Emrys - this boy is GOING TO BE ENGAGED SOON. Like, by the end of the season. I'm amenable to IC and OOC arranged things within reason so if you want this to be you, hit me up and we can talk details. I also obviously still want all the Art & Angelica things <3

Ford - I feel he's gone a little stale recently and I would desperately like more recent things to do with him, of basically any variety. Get stuck in a magical conundrum together? Hurling, of any variety? Someone courting his sister (someone PLEASE court one of his sisters)? Awkward interactions with Clem's school friends? Anything. Everything. Please.

Gideon - available for wand threads, and I'm also interested in developing more relationships with other High Street business owners and Hogsmeade residents in general.

Henri - would you like a hurling thread with some explosions thrown into the mix? Henri is your girl. I'd also love to thread her with any of her friends (Helga, Tavie, did we discuss others I've forgotten??)

Jules - OH MY GOD THIS GIRL NEEDS SOMETHING TO DO. Anything. Werewolf threads. House of Lytton threads. Book shop threads. Watchword threads. Hurling threads (she's asexual and this era has no language for that! wouldn't that be a fun thing to have to negotiate in an IC relationship? imagine the drama!) ANYTHING PLEASE.

Ophelia - miiiiiiiight not last, idk. I keep coming up with interesting things for her to do and then her threads keep dying so I'm a little lost with her. If you have any plot ideas, please let me know.

Topaz - has limited threadding capabilities since she's always at home but can have letters with people and can do targeted threads so if you have any interest in interacting with her please let me know! She's also available for family threads or interactions with close friends of family members who might end up at/around the Urquart home at any point. Possibly interactions with other Irvingly residents.
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Alfred - My Fudge is no help as he is literally a child. But I would also love a sailing lesson thread for him with Alfred :D and of course Pablo's always on offer.

Ben - Ben/Roman could definitely use a new thread. I just don't know for what premise. I'll noodle on it.

Bellamy - I have a small collection of people around his age so lmk whenever you want something new for him. I can throw a dart and start a thread using whoever it hits. xD

Domitan - Lionel, potential for Bellona? Threads to sus out my other potentials for Bellona?

Emrys - Clarissa is on offer for you there. ;) I'll reply to their things soon. <3

Ford - We've discussed Tycho/Ford in the cbox but also: George exists. Another awkward run-in with Leonid who assumes at this point that Ford dislikes him as a person. xD

Gideon - Eros needs to get his wand! :D I'll reply to his and Lilys thread soon too.

Jules - she could meet Endy? Hear rumors about a redheaded werewolf (since no one knows his actual name) and correctly assumes it to be him?

Ophelia - Robelia could do something? Weekend holiday that goes awry? Roberto loses a finger/toe/idk when he hurriedly side apparates them away from some would be mugger on said vacation? Idk, as you know, I'm generally down for almost anything and tend to roll with things. xD

Topaz - I'll be taking her open with Munny. I also have Irvingly residents in the form of Josiah and Philip.
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   Reuben Crouch

Bastian loves this!
EmGel is also great idea :)
Also, oddly, I think Mikail and Dom might be a potentially good idea
@Roberto Devine I'm into all of this but PARTICULARLY:
- Alfred sailing lessons (we could make it semi-open to other young people?? Alfred in a thread full of kids amuses me greatly)
- Ben/Roman
- Emrys/Clary, which is a priority for me bc he wants to move forward with something soon
- Ford/Leo for sure, they were so awkward <3
- Robelia: I can noodle on something & start it?

So I could start Alfred & Ophelia, you take Roman & Leo? We already have the letters for Emrys/Clary. Everything else you offered I'm into but we can do those as you have muse for people or need new threads for them :)

(Sorry it took me a zillion years to reply, <3 you)
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Current to-do list. If you have needs that aren't covered here shout at me.

  1. Dom's owed replies (Zenobia+Xandra)
  2. Topaz/Gideon thread
  3. Robelia thread

>>> threadding matches listed in bold; not threadding matches with strikes. If it's unformatted currently let me know your preference.
Mr. Fortitude Greengrass vs. Mr. Theodore Gallivan [Lynn & MJ]
Dr. Wystan Pomfrey vs. Mr. Bellamy Echelon [Kayte & Lynn]
Miss Julianna Binns vs. Mrs. Nephele Lestrange [Lynn & Dante]
Mr. Clifford Goyle & Miss Henrietta Cartwright [Amy & Lynn]
Mr. Domitian Zabini vs. Mr. Raphael Malfoy [Lynn & Bree]

Mr. Domitian Zabini vs. Mr. Frederick Prewett [Lynn & Bree]
Mr. Percival Adlard Jr. vs. Miss Julianna Binns [Fallin & Lynn]
Mr. Cassius Lestrange vs. Mr. Fortitude Greengrass [Beanie & Lynn]

Mr. Clifford Goyle vs. Mr. Domitian Zabini [Amy & Lynn]
Miss Julinna Binns vs. Mrs. Ambrosia Selwyn [Lynn & Lauren]

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